Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Navya tells Aliya that how good they look together and that this happens in bollywood films and Aliya gets frustrated and leaves. Manik says that what the hell is all of this, Nandini says that she did this so that his feet cannot touch the ground. She says that says something I’ll do anything and everyone starts laughing.Manik gets embarrassed and leaves the place. Later Nandini tells her brother the entire story and she is very happy. Aliya comes to Manik but he continues to play the guitar. She says that this is unfair but he replies that her behavior is unfair. Aliya says that she was angry and he didn’t even sent her one text. He says that it was an accidental kiss and that she knows him since childhood. Manik holds her and says that she knows how he kisses and Aliya says that you are crazy.
Aliya says that seeing you with her.. Manik stops her and calls Nandini, Nandini says that she cannot come as she cannot lie to her uncle and aunt anymore. Manik gets angry but Aliya tells her to calm down as he doesn’t have to prove anything and then she hugs him. Muktii sees Cabir and says that what are you doing here, but Cabir says that he just decided to come here. Muktii says that didn’t he had to rest at home today. Cabir says that it’s nothing like that and tells her to stop acting like a Sherlock and go have drinks.
Nandini gets a letter and is very happy and tells her uncle and aunty. She tells them they got a trip to Goa of five days in a five star restaurant. Her uncle wants to sell it but she says that it cannot be transfered. They decide that they can’t leave the children and leave them here like this. However Nandini agrees them to go to Goa and makes them start packing.
Nandini is having breakfast with Rishab when she gets a call from Manik and goes to talk. He says that he sent his uncle and aunt so that there could be no excuse for her and she must reach college now. Nadini says that she cannot believe it that he just wanted to taunt her that’s why he did all of this. Nandini says that she cannot leave her brother and he can do whatever he wants. Manik says that then I’ll come to you house. Nandini calls Navya and tells her that Manik just might come to her house and says that they are alone and says to stop her from coming.
Navya follows Manik and then decides to do something else. She goes to tell Aliya and tells her that Manik is going to meet Nandini as her uncle and aunt are not at home. Aliya calls Manik but cannot reach him. Meanwhile Nandini is thinking Dhruv when Manik comes at her house. He bashes inside her house and lifts her to and decides to take her away. Nandini hears something and runs for Rishab. Manik follows her and sees that Rishab is also getting an attack just like Dhruv and that Nandini is taking care of him just like he takes care of Dhruv.
Nandini cleans Rishab’s room and he feels sorry and when Nandini comes to him he is just silent. On their way coming down Nandini tells him to just leave them alone and comes and pours her water. He says that drink it, it’ll release the stress and says that the day you wanted to talk about Dhruv that day because of this. Nandini says that she wanted to know but he didn’t tell him and that she doesn’t know why he gets these attacks and that she feels helpless to see him in pain.

Manik sits down and after a while tells her to smile. He says that you are his spot so smile. He says that besides this they can’t do this anything else and says that you’ll brother will get better as does Dhruv. He asks that how long has this happen, and she says that it has been 10 years. Manik says that it’s strange because Dhruv also had these attacks for 10 years. She asks him if Dhruv had told him about the sign but he says that he hasn’t and that he didn’t knew that it was important. Manik asks if her brother has told him about anything and she says no as well.
Meanwhile Aliya comes and they are talking and Manik accidently drinks from the same glass Nandini is drinking from and Aliya is furious to see that. Manik says that you’r brother is lucky as he has you, Nandini says that Dhruv is also lucky as he has you. Aliya slams the door and says that she has told her that this has to end and says that he has to decide that either it’s me or her.

Precap: Navya tells Nandini that their plan worked this time and Nandini also agrees. Aliya says to Manik that you have to take a vote Fab 5 or Nandini.

Update Credit to: Sona

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