Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th June 2013 Written Update

Shepherd kid Baiju asks Ravan who are you? Ravan sais haven’t you recognized me? I am Ravan. Viaju asks but who are you? Ravan gets angry says, I don’t have time to answer your questions. Vaiju trys to touch the Shivling, asks where are you taking this stone? Ravan says my Aaradhya stays in this. Vaiju asks why am I not able to see him? Vaju asks further, aren’t you hungry you must be tiredtoo? Atleast I am. He opens his potali, starts eating. Seeing him enjoying the delicious food Ravan gets tempted. Asks can I join you. Vaiju says sure, but you’ll have to feed me, I can’t keep this Shiv ling down. Vaiju says food is over. Ravan asks for water, but Vaiju finishes that too but offers to get water for him.
Ganesh goes futhere, near a river does aavahan of Pavan dev, who appears.

Here Parvati sees her Asthabhuja form riding on Tiger, wonders what is the reason.
Vaiju is back with water, thirsty Ravan is angry. Vaiju asks his forgiveness. Ravan drinks water from the kalash, moves ahead, talks too the Shiv ling, they would have reached Lanka by now, had that kid not stopped me.

Water that Ravan drank, starts showing it’s effect, he feels the need to relieve himself, starts wondering if there is a way. He hears Vaiju playing flute, goes to Vaiju, calls him Vaijuji, please help me. Please hold this Shiv ling for some time, till I am back from answering nature’s call. Vaiju says but you told me I am apavitra, can’t touch this. Ravan says but now my Heart is changed. Vaiju say even his heart is changed. Ravan says I am your guest, so help me. He agrees to help Ravan, but finds Shiv ling very heavy. Ravan says even you look strong, will be able to hold it. Vaiju says I need to take my animal’s home. If you won’t come back by Sunset I’ll keep this Shiv ling down. Ravan says he’ll return soon.

Vaiju remembers, Pavan dev appearing on his aavahan. Vaiju asks his help. Pavan dev fills the kalash in Vaiju’s hand with entire water of the river. Which shows his effects after Ravan drinking the water of that kalash. His stomach feels heavy & can’t move further in this condition.

Finally as per his plan, Vaiju keeps the Shiv Ling down, saying it was so heavy, couldn’t hold it any more. He offers pranam to his father & leaves. Ravan comes there trys to lift it but can’t. Shivji appears, says as per my promise. I will reside here, this is my favourite place, I had been here before. Vishnuji says this Shiv ling will be known as Vaijnath. Ravan pleads to come with him to Lanka Shivji tells him, if it wasn’t your ego, you would have taken me to Lanka by now. Ego is always dangerous. He disappears.

Gaja is troubling people. Vishnuji says this is a Danav, not an ordinary Gaja. Naradji asks him to step in to help people. Gaj Danav is about to kill a rishi, who calls Shivi to save him. Shivji appears. That rishi is greatful to be saved by him. Shivji stops the Elephant, throws his Trishul, which kills Gaja danav. Elephant’s body disappears, A Danav appears, apologises for taking this form, says I knew if I troubled Shiv bhakta’s, You will surely come to save them. I had no other choice to get mukti from this body. He asks Shivji to wear his Gaja skin, touched by his Trishul. Shivji accepts his wish. A Shiv ling appears there. Vishnuji says, even while killing Asuras , Shivji grants them their wish. That’s his greatness. This Shiv ling will be known as Kritivaseshwar ling & Shivji as Kritivas. This is his Pashupatinath form.

Precap: Ravan is angry at his failure. Says from now onwords I am no longer a Shiv bhakta, trys to break the Shiv ling. Shivji is seeing this. A voice over says now the enemy of Humanity has sufaced.
Sunday Maha Episode will have Parvati as Asthabhja riding on Tiger to kill Durgam.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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