Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Neha asking Vikram to wake up, she tells him that she saw some guy’s photo in Sammy’s room. Neha says he had two guys in his life. She says what is wrong with our son. Vikram says he is alright and asks her not to think too much. Neha says it is all your fault. She says you don’t have time for Sammy and asks him to spend time with him. She asks him to be responsible towards him, watch cricket or play football with him. Vikram says he will take care of him.

Scene shifts to Priya:

Neha calls Priya , Priya asks about the news. Neha says someone ran away. Priya says daily you search some news about the teenager. She says we have to be extra concerned as we live in Metro. Our kids are in danger. We have to be careful about the kids.

Priya asks her to have trust on the kids, values, on their parenting and upbringing. She says yesterday, she didn’t call Pihu even once and she returned before 10:30 pm. She says if we trust on our children then they will value our trust and will share with us. Neha says I completely agree with you, we gave good upbringing to our kids but we don’t know about their friends. She says we don’t have any idea with what our kids go through. Neha says we need to care about Pihu and Sammy.

Priya comes to Pihu’s room and thinks Pihu will never hide anything from her. She sees Pihu’s mobile and thinks to check on the mobile. She sees Varun’s number in Pihu’s mobile and thinks Pihu lied to her. She talked to Varun at 10:30 pm but said that she was talking to Geetika. She then wakes her up and greets good morning to Pihu. She asks Pihu to get ready for breakfast. Priya leaves without asking her anything. Priya thinks about Neha word’s that we are unaware of their friends values and upbringing.

Priya sees her twins girls and asks them whether they have breakfast. They says they had breakfast and even drank milk. Priya tells them to remember whatever she taught them yesterday. The older one says she remembered her words and she will take care of her younger sibling. Priya says absolutely cool. Pihu fights with Khush, Priya tells him to let it be. Priya feels Pihu lied to me and it is not even bothering her. She asks Pihu whether she had breakfast or not. Pihu says she will have apple as an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Pihu leaves with Khush. Priya thinks she is thinking too much and getting suspicious. Soumya comes and breaks her trance.

Scene shifts to Pihu:

Pihu is on the bus stand and thinks thank god Khush irritated me and I came out of the house. I can’t face mom after lieing to her yesterday night. Sammy tells Pihu, not to think about yesterday lie and asks her to chill.

Pihu is treated well by her friends who addressed her as Rockstar. Pihu gets surprised. They says that you was the date of Akshay Kumar yesterday. Sammy says Akshay is their uncle. They asks them to join at the cafeteria. Sammy looks at the girls. Pihu says they boycott me and now giving me importance. Varun calls Pihu, and says what’s up. Varun says he booked movie tickets and asks her to come along. Pihu says but she have to attend the lecture. Varun asks her to bunk the lecture and says you are a waste and boring. Pihu comes to her class and gets sad. Pihu feels restless in the class. Pihu tells Sammy that Varun asks her for the movie and bunk the lecture. Sammy asks her to say yes to Varun. He says you can study at home but you should not miss this chance, to be with the cool dude.

Pihu goes to Varun, who makes fun of the lecturers. Varun says he is not in a mood to talk to her and now he will attend the lecture. Pihu tells him sorry and asks when they are going for a movie. Varun says every show has a time and it may be over by this time. He asks her to come for the house party at Vishal’s house, Pihu agrees. Khush hears them.

Soumya says why Pihu lied to you. Priya says may be she got scared with me that I will make an issue out of it. Soumya says do you have fears regarding Varun. Priya says she is not understanding her instinct. Khush calls and informs that Pihu bunked the college and went with house party with Varun. Priya tells Soumya about it, Soumya says we shall go there.

Pihu comes with Varun to Vishal’s party. She feels uncomfortable there, looks at them dancing and having bear. Varun mingles with his friends while the song Party on my mind plays….. Varun introduces Pihu to Vishal. Pihu feels unconfortable and excuses herself. Varun goes after her, He asks her to drink but Pihu says she drinks only chocolate milk. Varun says you are a kid. Varun leaves with Vishal. Pihu tells Varun that she is not feeling good. She says you said that we will go to house party, Varun says this is house party. Varun says ok, we will go to some other place. Priya and Soumya comes to the party. Party says she can’t believe that Pihu can come to this party. They heard someone saying that Varun took Pihu to the upstairs room alone. Priya is shocked with disbelief.

Pihu tells Varun that she wants to go home as she is not feeling good, Varun holds her hands and says he wants to say that he likes her, while caressing her hairs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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