Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone shocked seeing Pankhudi in Adi’s arms. Adi smiles and brings her in. He makes her lie on the sofa. Everyone look on stunned and unable to believe. Adi says see, Pankhudi, I got her, I told you she is alive, I found my Pankhudi. He says she is my Pankhudi, can you believe it. He hugs Rubel. Anuj says I can’t believe this, how did you get her, where. Rubel says what happened to her. Adi says stress. Rubel calls the doctor. Harish gets tensed. Ayesha thinks why did everyone stick to her. Adi sprinkles water on her. Ayesha wakes up. Harish thinks Ayesha is impossible.

Sheela hides thinking who is she. Adi hugs Ayesha and asks are you fine. If you leave me alone like this again, I will be angry. He says say something, don’t tell me you lost your memory like hindi films heroine, I m your husband Adi. Ayesha thinks what to do now, its better to faint. She holds her head and faints. Adi says Rubel call the doctor. Diwaker asks the doctor to come and check Bau ji as his fever is increasing.

Bau ji wants to meet Pankhudi and takes her name. Ruksaar tells Nafisa and Nilofer that Ayesha went out. Nilofer scolds her. Harish calls her and says Ayesha is here in our house, with Adi. She is shocked. Harish tells her everything. Nilofer asks what can we do now. Harish says I can’t say, Adi is with her always, and family is around her, I think Ayesha has to manage on her own, we can’t spoil Ayesha’s future for Adi’s madness. Adi kisses Ayesha’s hand. She thinks why so many kisses, that’s why his Pankhudi ran away.

Adi asks Ayesha to wake up. She opens her eyes and sees everyone. She gets up. Avantika asks how are you feeling now and this clothes? Anuj says where were you since two years, and why did you not contact us. Rubel says where did you go at night. She holds her head. Adi says enough, stop it. Ayesha thinks to faint again and faints. Avantika says maybe she is in shock, let the doctor come. Anuj says I think she does not identify you. Adi says then why would she come with me. Sheela says she is not our Pankhudi, she is in Burqa.

Avantika says we will ask her once she gets fine. Harish says yes, we should not trouble leave, we will come back when doctor comes. Avantika asks Adi to be with Pankhudi. Adi sits by her side. Nafisa asks Nilofer do you want to do this. Nilofer says we don’t have any option, we can’t leave Ayesha here and go Dubai. Ayesha has to be safe and its important for us. She says bring my veil. I will go in Duwaanb Mansion. Ayesha thinks everyone went, and opens her eyes. Adi comes back to her and is happy.

He asks why are you giving me blank looks, did you really lose memory. He brings her clothes and shows her. He shows her their pics. Adi makes her have soup by his hand. Adi asks Shanky to bring icecream. Adi says I will spend my day with you and you will remember everything. Shanky brings icecream and says doctor is coming now. Adi says just to meet you. She eats the icecream. The doctor comes and checks her. Ayesha thinks what will the doctor say now. Sheela says why is she not identifying now, I think its her ghost.

The doctor says she is fine. She is out of shock, and maybe she lost her memory, don’t give her stress, but do her full checkup, she is alright. She says I will give injection and make her sleep. Ayesha jumps on the bed seeing the big injection. She says I don’t want this, I can sleep on my own. Nilofer comes there and Ayesha runs to her calling Ammi. She says please tell them I m Ayesha, not Pankhudi. Adi says you are not well, come with me.

Avantika asks why is she calling you Ammi. Ayesha says come Ammi, lets go. Harish tells Nilofer he will do something, please ask Ayesha to be calm. Ayesha goes in the hall and tells Adi she is not his Pankhudi. Adi stops her. Nilofer says she is right, she is not Pankhudi, she is my daughter Ayesha. Everyone are shocked. Adi says she is my Pankhudi. Avantika says what. Nilofer says she thinks she is not Pankhudi. Ayesha is shocked and looks at Nilofer.

Bau ji takes Pankhudi’s name. Anuj asks Nilofer what does she want to say. Nilofer says I want to tell the truth. Ayesha asks what truth. Nilofer says you are not Ayesha, but Pankhudi. Everyone is shocked. Ayesha says how can you say this. Nilofer says you are Pankhudi. Adi smiles and says I told this. Payal says how did you get her. Nilofer says I got her two years back in Kullu’s accident, I went to find my relative and I got her. I brought her my home and took care of her, her memory was lost and I told her that she is my daughter and kept her with me. I gave her the name Ayesha. Ayesha cries.

Nilofer says we made her sure that she is my daughter. Adi says I told you she is my Pankhudi. I saw her that night, I heard her voice at the bus stop. He thanks Nilofer for saving Pankhudi. He hugs Ayesha and she pushes him far.

Payal stops Nilofer and asks how did you bring her to Diwaan Mansion. Did Nani know about this. Harish gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omfg pankhuri is ayesha

  2. Why are you taking so long to post the episodes?. Its 11.45 already and no sign of may 20th’s written episode. Kindly do it on time.

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