Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th August 2013 Written Update

Parvati says her bro Narayan’s Leela amazes her. Mahadev says let’s go & bless the couple. Brhamaji- Saraswatiji, Mahahdev-Parvati comes to Janak’s sabha. Parashuram asks Mahadev to forgive him, he was only doing his duty towards the Dhanush given by you. Mahadev says you’ve done is well it. It has fulfilled the purpose of uniting Ram-Sita & the energy it created will help my Ansh too. Mahadev tells Parashuram to go to Mahendra parvat. Parashuram tells Janak, it’s due to immence punyas of your ancestors Ram & Sita are getting married, make this ceremony grand. He leaves. Seeing Parvati, Sita remembers her coming as old women to help & bless her. Janak tells Mahadev due to his guidance everything is going on well, what is his order

now. Mahadev asks him to inform Dashrath to come with the Var-yatra, to Mithila.

Ravan is remembering rishis stopping him, is angry. He stops Mandodari saying she was against him getting another wife for him. Vibhishan & rishi Pulatsya are shocked at his behaviour. Naradji comes there. He asks him why is he here? Naradji says he doesn’t need anyone’s permission to go anywhere. Ravan says this is my Lanka. Naradji says even you’ve been some where without invitation. I am here just to sympathise with you. Inspite of being Mahadev bhakt you were not able to lift that dhanush. Ravan agrees, saying Mahadev stopped me & helped that balak in doing so. But I will not waste my time on that balak. Naradji adds fuel to his anger, saying Ram was there just following his Guru’s order. But what will others think about you. Calling fool, a fool is not insulting him. This angers Ravan. Naradji says he was only symphasising with Ravan.

At Kailash Mahadev & Parvati are walking. Mahadev is smiling on Naradji’s act, says his role can not be understood by all.
Naradji is at Ayodhya now. Dashrath is excitedhearing what happened at Janak’s sabha. He tells Kaikeyi, Ram is eligible to be future king of Ayodhya. Manthra doesn’t like this. Naradji reminds him some other work is pending. He has to leave immediately for Ayodhya for Ram’s marriage. Now we’ll meet there.
Kaushalya is praying to a Shiv-ling. Kaikeyi tells her, Mahadev has answered your prayers. Ram has broken the Shiv Dhanush, now he’ll marry Sita. There can’t be a better match for Ram then Sita. She congratulates Kaushalya, who tells he you have loved Ram more then me. Manthara is seeing this doesn’t like this Kaikeyi loving Ram. Kaushaly remembers words of the rishi ( Mahdev in disguise who came when Ram was born).

Ravan is fuming over whatever happened with him at Janak’s sabha, says he’ll do something which will make all scared of me.

Precap: Ravan’s people are killing the rishis.
At Kailsh, Brhmaji tells Mahadev, it’s time to stop Ravan. I am going to perform the Brhma yagya. Mahadev assures him, this yagya will be compeleted properly.
Ravan says he will not let this yagya compeleted.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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