Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 27th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Neelam shouts for Sona when she sees a cockroach and Udham, Sona and Kanhaiya runs to the kitchen asking what happened and Udham asks why is Neelam shouting looking at the dhal? Kanhaiya says that she must have shouted once the dhal dropped on the floor. Neelam says no, i was shouting looking at the cockroach and both Sona and Kanhaiya starts laughing. Udham also says that you are a mejar’s wife and you are scared just to see a small thing? Neelam sees a cockroach on Udham’s shoulder and shouts again and all three of them ask what again? Udham sees the cockroach on his shoulder and starts shouting and runs towards Neelam and they both hug . Sona says that this is picture perfect and Kanhaiya says that if something good happens because of the cockroach, then its certainly good. Udham asks Neelam to see if is the cockroach still on him and Neelam says that its on Sona’s saree and Sona starts screaming and hugs Kanhaiya . Neelam says that she was just joking and Kanhaiya says that Neelam should not have revealed it so fast as Sona would have turned romantic. Sona asks why is Kanhaiya saying all this in front of Neelam and Udham? Kanhaiya says that there is nothing in it and Sona says that there is a cockroach on Kanhaiya’s uniform. Kanhaiya is all cool and says where is it and hugs Sona asking to save him and Sona runs away and both Neelam and Udham smiles. Neelam gives Suhnaina the money she have been able to save from the kitchen things and Suhnaina praises her. Suhnaina asks Bindiya to learn from Neelam on how to save money. Bindiya says that she needs to be a housewife for that and Suhnaina scolds her. Durgesh goes to Chicku’s room and wakes him up and Durgesh says that he came to say sorry. Chicku asks why did Durgesh shouted waking him up? Durgesh asks Chicku to accept his apology. Govardan comes in saying he bought cauliflowers that costs Rs75 for just Rs25. Suhnaina says that she is allergic to cauliflowers and Suhnaina asks them to cook and finish it themselves. Manohar comes in buying another packet of cauliflower saying he saved money too. Udham and Kanhaiya walks in with another packet of cauliflowers and Suhnaina says all the 4 brothers are so loving that they need to buy the same vegetable as there is no other vegetable in the market.

Part 2

Sona asks all of them to check the cauliflower and its all old and almost spoiled. Sona asks Kanhaiya to be careful in buying next time. Suhnaina wonders how will they finish this cauliflower and Sona gives an idea. The next day, Suhnaina calls everyone out and Suhnaina says to Chacha ji that she always needs to call everyone out. Suhnaina calls out Neelam for the tea and Neelam brings it for her. Sona gets a call from her old boss and Sona asks why did he called her all of a sudden? Sona’s boss informs Sona about an article which she have wrote about banaras army unit scandal and Sona says yes, she remember. The boss says that they have got a clue and they had also published the article in their paper today. The boss also asks Sona when is she joining work again as everyone is missing her and Sona says that the work she is doing now is making her happy. The boss also asks Sona to visit them when she has time. Everyone in the main hall is couting the money that they have managed to save from the budget and Kanhaiya asks Sona to give the money on his behalf and Suhnaina sees Sona and Kanhaiya laughing and asks Kanhaiya what is it about? Kanhaiya changes the topic on how is things is changing and that from now onwards, Sona will give the money on his behalf and Suhnaina asks why will she give instead of him? Kanhaiya says that they are husband-wife and they are both one forever. Suhnaina asks Kanhaiya to get a hold of himself and Chacha ji supports Kanhaiya saying that this is love. Kanhaiya gets Chacha ji’s blessings and Suhnaina slaps him. Suhnaina taunts on how her daughter in laws keeps her son in their hand. Everyone gives Suhnaina the money and Suhnaina records it down. Udham says that since he got promoted, he will give more next time and Suhnaina praises him. Suhnaina asks Udham not to go back to his army camp so soon and Udham says that he needs to leave soon as its his nature of his job. Suhnaina calls Sona to give the money and says that if Sona gives her own salary, she will be more happy.

Precap :

Udham is suspended and arrested for keeping arms due a report that is published in the newspaper. Suhnaina takes the paper to see the name of the person who wrote the article and its Sona

Update Credit to: visha dhami

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