Gustakh Dil 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 20th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off at the climax previous episode. (Duh!)

We are shown that the “baraat” return back sans the bride. Laajo is officially jilted at the altar.

Laajo’s mother is furious that Laajo refused to get married – dowry being her reason.

Mother: Why mistake did I ever do? Was it that I gave birth to you? Is it that? What did we not do? We put so much effort to get to this day, tried so hard.

And we see Laajo’s father on the floor as he breaks down. Laajo’s mother accompanies his and both the parents break down, with Laajo’s bua being the sole person to console them.

The villagers taunt. “Thank heavens it was Ram Bachan’s izzat that was affected, and not that of our village. This is what he deserves for giving his daughters so much

freedom.” they say.

Dadaji arrives with his posse, and then requests, more like order cum tells, Ram Bachan to take his wife and go check on Laajo.

Laajo’s mother comes into the room and as Laajo claims that she did no wrong, her mother gets furious, ranting and screaming at her. And at a point asks her if Laajo wants to see her dead, and if so she’ll kill herself and searches for a knife in the kitchen. When Laajo starts tries stopping her. Three women enter and start b*t*hing and adding fuel to fire, claiming that now Laajo has ruined her life and her sister’s lives too.. That now no one will marry them too. Nikhil’s Bua enters and tells them to sush it, and consoles Saraswati -Laajo’s mother.

Inside Ram Bachan’s house, we see some women b*t*hing about Laajo and how being a girl she had the guts to defy the decision and get out of the marriage. And how none of them have a “daughter like Laajo”. When Nikhil’s aunt comes and supports Laajo, the women taunt her and say that she being a widow has no rights to come and interfere in marriage talks and inquire her about why she links herself with Laajo, to which Laajo’s mother who just entered the room claims that Nikhil aunt is like one of the members of this house. To which the ladies reply that, Nikhil’s aunt being a widow can stay with her father coz he’s rich and he can afford it, but they can’t. They can’t afford supporting their daughters.

Bua runs out, followed by Nikhil’s mother who consoles her.

Laajo’s sitting on the bed as her sister enters and Laajo requests her to leave the room and fo outside, to which the youngest sister taunts saying that, why, to hear those same talks on how no one will marry us? The middle sister pulls her years saying that “You want to get married? Huh!” To which the youngest one says yes.

Laajo’s father enters and his character takes a 360 degree turn as he screams at them and ushers them out. He then turns to Laajo, who stutters – Babuji, and tries to explain which only anger him more

Ram Bachan : Babuji! Don’t call me that. You have no Babuji. Did you think of your siblings or mother or me when you broke the alliance. No! Then why think now. And those tears, save them for when we die. For when we hang ourselves and commit suicide, too ashamed to face the village. CRY? will you even cry for us? *breaking down* Why did you do this?

That breaks down Laajo’s metal exterior. As she breaks down, and then removes her jewellery. She turns to open a cupboard, and then flashbacks to when she tells her mother that she wants to go to Delhi and study, she will be on her own and not be a burden to her father. Laajo looks away and then walks out of the house.

At Nikhil’s grandfather’s house, his friends discuss and debate on the situation. Annoying Nikhil who is worried about Laajo and her family not caring about if it was right or wrong.

When Dadaji and Bua return home they inquire about the situation and then discuss among themselves and then claim that Dadaji is respected and well influential, he can get Laajo married. To which Dadaji replies that things like this are a daily occurrences. How much can he help?

Nikhils friend stay up and wonder if Dadaji, Bua, Laajo and her family can fall asleep tonight. After which they reminisce about Delhi and about the food. While one of them suggests that they go to bed. And the mood turns into a nokh-jokh one which only pisses Nikhil all the more. Leading to another rant.

… Meanwhile in Delhi

Post the argument Nikhil’s parents had in the previous, the wait up for their eldest daughter to return. She does.. wearing a black formal gown-y dress.. (I own a similar one. Haha!) and boy, does she look gorgeous. When Barkha inquired about Sid, the daugher replies that he had to drop off some of his friends who accompanied them. When asked about the neck piece adorning her neck, she replies saying that it was gifted to her fiance, and how when gifting he doesn’t consider the price tag. Nikhil’s father wants to ask something but then changes mind and tells her to go off to bed, while she replies saying that how her dad knows her so well. And how he cares about her needing her beauty sleep. And then proceeds to tell her father that she loves him. Awh!

Precap: Laajo is drowning and screams to be saved. Nikhil nearby which seems to be chatting on his fone, disconnects the call to hear her please. And then proceeds to save her.

Update Credit to: AraBearxx

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