Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank thinks that he isn’t getting his job for his ability, but Gunjan’s social work. Mayank tells him that he isn’t interested in the offer. Prabhu hears and asks him why he is denying. Mayank comes to dining table; Prabhu asks him there why he is rejecting such an offer. Mayank says that this offer was for social worker Gunjan’s husband, and she referred me there. Bauji asks what is wrong in it. Mayank says that there is nothing wrong, and this doesn’t mean I ain’t proud of Gunjan, but I want success on my own. Shayl asks that was the job a good one. Mayank says that first time, there was a job offer and the company wasn’t interested in my qualification. He says that I am innocent, I didn’t do any murder and I want to prove them; he asks them to trust him because no one is going to trust him in the outer world. Gunjan says that we will support you in whatsoever way you want. Mayank asks for some time to prove himself. They all assure their support and buck him. When Mayank had left the table, Bauji says I don’t understand why Mayank did not accept the offer. Shayl says just the way you aren’t accepting KT. Bauji says I fixed the proposal; Shayl says that relations are made with heart. Bauji leaves silently. Prabhu says that this wedding should remove all the sadness from the family. Shayl says we shall now begin the preparations.
Gunjan was selecting the dress. She finds Mayank lost and asks which one to wear. Mayank says don’t wear red, else you will look even better that Rachna. Gunjan comes out and asks everyone is they ready. Bauji gives him an interview letter, Mayank says I didn’t apply here; but they all tell him not to think much and go for the interview. They all cheer when Mayank goes inside to get ready. Seema says what if Mayank knows we did all this drama. Gunjan says that he is my responsibility, but I won’t be able to help at home. Shayl says we will manage, you must go now. She runs inside.
Mayank asks the people for the address, but every vendor says that there is no such building or company. He finds Gunjan in the park, he is sent to. He asks what are you doing here, I had an interview here. Gunjan says that this is a surprise, for you to get relaxed. Mayank gets annoyed that everyone must be involved in this bad joke. Gunjan says that you looked stressed, so we wanted to make you a bit relaxed. She goes away in a bad mood.
Bauji asks Rachna that you forgot Peehu, your sister. Shayl and Rachna tease him that he himself forgot. Bauji says I thought you will change your mood till the last moment.
Mayank comes to her and asks Madam, you were about to take the interview; are you afraid. Gunjan tells him to sit on the hot seat (bench), she asks him gol gappay or ice-cream. Mayank says that spices and sourness are the important part of life, they go for gol gappay. Gunjan asks for the turmarind water. They then head of ice cream.
They were playing badminton. Mayank asks what he will get if he wins. Gunjan says he will pass the interview. Gunjan feels herself dizzy, while playing but continues without caring. She tells him she is tired, and announces him as winner. She isn’t feeling alright.
Dayal calls Pihu and tells him he agreed on Rachna’s engagement with KT. Pihu says I am coming soon. Rachna says this is great. Shayl goes to tell Seema. Rachna stops Dayal from leaving, hugs him and thanks him. She says I know you aren’t happy and doing this for my will; she says that I won’t let you down ever. Dayal keeps hand on her head, he says I am not worried for you but KT. She says everything will be alright. He says that I want that too, I am giving him my best. If something happens to him, she hugs him again.

PRECAP: The lady following KT takes Shayl’s photo with Rachna and thinks this is the twist in the story, I must tell this to didi. She hits a bike and fell, Rachna sees the photo in her mobile.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. No Kt again in today episode , , I guess he is still sick

  2. No rabir scane.i think kt sick is liye.miss excited for precap.mayank ki nakri kitne ber dondege.

  3. Are they trying to get a story line started that Gunjan is pregnant or something?

  4. Maybe i think so. Hmmm a pregnant gunjan.

  5. It is normal Piyush aka Kabir has been hospitalized for viral fever

  6. Gunjan is long over due for that(pregnancy)she cant continue like that always setting things right when she’s married at least there must be some happy moments between her and mayank

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