Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shruti scolding Varun and says she got a call from Priya. Priya was upset with him. She says you should be away from Pihu. Varun says Pihu is the one who follows him. Just then Pihu calls him, Varun shows Shruti that Pihu called him. Pihu asked him to come and meet her. He tells his mom that you never trusts me.Principal tells Priya that Maira beat someone, and asked Priya to take charge of her child. Priya says Naina is bothering Pari since long and Maira just reacted to it. She says if you think that our values which we gave to our kids is wrong then you can punish my daughter, but other than that I dont think she is wrong. Principal says sorry and says she might have check with the kids.

Scene shifts to School:

Principal says

Naina’s mother is here and if you wants to meet her. Priya recognises her as Juhi. Both of them gets happy to see each other. Priya tells the principal that she is her childhood friend. Juhi says sorry, and says she is very lonely that’s why she is bullying. She says she came back from US. Priya asks when did you come? Juhi says she got divorced and came back to India to start her life afresh. Priya says my husband will do something and asks her to send her CV. Juhi says she is relaxed now as her daughter gets Pari and Maira’s company. Juhi asks about Shruti. Just then Shruti calls her and says whatever is happening, it is because of Pihu. Pihu is after Varun. Priya says you have to check on reality. Shruti says she will give her proof and says Pihu asked Varun to meet him at sunshine cafe. Priya says she will come there and meet her. Priya tells Juhi about Shruti and the recent happenings. Priya asked the driver to take her to Sunshine cafe.

Scene shifts to the cafe:

Priya and Juhi goes to Sunshine cafe, Juhi greets Shruti. Priya asks where is Pihu. Juhi says we will wait for Pihu. After waiting for half an hour, Priya says we are wasting our time. Shruti says Pihu will come. Priya says Varun must have lied to her. Priya says her daughter is not like that and she won’t come. Priya says problem is your son, who came in my daughter’s life. Priya says Ashwin is creating problems in her life through his son. She misunderstood his friendship to be love and she was wrong. Pihu overhears everything and feels bad that her mom lied to her. Priya leaves in anger, Varun hided Pihu so that Priya won’t see her.

Pihu cries that her mom lied to her. Varun misguides her and says it is their right to lie to their parents. He embrace Pihu with a hug and looks evilly.

Scene shifts to the restaurant:

Sammy looks at Param while the song Ishq wala love plays in the BG. Param says don’t you talk to me. Sammy says song is going on in his heart. Param orders so many food dishes. Sammy thinks how he will manage the bill as the money which his dad gave is not sufficient. He lies that he is dieting. Sammy sees her eating the food. He goes to the washroom and tells the waiter that he don’t have money to pay the bill. Waiter tells him that your bill is paid by someone. Sammy looks at Neha, and feels happy. Neha and Param bonds well, while Sammy thinks his date is over.
Scene shifts to the signal:

Ram’s car stopped at the signal and he didn’t see Pihu and Varun. At the next signal, Pihu and Varun talks about his type of girl. Varun says his girlfriend would have sit closer to him. Pihu sits closer, Neha sees and follows them. She sees them having icecream and again follows Varun’s bike.

Pihu cries and hugs Priya. Neha says Pihu is just lieing and she saw with her own eyes that Pihu was with that guy Varun. They had icecream and even went to changing room. Priya angrily says its enough and says she said she trusts Pihu means she trust her fully. She asked why you slapped Pihu? Neha is shocked at Priya faith towards Pihu.


Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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