Suvreen Guggal 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 26th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Suvreen getting scared. Anyone comes.. She sees only the foot of the person.. And then the person who came found suvreen.. It’s Jolly.. He says come out to her. She comes out and he asks: Can you tell me what you are doing in my office in the night?? I want an answer from you.. did RC give you late-night an assignment?? I think Ira gave you the assignment.. I’ll call her know and ask about that. And then Suvreen stops him with saying Sir. He says I think you don’t have any answer, I’ll tell you what has happened. You left your house/delhi.. you will do everything for the internship, and now you are staying in my office.. She says : Sir, you are misunderstanding me.. but then Jolly says: From tomorrow you won’t stay in my office. And then he goes! She thinks: I hope he doesn’t say anything to Ira.
In Delhi. Yuvraj is watching a (YuvReen) pic. He says: You know topper, I’m very happy today. He calls Tanu. She calls him Suvreen ka Yuvi.! He says : You can call me like that know She says: wow.. that means you are guys are together again?? Thank god!! And then he says: Thank YOU! I wanted to say thank you to you. And then they hang up..
Back to Mumbai. Jolly and Ira are in the car. She stopped the car. She says I’ve called you yesterday, why you didn’t pick up the phone? He says that his smartphone is more smarter now, the phone hangs up by alone. (they are talking about their family) Ira says that their parents like Jolly more than her. He asks is there anything between you and RC?? She starts hitting him She says what she is doing is right for her and for RC too. RC needs our help infact he needs us. And then they hug each other. After a while he says that he was yesterday in the office to pick the designs and.. I want to talk with you important thing.
Suvi is searching for a house to stay. She calls anyone but it’s too expensive. She wants to call anyone too but then preeti comes. She says that Ira wants to talk to her. She gets shocked/scared.. If Jolly told to Ira about the yesterdays thing??? She goes to Ira.. Ira says: Is there anything you wanna tell me? Suvi gets shocked.. and thinks: that means jolly sir told everything to Ira. Ira says: I could wait full day for your answer.. Suvi says: I’m new in Mumbai, so I don’t know what should I do or where should I go.. Ira says: What are you talking about?? Did you do anything that our company will lost?? She says no.! Ira says : What you did wasn’t cool, but RC did give you one more chance.. If anything happen wrong you will be fired. Suvi thinks: I can’t understand why Ira said that . That means that Jolly doesn’t say anything to Ira.. YAYYY!! I’m soo happy.. I’ve to say thank you to Jolly..
Jolly sings anything Suvreen comes and says thanks to him. He says : This office is mine, I should not tell everyone what is happening here. Suvreen wants to go but he stops her. He calls her nightbaag He give a letter to her. The letter is full of informations of a house. She is really happy and says thanks to him. He says that she should not think that he is doing it for her. He tells that when he came here first time his friend helped him, but that doesn’t mean that Suvi is his friend. And then she goes.
Suvreen is very happy and runs to call Tanu. She says that she found a house. Tanu gets happy. Suvi tells what happened. Tanu says that his dad came to Mumbai, he said that she can stay here but with her brother. She has to stay with her brother in a house. And then Suvi says thanks to her for calling Yuvraj. Tanu says that if suvi says thanks again tomorrow then she won’t talk to her anymore. And then they hang up. Suvi thinks: I found a house yayy!!! The best thing is that yuvraj came into my life again!! Yuvraj, I love you!! When he comes into my life everything is nice. Thank you Yuvraj and Tanu!

PRECAP: Jolly, Ira and Rehan are sitting on the couch. Jolly says they want me to do the final decision. Rehan says: You said that I’ll do the final decisions but now you are saying that I can’t design anything in my company. Jolly asks: Deal or No Deal?? He says: Thanks but NO DEAL!! And then he goes..

Update Credit to: nazomel

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