Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mata Singh being happy talking to Mathur. Mathur says I have scolded Poonam and asked her to mind her own business. Mathur praises Mata Singh. Mata Singh says be loyal to me always, you have supported me a lot. He says the chair will be mine very soon, I m managing the city being in jail, whats Poonam doing. Mata Singh asks Lallan to give some money to Mathur and says its your prize, I will make Poonam’s life hell. Shashikant reads the paper and sees Poonam’s praise. He syas I m very happy. Mangla is offended by Poonam’s decision.

He asks what happened. She says Poonam did not do this right, I m angry on her, she refused to take govt services. She says she should take the benefits. Kanno tells Jai that we should have a house in Lucknow. Shashikant says you should praise her, she is right. Mangla says why, many rich people use govt house and car, they have bodyguard, it has reputation and identity, I would have been proud to be called MLA’s mum in law. She says don’t I have the right to be happy. She gets annoyed. She says you always support Poonam which is not required, she did wrong.

He says fine, I am with Poonam. Kanno tells Jai that who asked Poonam to refuse. Jai says don’t cry, we have to think how can we take benefits from her post, that too without telling her. Poonam comes home from office. Everyone are happy to see her. Mama asks did you not get gifts. Poonam says yes, but I have distributed it in office. Shashikant asks hows the office. She says good. Akash sees Poonam upset. Poonam says I will change and come, then I will help you in kitchen. Mangla says Kanno and I have made the dinner. Akash thinks Poonam looks worried.

He comes to Poonam and asks why is she worried. She tells him everything what happened today. She says I m unable to help them, I don’t know this politics. He says you will learn to deal with this matter soon. He gives her an idea to solve the matter in a unique way. He says we should make our weakness our biggest strength. Poonam says yes, you are right, I will teach them a lesson by my way. He asks what way. She tells him the plan. He smiles.

He says it’s a great idea, see tomorrow morning will bring a new hope for the public. She smiles. Its morning, Poonam talks to the public and says Mathur is involved in all this, I will open a new ration shop for public, it won’t have any mixing, I have an idea, we have to find a storage place. They say but this needs money. Poonam says yes, we will keep a donation box for public. She says this is piggy bank, it will open by their own money. The public becomes happy knowing Poonam’s decision to help them.

Poonam comes to talk to them and says its possible, if we all can work together. She says we need a security deposit to open this agency, so I kept a donation box, I request you to contribute as per your wish. The women say what about the black market. Poonam says I have the solution, we will protest against them in peaceful way. She says we will send many letters and make phone calls that they will have to change, we will show them that public will not bear corruption now.

The public starts calling Mathur and asks why do you want to kill our children. Mathur gets tensed by many phone calls. The women go to the ration vendor and asks for the ration. He takes lot of money and of bad quality. They criticize him and ask him to give good ration. They argue with him. They sit there and start cleaning the rice and grains. Other women come and they complain about the ration shop. The customers leave. The vendor gets tensed. The women say its 700 gram wheat and 300grams stones. They scold the vendor for so much mixing.

He gets tensed. They pay him for the 700 grams. Poonam comes to them and scolds the vendor. She says such man should not have the agency. The women say we will come to him daily and expose him to other people. Poonam says yes, you will become famous, then I will see how you run this agency. The man apologizes to Poonam. Poonam says this is the public’s power. He says yes, I understood that public can do anything. He praises her. He says from now on, I will not mix anything in the grains. The public gets happy. Poonam says fine, I will give you one chance. The public thanks Poonam and cheer for her.

The donation box fills in one day. They count the money. Poonam smiles and says we can make another agency now. Poonam says we have to spend this money wisely. The old lady comes to meet Poonam. She says I have put less money in the donation box, but I have put all my trust. Poonam says don’t worry, I will not break your trust. The lady praises Poonam.

Mathur tells Poonam that public will get their quota, now I have to change, ask them not to do this. Poonam says you tell this to them and apologize as you are their culprit.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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