Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Sri Krishn directs the arrow at Mahadev, it adorns him with a garland which kinda binds him- he then vanishes from there. All are shocked to see this. BS says that he feels that its a trick of Yaduvanshi krishn. Bs calls Mahadev.
Brhmdev informs Naradji that when sri Krishn directed the divine arrow at Mahadev, Mahadev not only became magically weak but also got established at some place else from the war ground.
He respected Sri Krishna’s attack and accepted its effect. Now BS is gonna have a tough time..

Vani is worried that the boon which has become a curse has started showing its effects, Usha assures her mother that she knew the aftermath of the war..but has all faith in Sri krishn and Mahadev that they would never let any thing bad happen to their family.

At the battle field, BS reminds of Mahadev’s boon of 100 arms..he thinks taht for this day Mahadev has given so much of power to him. This day he’ll prove that this magician shepherd would get defeated- he says that he’ll put an end to the Yaduvanshi clan. May be even Mahadev wanted this to happen.
K is bewildered to know that his father has left the battle field- which is the impossible. Ganesha says that anything can be possible in SriKrishna’s leela. It was the best option he had, thus SriKrishna applied such astra on Mahadev.. anything could happen..they can’t measure things over there just by the look of it..there is a deeper meaning to all this. On asked by K what will be the next event..Ganesh informs him that there will be an ultimate war btw SriKrish and BS.

BS says he is ready and designates Krishna as tricker. Sri Krishna replies that what he (BS) did was trickery – he tricked his deity. Mahadev was always with him as a blessing, he never honoured Mahadev..and he never respected all that- with powers Mahadev even gave him a duty, not for his personal needs but for te world. But he thought all this as his authority..his stature…he never fulfilled the duty he was given by Mahadev. He has insulted his deity..what could be the biggest treachery than tricking ones own deity.

BS gets freaked out and attacks Krishna by his sword…there is a sword fight between them now…
BS gets good amt of blows from Krishna, meanwhile Balram asks Anirudh to go ahead and get Usha safely…

Then BS brings forth his 100 arms and those funny red eyes- seeing that he was losing. He says that he’d answer his arrogance now. Then Krishna takes his magnificent enormous form
Back here Anirudh fights the soldiers at BS’s palace and reaches Usha. He then asks polity for Vani’s permission to take Usha with him, She accepts it.

At the war field, Krishna says wherever their is arrogance it needs to be destroyed..then he brings on the Sudarshan chakra. On asked by Ganesh, Kartikeya says that its a greatly powerful weapon which comes only when its called for…after the completion of its task it goes back to Krishna without getting ruined. (K’s dialogue and utterance was beautiful..super job RIshu)

S Krishna directs the Sudarshan Chakra at BS and it chops off his 100 arms.BS gets reminded of Mahadev’s words when he asks him if tehre anyone who can defeat him…while it moves to cut BS’s head Brhmdev stops him. USha and gang reach the field.

Krishna is raged to see BS’s stupidity as BS has insulted not only the boon but also the one whom he reverse. His 100 arms weren’t his pride- ego/ they are just the symbolize of his arrogance..but its deep inside of him..his mind that has all the alter ego preserved in it.
It won’t stop until he is killed..Brhmdev reminds him of his boon to Prahald that he wont slay any of his clan member till 22 generations. Krishna tells that the boon which is a peril to the world is better be broken. Brhmdev replies that he has given the boon to Prahlad nt BS, he can’t hinder the fulfillment of his boon.
Mahadev then arrives there, he tells Krishnathat he has take away BS’s alter ego by chopping off his 100 arms..and take back teh Sudarshan Chakra..give him one chance to repent.
Then Sri Krishna takes away his Sudarshan Chakra…and comes back to his normal form…

Mahadev tells BS that he warned him..he can not be immortal …in his arrogance even after seeing everything he couldn’t recognize the divine..he couldn’t realize who this great man is. He has proven that he never understood Mahadev by misunderstanding Sri Krishna.
The powerful one is the one who can control his wishes…to get power is to be disciplined..the purpose of getting power is never to show status or exploit or force others…

But to use it in the right way…for him whats more important than giving a boon is to see the capability of his devotee to use the boon in the right way using his own brain or misusing it for good or bad- its this choice becomes teh cause of his win or defeat . Giving him the boon he did his duty as god, its better to take away such a boon which only cause terror in teh world..and doing so Sri Krishna has done his duty as god. Today he has gotten another chance to accept his fault and start a fresh.
BS apologizes or his foolishness..he realizes that he couldn’t fulfill the duty he was given…he was warned before, but he couldn’t understand the greatness of SriKrishna, cause of his grace he could forget his arrogance and know the truth. It as his sin to challenge Sri krsihna, he apologizes to Krishna too.

Mahadev tells that for a bad guy 100 arms too are less..ut for a great human- for a good doer, two arms are enough to work for the betterment of the world.


Bs seeks Maahdev’s permission to do kanyadaan of USha.
Usha and Anirudh get married with everyone’s acceptance n blessings.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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