Amrit Manthan 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 26th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Amrit telling all the women to fill their form while Nimrit enters in the look of a old woman with black face and told her name … ( i didn’t remember which name she took as it was a long name ) so then yug & amrit ask her to sit , while nimrit saw bani & jojo very secretly trying to pass off to the kitchen .

A old woman told good things about her and then yugAm thought to keep her as nanny , while they told everyone to go , nimrit was a bit nervous & shock , while she tyr to mislaid both yug & amrit , but they asked her to have tea & then go away , On the other side both the girls were trying to get the tools , but both fell

Nimrit heard them crying & went to the kitchen , when she look up the tool box was about to fall on bani but at the right moment nimrit went & lied on bani as a protector for her . Amrit heard the sound & soon come , they were shocked to see the kids on the floor

Amrit hug bani and told nimrit ( nanny ) that it is all because of you . yug called the doctor , the doctor confirmed to amrit that bani is alright & fine too , amrit said to Jojo it must be because of you , you were being asking her to make a doll house for you .. When doctor was leaving he saw wound on Nimrit’s head & said you too are injured ..

Amrit said its because of her too , bani said no aunty , but she has protected me as a shield , so doctor said to nimrit ( nanny ) that amrit ji might me very thankful to you because you saved bani today . he said to amrit that you are very lucky that you got a nanny like her .. yug said no she is not the nanny , while amrit said no she is the nanny , amrit said i think she is perfect for the kids

Not like that woman who is sitting out & waiting for appointment letter , she has saved our bani … & she is the right one , nimrit said ok i am going to bring chocolate milk for the girls while yug stopped her & aksed her how did she knows that the girls like chocolate milk so nimrit said that every kid like chocolate & so basically likes chocolate milk too . amrit said yes yug .

Nimrit bought the tea for amrit & yug & said that i can do every work . she said that your husband is very lucky to have a wife like you , amrit said that he is nto my husband , so she said that not a husband . hahahhhaa … she said that then how do these kids are here .

Amrit said these kids are not mine but of my sister’s , & i can better take care of them
Nimrit went to Bani & Jojo room , Bani & Jojo insists Nimrit to tell her the truth that she is their mama only , after that nirmit took off her glasses and spoe in her original voice with them , and said yes i am your mother only

Then amrit called her and said that because of jojo bani was about to hurt so nimrit said don’t call me where were you while this happened , may be reading a magazine or with any designer ? & she cut the call .. Both Bani , Jojo laughed ,,,

( I am very happy to write this scene ) Agam was lying on his bed while vishal asked him to get up & said you’ll be fine & will get ur memory .. Agam opened his eyes . & vishal with happiness said its me vishal vishal , agam remembers his past , & all the scene & also when amrit & yug killed him .

Then he faints so vishal asked doctor to check him . Yug told amrit that vishal called me and told that agam is about to get his memory soon , amrit said don’t worry more me the most important thing now is Bani . nimrit comes & asked them to go to dinner
While Jojo & Bani comes , and asked them to have dinner , while on the other room nimrit was hiding

Both BaJo , thumps up to Nimrit , & nimrit said any how i’ll get the information about my agam Ji .

precap : the mysterious women entered amrit’s room & was opening the locker while nimrit entered & saw her , and said who are you ?

Update Credit to: -Mehak-

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