Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th March 2013 Written Update

Baal yogi Gunesh says, his Guru has told him to have bhojan here. Parvati asks him what is so special about his Guru? Gunesh says there is no one like him in this World, I have realized myself after meeting him, thought I am not going in the right path but he has made me realized the aim of my life. Parvati is thinking over his words. Gunesh says he is hungry, can he get something to eat. Mena says ofcourse.
Indra is worried about Jalandhar, says he is sure now he is born to end him.
Jalandhar is sleeping, sees Matsyakanya burning in dream, wakes up, asks her why do they want to harm him? Matsyakanya tells him but they are not succeeding. He asks her where do we go after death? She explains him singing, she will go in Moon, will bless him with cool rays, go to sleep my child. Jalandhar sleeps in her lap.
At Himavan’s palace, Gunesh is eating Modak. Mena asks him how did he like Modak? He signals her, Mena tells Parvati to get some more. After she goes Ganesh tells Mena, he wants to eat from his mother’s hand. He is full but not satisfied. Parvati gets some Modak for him. Parvati asks if she can meet his Guru. Gunesh says in the morning he’ll go for his sewa, but the path is difficult. She agrees. Gunesh tells him about the condition, that a Shishya can take other wanting to be to his Guru only when one feeds with her hands to this Shishya? Parvati is surprised at this condition. Gunesh asks have you ever heard about my Guru before? This trend is popular among us only. Parvati feeds him Modak but gets disturbed, leaves from there. Ganesh is sad. Shivji thinks, he had reminded him about his task not going to be easy.
Matsyakanya is feeding Jalandhar, she looks for water. Jalandhar says he’ll get some. He goes near the pond, Indra disguised as a sadhu, comes there asks for water. Jalandhar gives him. Sadhu tells him he will be blessed by Indradev’s kripa. Jalandhar says he doesn’t need that. Sadhu trys to scare him by boasting about Indra’s strength. Asks him isn’t he scared of Devraj? Jalandhar says, he is yet to be aware of being scared. He doesn’t like his way of rulling. Sadhu says Devraj is the most powerful. Jalandhar says it will be decided in time to come. Indra starts thinking over Jalandhar’s words, all this is indicating towards his end only. Matsyakanya is worried about Jalandhar not returning back.
Gunesh & Parvati are going to meet Aadi Guru. Gunesh tells Parvati, his Guru is very nice but be careful about his anger, try not to make him angry ever. Parvati is tired, Gunesh encourages her to move ahead. She asks where is his Guru’s aashram. Gunesh points to a small shade, where Shivji as Aadi Guru is sitting in dhyan.

Precap: Guru tells Parvati to go in South direction, if she can experience being in dhyan for few moments then he’ll accepy her as his Shishya. Parvati says if she was able to do dhyan herself, she wouldn’t have come to him. He gets angry, says murkh kanya, you are questioning my decision.

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