Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 26th April 2013 Written Update

Jal is lost in the bright blue moon near the sea .. reminding himself of the moments which he spent with his mother.

He was with the serenity around him.. there arrived Shukrachary
asks him of his reason to be there at that hour.
Jal replies that he has come to meet his mother.

Shukrachary questions why didnt he inform him abt his going to the battle ground as he didn’t want ( Shukrachary) him to worry.

Jal tells that he has something which he wants Shukrachary to do for him.. Shukrachary thinks what must be more imp than war fare and besides he is too scared to leave Jal alone after what happened with Vritrasur.
Jal explains that he is not making Shukrachary away from the war but from the battle field!

The only reason why Devtas where winning all this while was that they kneww everything abt asuras.
Where as asuras have no clue of devtas. And its as if asuras have accepted that they always lose. ANd Jal wants Shukrachary to change this attitude among the asuras.

Jal asks Shukrachary to do something very unlike asuras … such that the devtas don’t see it coming their way.

Back here Parvati devi goes to Swarja and the former talks of the peace of mind that she has discovered and hospitalitythat she was given at the ashram.
Swarja says that the real truth that she seeked would eventually come to her but in time…and also that the ashram would always wait for her.

She tells Swarja that her guru has ordered her to proceed.
Mahadev now takes his damru into his hands and places it in a place where it could be easily seen by Parvati devi, while she searches for Gunesh and Kartikeya.

Indr goes to Narayan and Nardji taunts him saying that his war with Vritrasur was mind blowing
Indr literally begs Narayan to help him defeat Jalandhar.
If Jal is SHiavnsh, he too is Sudarshan chakradhari, he can as well use his SC to kill Jal!
(Indr man do u think that its some ‘Hit’ that Narayan uses to kill any pest! Suck a life!)

And on the top of it he gives his stupid justification of ‘I- cannot- revert- back- what’s done!’
Indr further more continues with his ‘reminding -one -of -their-duties ‘ natak.
He hints that only his SC is the last option for the devtas.

On hearing this Lakshmi ma says “No!”

Lakshmi devi says that Jal was adopted by Samudrdev ie her father and thus it makes him her brother. And so Narayan cannot kill er brother.
Besides whatevr the devtas are reaping is the consequence of the atrocities which he endured!
Devi Lakshmi says that its cause Indr’s stupidity and wrongs that he has to see this day and every time he gets clean off his wrong doing cause of Brhm, Vishnu and Mahesh.. but this time tables have turned and he has to suffer the consequences.

Indr then tries to coax Vishnuev saying that Jal is very powerful and he cannot fight Jal alone.
Vishnu dev raises his hands saying that he cannot kill his ParnPriyee Lakshmi’s brother. WHo is just avenging his mother’s death…

He cannot be unjust who already served Indr’s unjust!

Devi Parvati sees the damru and goes near it gently… She picks it up and tries to make the damru sound.. she gets flashes of her childhood of playing with the same alone and with sadhus around.
This terrifies her alot.

At the camp..
Vrinda orders a few more helpers and medicines for the treatment..
She orders two of her trusted maids to help her for asuras’s treatment and if required even the devtas also.

Jal hears Vrind’s say and he is annoyed hearing this.

Vrinda tells it straight that there is no room for one sided- biased treatments.
Jal retorts saying that its an insult to everyone (asuras.) just cause of her bind faith.
She says that there is no question of blind faith..
They have a tiff where Jal blames the devtas for him being so raw and violent and Vrinda is persistent on treating devtas too along with the asuras.
She says his motive is revenge and her motive is humanity in her duty.
Jal ends the argument saying if she is in any trouble, she shan’t expect him to help her.

SHe says that its the last time that they are meeting and wishes him for the war the next day.

Jal gets pissed off and leaves the tent.

Next day at the battle field Jal enters and the place is echoed with his praises.
An arrogant Indr feels that he doesn’t need anyone’s help… he’d win the war not with power, but with mind.


Nandi is in trouble and he calls for Shiva yo help him.
Indr orders the best archers of swarg lok to shoot an asura at sight!

Vrinda happens to land in the middle of the battle field.

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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