Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karan asks Sakshi why did she think that Sharda will design sarees for fashion icon like Meeta Manchanda as it will be difficult for Sharda. Sakshi says she knows what Meeta needs and only Sharda can do it. She says Sharda did not see outer world, but she has to go out and see the world. Karan says she does not know anything about Sharda. Sakshi says he knows Sharda well as he is her son and knows that Sharda can only cook. She says Sharda taught hi walking when he was a child and now when she needs his help, he does not want to help her. Karan apologizes Sakshi and says she is right. He asks her how can he help Sharda. Sakshi explains her plan.

Sakshi and Karan start fighting in front of Sharda. Karan asks Sakshi why did she study when she did not want to work. Sakshi says she wanted to marry a businessman, thatz all. Sharda asks them why are they fighting. Karan says he wants Sakshi to help him in business, but she does not want to help and calls Sakshi coward. Sakshi says she is not a coward, but is afraid of doing mistakes. Sharda says Sakshi is not a coward and asks him to calm down. She takes Sakhsi with her and asks why does not she want to help Karan. Sakshi says she always repeats her mistakes. Sharda says with mistakes, a person becomes wise and mature and get experience. Sakshi says then why is she running away from her experience when she has not done mistakes at all. Sharda says she is different. Karan comes and says she is not different, so Sakshi mailed her designs with confidence. Sakshi says she will like it. She shows her sarees and says you made these sarees and Meeta wants these kind of sarees. Both Karan and Sakshi insist to meet Meeta once. Sakshi says she mailed saree pics to Meeta, so she invited her. She asks her to be courageous and face the world. She gives her Meeta’s address and asks her to meet Meeta once and take a final decision.

Sharda says her family that she has decided that she will meet Meeta Manchandani. Lathika and Suresh are shocked to hear that. Lathika says it will destroy their company’s reputation. Suresh says if Sharda had thought about their reputation, she would not have thought of meeting Meeta. Sharda requests Suresh to come with her. Suresh says he does not like being insulted by going with her and asks her to go alone and get insulted. Sharda asks Lathika to go with her. Lathika says she cannot. Karan says he will go with her. Lathika says Karan is needed in office and cannot go. Sharda says Sakshi will go then. Sakshi says she cannot go as she is helping Karan in his presentation. Suresh says nobody wants to get insulted by going with her and asks her to stop thinking about meeting Meeta.

Karan is sad about not helping Sharda. Sakshi asks him to sleep. He says he does not want to talk to someone who does not know how to speak to elders. He says she convinced mom to meet Meeta, but why she refused going with mom. Sakshi says she wants mom to go alone and be confident as she will think she won because of the person who went with her. Karan understands her plan and praises her. Sakshi says if he behaves with her like this again, she will not speak to him again. Karan hugs her and they both start romancing.

Sharda is confused which saree to wear. She remembers her family refusing to go with her and thinks whether to go or not alone. She looks at Meeeta’s address and thinks Sakshi says she has to be confident, but does not know if she will do it alone or not.

Sharda is busy preparing breakfast. Daadi asks what is she preparing in breakfast. Sharda says she is preparing dhokla as Suresh likes it. Sakshi thinks to remind Sharda about meeting Meeta. She asks what work she has today. Sharda tells about her plan. Sakshi says she will do all the household chores and asks her to do important work. Daadi asks Sakshi to let Sharda do her work. Sakshi thinks mom will not go to meeting today. Daadi asks Sakshi to bring water. Sakshi brings water and asks daadi to help her. Daadi hesitates at first but then agrees.

Daadi asks Sharda if she is not going to meet Sharda. Sharda says she cannot go alone. Daadi says she has to just meet someone and not to fight a battle. Sharda says Suresh refused. Daadi says if she is thinking her decision is wrong. Sharda says it is not like that. Daadi says why will she obey her. Sharda says she will obey her as always. Daadi asks her to go as Sakshi will handle household chores. Sharda agrees and goes. Sakshi happily hugs daadi and thanks her for her help.

Suresh and family come for breakfast. Suresh asks where is Sharda. Sakshi says she is coming down soon. Suresh asks Lathika is she has gone to meet Meeta as Meeta is very strict about business. Daadi says she knows Meeta’s family and her dad used to touch her feet in their village. Suresh says it was past and now things have changed and says it is good Sharda is not going to meet Meeta. Sharda comes down wearing a beautiful saree. Suresh sees her and asks if she is going even after he refused.

Precap: Suresh asks Sharda how can she go when he refused. Lathika says Meeta is arrogant and advises her not to meet her.

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