Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna and Anirudh leave BS’s palace and as they do..the flag given by K falls down..Vani senses it as a bad omen and BS gets reminded of Mahadev’s words that the day the flag falls with the be the start of his downfall.

Brhmdev goes to Mahadev and talks abt the potential war between Mahadev and Sri Krishna. He asks if the war can’t be stopped, Shiva replies that Narayan has taken a human form to fulfill his duties and now its his turn to do so. And if the result is in not in his favor…Mahadev tells that of its in his favor?
Mahadev tells Brhmdev that Narayan and his bond is above all this…can’t be defined by all the situations or events.. Only thing he is worried abt, that they dnt dishonor each other.

Back here Usha asks Vani abt Krishna’s say..the mother replies that he has given her father two days of time…he’ll wait…then it will be either her groom’s arrival celebration or a war. Usha is very certain that her father would chose war..and is probably preparing his army. Vani fears the result of the war. Usha says that she has faith in Mahadev n Parvati ma and Anirudh would come to her..BS says no one is gonna come there..if she wishes to see Anirudh alive, then she has to goo away…Usha retorts that she is the wife is a warrior and wont mislead him..she makes it clear that if there is choice between arrogance n love, then she’ll side only love.
Bs tells that Mahadev is on his side, Usha replies that only time is gonna decide on whom Mahadev would side..Bs in rage says he’d decide it right away and tries to harm Usha,only yo be stopped by Vani.

One of the messenger tells Balaram that Sri Krishna has set camps on the outskirts of Shonikpur. Krishna’s son inquires abt Anirudh n Krishna. ..Balram tells them at BS’s arrogance on not sending Anirudh’s new wife with him..and Anirudh is safe with Krishna. They are soon gonna wage a war against BS.

At Kailash all the saptrishis inform Mahadev abt K’s taking back the Senapati position..
Rishi Kashyap tells taht he s worried abt the astronomical pointers towards destruction as everything seems blurred and gloomy, can’t they stop the war?

Then Bs goes there and talks to Mahadev abt the war in privacy..Mahadev then tells (I was like..its not ur daad’s palace baddy!), this is Kaliash and there is nothing to keep a secret and he need to say ot forth everyone..he asks Maadev if he is gonna fulfill the boon he has been in protect him on his he wishes too defeat the Yadhuvanshi. Shiva tells its in his choice.
BS tells that they have mislead his daughter and she says him that she’d side only love..and what abt his love…that he has given her all these years. Now she sees arrogance and she tells him that he is not his (BS)side..Shiva clears that he can only give BS protection and he better not mistake it to be Mahadev’s acknowledgment..whatever he is doing…he (Mahadev) doesn’t second it.
Usha and Anirudh’s wedding is destined..BS tells that the guy is from his enemy clan..Mahadev tells enemy can any day become relation..there is no compulsion of one continuing the enmity?
Is Usha’s happiness doesn’t mean a thing to him.?> BS tells he can give his life for her happiness.but here its the question of the dignity of his clan.

Mahadev tells BS that his daughter’s marriage is gonna be done with Sri Krishna’s grandson..what more does he wish ofr? If eh knew Sri Krishna’s greatness then he’d never say such thing.
Bs replies..rudely saying that a man who doesn’t know the count of his wives…what can one know abt his greatness?

Mahadev then politely replies that he has no idea of Sri Krishna’s leelas…
One need to have the trait of surrender..and where the arrogance ‘I’ ends there is surrender…one need to search it..and to find him one need to lose themselves…his persona’s definition is beyond boundaries of imagination

One should be grateful to even utter his divine even hear his story..his greatness..and the one who even after hearing his greatness tries to defeat him, will always get destruction in return.

BS asks Mahadev to explain abt Krishna’s truth..Mahadev tells Sri Krishna himself is truth..he is the one who can single handedly bear the weight of the earth.. There is no army that can face him..there is no soldier who can without his wish can stand with or before him..even though the warrior may be having 100arms or arm having the strength of 100 elephants.
not everyone can know Sri krshna’s greatness..he is complete.
BS says even Mahadev is complete.

Mahadev answers then there is not difference btw him and Sri Krishna they are one..the one who can understand his ( Mahadev) completeness why cant he understand Sri krishna’s greatness.

Mahadev asks BS if he still wishes to fight Sri Krishna.
Brhmdev tells that Mahadev has given BS the last chance to back off narrating the greatness of Sri Krishna even not blurting out that Sr krishna is Narayan’s avtar.
Now the ball is in BS’s court…its his misfortune if he still doesn;t understand.
BS says he doesn’t want war but wish to defeat where there is Mahadev there is no wrong..its good that he has been said abt Krishna’s he now knows that he can’t fight Krishna she has come there to inform Mahadev to be their with him even before the war starts and that whoever has true devotion on Mahadev will help him or their devotion would be fake in his eyes. (kya pagal insaan hai yeh)
He is gonna start the preparation for the war.

Anirudh paces..he stops seeing Krishna..he is worried of Usha.. Krishna tells Balram bhayya is eager for the war..
Anirudh says that he is safe there but fears abt Usha being tortured there.

Krishna tells Anirudh that after the war everyone were worried for him as he didn’t come back.. but he was safe at BS’s its natural to feel worried seeing ones loved one away. But the solution for the pain too is he has come there to take him away safely..its great that we can go to any extent seeing our dear ones away n unsafe. War is never an option and peace is great…its nothing beyond it. its up to BS to make the choice

Anirudh says that the evil BS will never chose peace..Krishna disciplines him saying him to watch his words as BS is his FIL; even if there is a war between them..then too he remains his FIL, so he better watch the manners there. Anirudh apologizes.

Krishna tells that though he is ever ready to fight the evil, this time he doens’t wish BS has Mahadev’s protection as his boon.
ANd if BS calls Mahadev, the’d surely comes. And even the thought of fighting is sin for him and defeating Mahadev is beyond imagination…

Mahadev informs his family abt the biggets war..and Kailash has to be prepared for it as they have to be a part of it at one or the other point and
There is no way that BS will win…BS needs to realizes this…
He has to side BS as he is bond by the boon binder.


BS asks his army what they prefer..war or surrender..all the asuras reply to WAR.
Vani goes to Mahadev to request him that he’d fulfill the promise of saving BS. Shiva tells that he and entire Kailash is on BS’s side.
Naradji asks if its unjust towards the Yadhuvanshis..Mahadev tells that if he is on BS’s side then the Yadhuvanshi’s have Sri Krishna on their side.

Update Credit to: sankalp prapti

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