Suvreen Guggal 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 27th March 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Suvi telling Ira that due to some personal reasons she cant take the internship, Ira looks at her and Suvi tries to explain her reasons but Ira tells her its okay and she doesn’t need to explain her personal reasons, she just wanted to know her decision and tells her she can leave now
At RC’s home Ira tells RC Suvi has backed out, RC shocked asks what, Ira tells him after he left she came to inform that she wont e able to go to Mumbai for personal reasons, RC shocked says how could she do that, Ira tells him its okay and its her choice, she has the full rights to take her own decision
She explains RC that he has given her an option but she has already chosen her priorities and made her choice, he just cant force her, RC is in thoughts
At college, Alisha looks for Yuvi and he calls her out from far and runs towards her, Alisha asks what can she do for him, Yuvi says she must be thinking he only calls her when he is in crisis, Alisha says atleast he calls and that’s important, when and why does not matter, she then asks him why is he so stressed out and asks if he and Suvi had a fight or what
Yuvi says no its nothing like that and says he called her because of Suvi to help her out to go to Mumbai for her internship, Alisha says she knows Suvi is very stressed about it but then what can she do to change her parents decision
Yuvi says its not like that, Suvi herself decided that she will stay in Delhi and even went and told Ira everything, Alisha on the other hand thinks to herself Suvi is so impossible, just when she makes a plan Suvi does the opposite thing and ruins her plans
Yuvi calls out to Alisha out of her thoughts and says he was thinking she has lots of contacts and asks her if she can help him give Suvi and internship in Delhi itself, Alisha says ofcourse she will help them both, and tells him not to worry as they will get her a very good internship, Yuvi thanks her and hugs her, Alisha says not to worry she is there
At home Suvi’s phone rings, she sees RC’s call and thinks maybe Ira told him everything, while at the back Baby looks towards her suspiciously, Suvi looks towards Baby who turns to her book and Suvi moves out to the balcony to take the call
Suvi greets RC sir who tells her he cant believe she turned down the internship that too after fighting for it so much, Suvi tries to say something but RC cuts in that all he wants to say is not to let go off such a good opportunity and explains her, her dreams are her responsibility and only she can achieve it
Suvi agrees with him and tries to talk about her responsibility but RC cuts in again and says everyone has problems and whatever personal problems she has, she has to solve it herself and informs her he wants to see her first thing in the morning tomorrow, Suvi tries to say something but RC cuts the call
Suvi thinks irritated how can she take a decision like that and its all so confusing, baby comes out to her asking does she have a confusion, Suvi doesn’t say anything, Baby keeps asking her to say what happened, Suvi hesitates then says nothing and goes back in
Baby talking to herself says CMIW(correct me if I’m wrong), Suvi is hiding something, back in the room Suvi thinks about RC’s words and goes to her parents room
Suvi is outside listening to her parents convo where her Pappa says that was Kathgodam where they were able to save some money and today those money are coming in hand, but Delhi is so expensive, how much ever you try to save its not possible, he was thinking of making an FD before Baby joins college but its just not happening
Mamma G. consoles him saying they will do something, they have taken one year to settle down in Delhi and now they are settled so everything will go fine, she tells him not to take tension
Pappa G. tells her how will he not take tension, just now Suvi’s college is over and then there is Baby’s college too and then both the daughters marriage, Mamma G. assures everything will happen, and he is there to handle everything, everytime he makes everything possible, so this time also he will be able to do everything
Pappa G. thanks her and she asks why thanku, Pappa G. tells her that doing everything for their daughters he never did anything for her, Mamma G. says he doesn’t need to do anything, he takes care of each and everyone of them and they are all together so what else is required
Outside Suvi thinks she cant worry her parents just for her dreams
Next day in college RC dismisses the class and before they leave informs them that they gave their sketches for Vivel facewash competition, everyone replies yes, RC announces the results are out, everyone gets excited, RC says Suvi and Alisha and Zorro think she is the winner and cheer for her but RC completes his sentence that there was a tough competition btw Suvi and Alisha
He announces that there was someone else with the better design and says Zorro’s name, Zorro excitedly jumps, but RC asks him to pass something and everyone starts laughing, Zorro asks him to say the name fast
RC announces the winner as Annie and hands her certificate, she becums excited as RC congratulates her, everyone starts leaving when RC tells Suvi to stay back, RC asks Suvi if she talked to her parents, Suvi says no, RC asks why
In the canteen Mannu Naro Rathi Annie Zorro are sitting, Mannu asks Zorro whats wrong he isn’t cracking any jokes today, Zorro says if he could get a place to rent and stay in Mumbai he would surely crack lots of jokes, Annie tells him why is he taking so much of tension as when they go there they will manage something
Zorro tells her its easy for her to say as she can even stay with Alisha, Annie fires up at him to never ever say that again, she would stay anywhere but with Alisha, others laugh on Annie and she fires at them she isn’t cracking a joke, she turns back to Zorro and tells him if he has so much problem then they will stay together and also share the rent, Mannu Rathi become serious
Zorro thanks Annie for the offer but says if they do stay like that then genuinely they will have a serious weird living situation
Naro says leave all that and asks do they think Suvi is doing right not going to Mumbai, everyone thinks about it
Suvi tells RC she cant talk to her parents, RC asks what does she think of herself that she is very talented and can do anything what she wants, RC tells her does she even know there are so many people who still search for a job with their design folders either their designs are stolen or they don’t get the chance to show their talent
RC tells her she has both opportunity and trust of people whom she is working with then why hasn’t she talked to her parents yet, Suvi says because she cant
RC tells her the internship is solving her problem, she can even do a part-time job and if she tries she can make it all happen, he cant believe she is giving up without trying, he explains her further that sometimes for their career they need to do things that they normally never do and its not a bad thing and it wont make her wrong, she just needs to step out of her comfort zone
RC hands her a letter and says he doesn’t want her to make a decision becoming emotional and regret it for her life, Suvi thanks him and leaves
Yuvi calls Suvi and asks her where is she and where should they meet, Suvi totally mood off says she will talk later, Yuvi asks Suvi if she’s okay, Suvi says she doesn’t know and tells him they will talk later and cuts the call before Yuvi can stop her, Yuvi tells himself he knows how much she is stressed but he promises that he will always be with her no matter what happens, he says I love you topper
Suvi cums back in to her room and starts crying, Baby comes in to hear her crying, she tells herself OMG Suvi is crying, something must have happened, she loosks at the desk to see an envelope with Suvi’s name, she reads the letter and gets all excited that its an appointment letter saying internship in Mumbai, Baby thinks so this is the reason her sir was calling her
Baby tells herself Suvi doesn’t know what a big problem she has solved for her, if Mamma and Pappa G. allow Suvi then they wont refuse Baby to also go to Mumbai, now they both have the same destination

Precap: Pappa G. angrily says to Baby how many times he has said that be it for career or studies no one will go to Mumbai for any reason, Mamma G. and Suvi look at Baby, Pappa G. says he has also said this that he doesn’t want to talk about this matter anymore, Baby tells him if she goes to Mumbai for her studies there’s a problem but there is no problem if Suvi goes to Mumbai for internship, Suvi looks at her shocked, Pappa G. looks shocked towards Suvi and asks what and asks Suvi if its true, Suvi stunned doesn’t know what to say as her parents look at her…

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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