Rab Se Sona Ishq 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 21st March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with daljeets mother is cursibg sahiba..she says I don’t know when all this will end..malika comes there and mother says to her that u didn’t take anything..but not to worry when u will becone my daughter-in-law I will give u lots of jewellry as a gift…malika is upset and asks that do u really think its gonna happen..daljeet loves only sahiba…she goes from there…chachaji comes there and says to mother that malika is right…u know daljeet he will never accept any other girl…he loves sahiba so u should get him married to her…this will be good for everybody..kernel is scolding someone on phone..he says to stop saying bad things about my daughter in law…bebe says that everybody says bad about a young widow…ranveers mother says that what u think about daljeet…he has done a lot for us..I think we should think about daljeet and sahibas marriage..sahiba comes there and says no…whatever u r thinking is wrong…daljeets mom comes there and listens all this…sahiba says that I m pregnant and daljeet can get any girl he wants..I m not worthy of him..daljeets mom says that for how long all this will go on…she says u r right that daljeet has malika…but he only wants u..becoz of u I got my son back..I came here to warn u..I wanted u to stay away from dalheet..but after listening whatever u said…I m changing my decision…only u r capable of daljeet…only u can make him happy…she says its not possible…daljeets mom says to the family that sahiba can’t do this becoz she has responsibilities..but we r elders and only we can do this…kerneil also says we should get them married…ranveers soul will be very happy..sahiba says no but daljeets mom says he gifted u this house ob ur birthday..tomorrow is daljeets birthday…I want u to gift him the most precious thing of his life..thats u…doctor is leaving the hospital and sayong thx to everybody..she goes near ranveer and sees him making sahibas sketch…she feels bad about him and says that I will always remember u..she sees the sketch of sahiba..she goes fron there…beauty and sahiba is talking about sahibas life…beauty says that maybe destiny wants both of u together thats why all this happened..she says but snatching ranveer was not right…beauty says if u accept daljeet it won’t be wrong…just think about it…daljeet calls sahiba and says that u have an appointment for sonography…she says I will go myself he says that u say this every time..but I will come this time as well I will pick u tomorrow morning…its morning and daljeet is driving..his mom calls and asks where r u he says that I m taking sahiba to the hospital…she says thats good…but ask her about her answer as well..he asks what r u saying…which answer r u talking she says sahiba will tell u about that..but ask her what she wants…daljeet says I don’t know this time what u said to sahiba…the same doctor comes to the hospital and askat the reception that she has an appointment with doctor for consultation…nurse says that she is busy u wait here plz…she goes and sits…sahiba and daljeet cones there. .daljeet is talking tobthe nurse and sahiba sits next to the doctor…she sees her and gets confused..she asks sahiba that I think I have seen u somewhere…r u a doctor or meducal student…she says no I m a housewife…sonetines we sees someone and thinks that we have met them before…doctor asks her whats her name..when daljeet comes and says shall we?? Both goes from there…they meet a couple there..she asks I felt bad about hearing ranveers death…is this true that u and daljeet…daljeet gets angry and says we shoukd go…that girl says now I know everythibg is true…sahiba starts crying and runs from there…daljet follows her and calls her name…doctor listens this and confused…that girl also comes there and starts talking bad about sahiba…she says there was time when everybody used to talk about ranveer and sahiba but now this sahiba is with daljeet…doctor goes near her and asks r u talking about ranveer and sahiba…she says yes that girl is ranveers widow…doctor is shocked and thinks all the things ranveer said to her…she says that means he is ranveer..i gave him electric shocks and now he thinks he is chetan…what have I done…

Precap: daljeet asks bebe that I want to marry sahiba…kernel says we all r happy for this..doctor says to ranveer that u r not chetam u r ranveer… he doesnot respend…she takes hin with her..

Update Credit to: camjs

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