Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Mahadev watering the Shiv-Priya as Kartikeya enters.

Kartikeya glares at Mahadev with anger and asks how could he let Parvati go?.Mahadev says it was Parvatis wish,i couldnt do anything.Kartikeya questions him,you could have got the Gajra too right?why didnt you do that?,you shouldnt have let this happen!.

Mahadev replies that he had to attend to Indras problem,for the sake of the world.

Kartikeya angrily asks isnt your family,this little world of ours a part of the world to?.Why to look after that world,we have to give up on our world?,how long will we have to pay the price of being Gods family?.

Mahadev angrily scolds him and tells him that looking after the world is thier first priority,thier duty,if they have to give anything up for it,its thier good fortune.

Mahadev tries to console Kartikeya but an angry Kartikeya says he doesnt want consolation,he wants his mother back,and angrily glares back at his father with tears in his eyes(Rushiraj…gosh this guys BRILLIANT in this scene!).

Mahadev angrily tells Kartikeya that he has to go now,do his duties and protect this world,for thier personal grief they cant let the world suffer.

Kartikeya though visibly upset,listens to his father and leaves.

At Himavans palace,Himavan and Maina pray to Narayan for a soltuion.Narayan appears and tells them,he cant do anything,but says Mahadev and family can help,and informs them of Ganesha comming.

Ganesha is welcomed at Himavans Bhavan and he is honeful Parvati will recongnize him.

Ganesha advances towards Parvati who is pleased to see him,everyone(Mahadev from long distance,Vishnu and co from Ksheersagar watching live telecast).

Parvati fascinated with Ganesha exclaims on seeing a Boy with an elephants head.Ganesha instantly realizes that Parvati doesnt recognize him and feels bad.

Ganesha says his father gave him the elephant head to save his life.

Parvati asks what is he looking for?.

Ganesha says he is looking for his mother-and she looks like her.

Ganesha takes parikrama of Parvati and asks her if he cant touch her feet.

Parvati blesses him that he should find his mother soon.

Ganesha touches her feet and leaves dejected.

Mahadev watches this and says i knew this was going to happen(errr…then WHY did you send you lil boy when you know hes going to come back empty handed?logic kya hai bhai?).

Ganesha tells Mahadev that he has to get Parvati back now.Mahadev appears before Parvati.

Update Credit to: shruti

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