Nadaan Parindey 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe shocked to see Sameer in army uniform. Sameer smiles seeing her. Sameer says Bebe………….did you not identify me, did you come to meet me, how are you, you know I was missing you, I think Purab told you everything. Bebe leaves crying. Sameer stops her and asks what happened, are you not happy seeing me in uniform, I am an army man now. I have become responsible. What happened to you, you have forgiven me and I kept my promise. She says I never wanted this. He asks did I do anything wrong, even dad was an army man. Bebe thinks about her husband.

Sameer cries and says I understood. He says stay here, I will return the uniform and come, then we will go. Bebe stops him. She says this uniform is not ordinary cloth. He says I will do anything for my Bebe’s uniform. She says no, you have worked hard to get this, don’t you have any ethics. He smiles and says yes I have, I worked really hard to get this, are you happy. Bebe asks him to swear on her that he will keep the respect of this uniform and won’t let it stained. She says if you want to cheat it, then return it.

Sameer says your son won’t do this. She smiles. She hugs him happily. Mangal meets Meher at the Dhaba and asks about Bebe. Meher says she went to cantonment office to give fund for army widows. He says fine, ask her to call me. He leaves. Sameer calls Meher and talks to her. She is happy hearing his voice. She asks where are you, when will you come. He says I m fine. They start arguing. She asks what work do you do. He says I became an army man. She says great, swear on me. He says yes. She smiles.

He says army man. She says you are in uniform, wow. He says respect me, I got the gun also, this happened because of Purab. She asks him to come in holiday. He says I met Bebe, she is happy meeting me. He says I have to go on duty and ends the call. Meher thanks the Lord. Purab comes looking for Bebe and Meher thanks him smiling. She hugs him happily. Purab smiles. She thanks him. He asks why. She says for making Sameer an army man, I always misunderstood you, sorry, you made me happy today, I will agree to whatever you say.

He says really? Fine, I will tell you tonight. She says fine and leaves. Purab thinks he won the war and smiles. Sameer laughs resting and everyone look at him. Sameer tells them about Meher and his love. They ask does she love you. He says I don’t know. They say find out first. Ashish says talk to her clearly, else she can think anything else. He says no, this can’t be. Ashish says I saw many stories like this, ask Meher once. Sameer says fine. If you insist, I will find out, I know she can’t say no to me.

Bebe cries and talks to Mama. She says my past came infront of me like this. She says I don’t have guts to lose Sameer. Mama asks her to think about country and make her heart strong. Sameer did a good work and we should be proud of him. Bebe says you are right, I was being selfish, but I m a mum. I m proud to be mum of Sameer who always thought about my happiness. Channi comes and praises Sameer. Mama says Sameer has really become responsible. Channi says make Sameer and Meher married. Mama says they are friends. Channi says yes, they know each other. Bebe says if Meher does not agree. Channi says Sameer saved her life, and you always supported her, she will agree. Channi asks don’t you want this. Meher comes and hears this. Bebe says if Meher agrees to marry sameer, I will be most happy.

Bebe says its my wish to make Meher my bahu, I will dance in their marriage. Meher is shocked. Bebe says Meher should say yes. Bebe talks to Meher. She tells about Sameer. She says he was very happy. Meher says I know, he called and I spoke to him. Bebe asks what did he say. Bebe says maybe he could not stop himself. Bebe asks did he call you before too, you did not tell me. She asks are you hiding anything. Meher says no, it came for the first time. Bebe says you should be happy that he became responsible.

Meher says I have headache. Bebe asks her to have rotis and go to sleep. Meher says I will wash utensils first and leaves. Bebe says Meher I want you to manage my house and my son.

Bebe asks Meher will she marry Sameer and become her bahu. Meher says I……….

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