Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st March 2013 Written Update

Navi encourages everyone to re-work the case files. Mohan says well said Miss Vyas. Navi is taken aback. Mohan tells everyone that we will start again. He asks them to check out all the contacts and build the database again. Mohan says the fact that all this is happening indicates that we are going on the right path. He dismisses everyone. Navi remains in the room. Mohan calls her Miss Vyas again.

RJ calls and says she wants a help from her. Megha asks what it is? RJ tells Megha everything and Megha agrees. RJ is happy that her work will be done.

Jiji comes in and asks Megha who she was talking to. Megha says RJ. Megha says she feels connected to Addu because of RJ. Jiji says your wounds are fresh again because of Mohan but you now is the time to dwell upon it but to nurse your wounds.

Mohan tells Navi that she will bring the main details of the case. Navi says I wanted to talk to you Spiderman… Mohan corrects her by saying “sir”.

Jiji asks Megha if she doesn’t want to give her love another chance. Megha says she doesn’t want to keep any relation with him(Mohan) as he makes her weak. Megha says I am worried if he comes in front of me then we might form another relation. Megha says I don’t want to cheat my son’s memories. She says she doesn’t want to think about Mohan.

Navii at her desk working. Beera comes there and calls her Miss Navika Vyas and hands her some files. Navi asks if he thinks he is funny? Beera says I am certainly not funny but you have definitely been jolted. Beera says with the computers Mohan has forgotten that you are his Chavvani.

Anu tells Mohan that the security guard was heavily drugged. Mohan says imagine if they could do so much to a security guard then what all can they do to deter us from our path. Mohan says we should not give them a chance. Mohan realizes what if they went to his house. Munna is shown dressing up with beard etc. Mohan calls Guru and tells him that he spoke to RJ’s principal and arranged for a tutor. Mohan asks Guru to make sure not to step out. The door bell rings and Guru opens it. It is Munna dressed as a teacher. Munna says he is Joseph Braganza RJ’s tutor.

Megha looks at a water pistol and has FB of Holi with Addu. She thinks RJ would like the water pistol. Tanu is with her when he spots Aarti. He tries to talk to Aarti . But Aarti doesn’t respond to him as she has FB of Renu’s taunts. Tanu says he will marry only her. Aarti says she has a disease as she cannot get up in the morning and needs bed tea. Tanu assures her that he will make sure she gets everything. Aarti still refuses saying your mom is against it. Aarti walks away and Tanu grabs her hand. Megha looks at them. Tanu introduces Aarti to Megha. Tanu says even Chachi had a love marriage and at that time too it was Mummy who had the most problem. But Chachi sorted everything out. Tanu says when you want something very much the whole universe conspires to make sure you get it. Megha walks away with Tanu’s words loud in the BG.

Navi walks out from somewhere when she spots some flowers. Navi has FB of Mohan telling to apologize considering she made a mistake and Nanhi wondering if Megha will forgive her. Navi tries to do the same with another flower. Beera comes and says you are taking your anger out on a flower. Navi says I am angry but just trying to find an answer to my question and continues plucking petal after petal. Beera gives her another flower and asks her to try with that as well. Navi says what if the answer is the same? Beera hands her an entire bouquet and says I bought it last night. Beera says instead of wilting it is better that she finds her answer in them. Beera gets up to leave when he says “Spiderman zaroor manega” and Navi says same.

Munna tells RJ that science is behind everything in the world. He says there is no miracle. RJ is spellbound looking at the doll. RJ asks him why he is playing games with her. Munna says every action has an equal and opposite reaction. He gives some more gyan to her and Guru is pleased with him. RJ says science was never this interesting before. RJ says she will teach this to her father. Munna asks if her father loves her a lot. RJ says yes as she is his jaan. Mohan calls RJ and RJ praises her new teacher. Munna thinks to himself that “Mohan Bhatnagar you love your daughter very much. Now you can add her name to the list of missing children in Project Talaash.

Precap: Beera asks Navi if they ever got anything tatooed in Addu’s hand? Navi shows him Addu’s picture and asks him if he has seen Addu. Beera says has feeble FB’s of Addu playing cricket in Jhansi. Beera says he has seen Addu in Jhansi. Megha at the police station, the inspector tells her that there is no new information. He says but because of Project Talaash things are bound to come to light. Megha says someone close to me is in Project Talaash. The inspector says Mr. Bhatnagar and gets up. Mohan is in the police station and Megha turns around to look at him. Mohan is surprised /shocked to see Megha.

Update Credit to:NeelimaSJ

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