Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with rohitang rise up the stone with his meditation and dev kampan gets surprised and shouts on rohitang and says, you didnt accept my words and now you will get killed. Here devta does yagya. Mahadev says, both sides making strong themselves for gettting profit but they dont know that they are doing against world. rishi says, now we will get weapons for fighting and now we can defend against asur. rishi mentioned all the weapons with their speciality. Dev raj indra says, now we are safe and now i am happy. Mahadev says, look devi, everybody is trying to do getting something but they dont know that they are harming the world. ANybody in this world is trying to make strong himself then they will definitely harm someone else. Whenever dev use these weapons then world will get destroyed. Thats why i am not satfisfied with this yagya. devraj indra give thanks to kartikaye.
Kartikaye says, i have fulfilled my duties and if anybody on my place then he will also definitely does the same. Here rohitang comes into his young look. Rohitang thinks about andhak and rohitang conversation and shows anger. Mata says, rohitang gets power more than any of your parts. Mahadev says, but he has chosen same path as my parts thats why his death is definite and he is own his enemy.
He thinks that all the people in the world is against him but he is own his enemy. Only shivansh is not necessary, main thing is getting manners. Mata says, isn’t there any another option to leave this war. Mahadev says, its depend on him. May be possible that he will always oppose but whenever he know that he is shivansh then his heart will transform and thats why his probability of transform is more. Rohitang gets blessings from dev kampan. Dev kampan says, i am really surprising and now you are really knowledgable, strongest person in whole asur and i know that you will make progress of asur, now its time to go to patal and achieve your dream. Rohitang says, i will bring you too with me and show me path in war. Dev kampan says, i will come with you but if you will insult me then i will return back. ganesh ji inform that devta has completed his task and rohitang also got his power.
Andhak wife says, i dont know why are you living, tying on this trishul but i think that it is only dream. rohitang comes and says, i returned back and now i will take revenge. Andhak wife gets happy. Rohitang says, it was your dream that i will take dev kampan’s knowledge. Dev kAmpan says, now i trust you that rohitang will do anything. Andhak wife says, take revenge fastly. ROhitang says, first of all, i will take revenge from devta for their yagya.
Rohitang ask from dev kampan, what happen guru dev? Dev kampan says, some asur thinks that they will lead better than you and for this, they will fight with you. Rohitang accept it and guruji also inform to him that all asur will view it. Asur says, you are not able to lead us, we will not accept you as raja. rohitang beats asurs. Rohitang wins the war. All asur gives slogan of rohitang.

Precap:- Devi prithvi says, you are doing wrong with mahadev, go under his supervision. Rohitang sayys, no mata, i will take him under my supervision and take revenge of my brother death.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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