Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th August 2013 Written Update

Raghu told thm that he is no more a worker at balwant rana’s haveli,so his father said that he must b kiddin abt that,bt he clarifies it that he is telling the truth.raghu’s wud b father in law cancels the marriage n tells thm that this rishta cant happn.

Jaswant tells his wife that how cud dadaji trust that abhimanyu this much,mean while shivani comes there with tears in her eyes n ask her bro that if he thinks the same that shivani is having sm relation with raghu.So jas’s wife tells shivani that its not like that,evn jas assures shivani abt that n consoles her.Shivani tells thm that m feeling sorry for raghu as he is innocent ,that abhi did all this,i called raghu in the morning n he dint evn

pick my call.So they all three decides to make a plan.

Raghu father tells his wud be relatives that they shud not cancel the wedding.Bt the girls father says that he wants his money back(dont know abt vich money he was talkin)he says that he has done chaukidari for many yrs n hence saw many theifs too.By taunting like this he goes away from Raghu’s home with his daugter n wife.Raghu’s mum cries n his father says r u happy now?yor son made me insulted today,as that man called me a theif n u a wife of theif.Raghu’s siblings gathers around him n starts questioning if its true that he left the job,n his bhabi questions if left or ??…N thn Raghu’s real sis says that off course he wud hv left the job…bt y??…all wnt away vn his mum comes there.She asks raghu vt was the reason behind all this…n so raghu tells her abt all..(bt dint show all that as they all did behind the scene…rofl).She says that hw they can do this,while raghus was telling her mum all this his father herad all n gives an evil smile n goes away.Meanwhile raghu’s phone rings n he says babyji.His mum snatches the phone n picks the call…she was abt to say hallo vn shivani started telling that she knows that daaju did all wrong raghu’s mum cuts her convo n tells her that hw u all can do this with my u n yor dadaji gave this gift to my son of his loyality??…But raghu takes back the phone before she says smthng else,n tells shivani that he is sorry bt shivani’s him meanwhile n tells that she knows he is so hurt as daaju did all that bt she is sorry abt that n she really needs his help.N same again jaddogar is ready to help his babyji.

Shivani meets raghu infront of some mandirn tells him abt the plan that raghu will hv to find that golcha with whom he saw abhi on sm day.Raghu says that he can do that soon n will alwayz b there her side.Shivani tells him that if she ‘ll not be able to prove herself innocent means if they dont find Golcha thn she ‘ll hv to get married to abhi only…(here smone is keeping an eye on both of thm…bt dont know who is that..)…Shivani gets happy that raghu will set all fine soon n so she hold his hands in hers to thank him…he that mysterious person clicks the photos of thm.

Daaju is seeing sm pics n is n full anger,he tears all the pics,Abhi made a sixer again,he was that mysterious guy who was clicking the pics.He teels daaju that vn he heard shivani talking to raghu on phone n asking him to meet her,so he follows her n clicked the photographs…(argh this abhimaniyu…i’ll kill him…he was acting like he is feeling so embarrased by telling all this to daaju…argh…)..So stupid daaju calls his lawyr n tells him to arrive at the mansion soon…now abhi has an evil smile at his face.Jas n his wife listens all this behind the door..
Raghu is talking to jas over phone…jas tells him to find that Golcha soon n he will give raghu vtevr raghu will ask for…bt raaghu shuns him by saying that this will the most imp gift for him to prove babyji innocent infront of daaju.Jas tells him good…n Jas’s wife says that she jst wish that raghu do it soon…N shivani says that he will….thats y i call him jaddogar (magician).N she gives smile…

Raghu’s father arrives rana mansion n he comes to rana..n tells him namaste n says that he might dint recognise him…they met at last diwali…(i guess he said dewali only)…n he is Raghu’s baapu…he teels that he knows that rana’s grand dauter is not like that n evn not his son..he knows him well…n if rana wants him to shun his mouth…n its a bit costly deal…so rana gives him sm money…(m sure that that s**t wont evn evr dreamt of that much money…rascal…rofl…they way he was jumping on ranas sofa’s…that was a must watch seen…rof)…after having money he says vt was the need of it…bt its ok if rana is forcing this much thn he ‘ll keep this…n thinks that he knows that rana can do nythng to protect his izzat…
Raghu is wandering here n there in search of Golcha…he is going every where…ASking all the watchmans..the shopkeepers n all…bt yet is not able to find him…
Rana is having sm papers in his hand n his frnd …doctor is also there…his lawyer n abhi to…Rana asks his lawyer if he has made all the papers he asked for..n his lawyer tells him yes…He was abt to sign the papers vn doctor tells him to think abt his decision ones again…so abhi got irritated abt this ..n this all is shown by his expressions…Bt rana says that he knows vt he is gonna do…Jas n his wife n shivani…all three comes there n Jas tells dadji that panna tai tells that u call all of us…Rana signs the papers n abhi smiles…Rana says that he has made his will…n JAS questions vt was the need of it so soon…Rana tells thm that in his will it is written that all his property will go to shivanis husband…all get shocked…

PRECAP:…Raghu is following a car…..he is following golcha on his bike…n Golcha sees raghu in the mirror.

Update Credit to: sandhureet

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