Devon ke Dev Mahadev 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the game of shooting arrows by Usha & Anirudhh, played after the marriage, Usha’s aim is perfect. Chitralekha teases Anirudhh about bride’s side being stronger. Ganesh too praises Usha. Anirudhh says his aim can never go wrong. Indra wants to put a condition to make the game more interesting in the last round. Mahadev looks serious. Anirudhh says if my aim is wrong then I’ll be reborn to correct my mistake. He is about to hit the aim. Mahadev wants to stop him but he is stopped by Krishna. In a mental convo between them, Krishna tells Mahadev, he is aware of Yaduvanshi’s future, so let it happen.

At Kailash Vasuki is unable to bear Mansa’s heat. Naradji comes there. Vasuki tells him about his problem. Daitya mata Diti comes there, says Mahadev can provide solution for this.

At Shonitpur, Anirudhh is looking at Usha, who remembers her dream of Anirudhh letting her win the Horse race. Unknowingly the arrow leaves his bow, he is shocked, the arrow misses the aim. All are shocked. Parvati thinks this may be the reason of Mahadev being serious during the wedding. Now it’s Usha’s turn. She aims, but prays to Mahadev, she too wants to be born again & unite with Anirudhh in her next birth. Mahadev agrees. Usha too misses her aim. All are sad. Usha Anirudhh come to Krishna. Anirudhh wants to give explanation but Krishna asks him not to worry about future now. This moment is to be happy, it’s time for Usha’s bidai, so enjoy the present. They take Mahadev, paravti’s blessings. Usha tells Parvati, with their blessings, she’s got Anirudhh as her husband. Like her even she wishes to get Anirudhh in her next birth.

Mahadev’s family is back at Kailash. Pravati is worried. When asked by Ganesh & Kartikeya, she says, in Usha’s absence Banasur may act imbalance again. His ego was finished but not willingly. Ganesh says now even father’s protection is not awailable for him.

Mahadev is meditataing. Vasuki & Diti comes there. Vasuki explains his unability to bear Mansa’s heat. She needs to grow up in a secure environment. Diti says in Patal Loka, Asura’s always fighting. If they’ll know about Manasa’s power, they may fight over that too. Mahadev says a protected, secure childhood is a must for character building. Maharshi Halahal is doing penanace at Patal Loka. His pious power will enable Mansa to grow up as a normal child in his presence. Vasuki is happy at this solution.

Paravti asks Mahadev about Banasur’s future. He says Banasur is shown the path, if he choses to deviate from that path, he may get destroyed.
Maharshi Halahal is happy seeing Mahadev has trusted him with the responsibility of his daughter.

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