Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with suraj telling sandhya that the day when sandy becomes IPS officer will be the happiest day of his life. He adds that everyone saluted that DSP & wishes everyone does the same to sandy one day. Suraj tells her that she should work hard for becoming an IPS & adds on. Sandy silently listens to him. He explains everything (the Diya song plays no dialogues heard).

Sandhya remembers her father words when she was young asking her to become an IPS officer. Suraj tells that in a short while their dream will come true whatever may be the hurdle. Sandy rests her head on his shoulder & suraj tells that it is his promise.


Sarun Room.
Bhabhasa asks her what happened. Bhabo tells that it is her daughter’s wedding so tension will be there. Babasa tells that he sees contentment instead of fear or worry. Bhabo tells that with the help of God everything went well. Babasa tells that a husband can easily find wife’s emotions. Bhabo taunts him by saying that he is blabbering. Bbabsa tells that she is happy bcoz of sandy’s second MP & she must be happy as only one left. Adds that she must speak out the truth today whether he is wrong in telling that. Bhabo leaves the room.

Surya return. Suraj asks sandy for water.

Bhabo comes back & babasa asks her to answer him. Bhabo tells that she will not lie & adds that she is happy that the second matka broke & adds that she never wanted a police but wanted a beendani who can serve her son always. Adds that she broke those only bcoz of sandy’s mistake & no one can question her. Bbaabasa asks her by breaking her son’s heart & DIL ‘s dream what happiness will she gain. Bhabo breaks saying that when a child cries saying that the medicine is bitter but as a mom she shd give her son the boitter medicine but all is for his good. Bhabo adds that suraj will be hurt by this but she can’t bear his life getting torn when sandy becomes IPS officer & everyone calls him as Police officer’s hubby & tells that she can’t tolerate all these & this dream is not acceptable in RM. Adds that this will break the family. She also adds when sandy becomes IPS the clerks will be following her & saluting her & she will not say bhabo ji babaji & will forget the sanskaar. Sandy hears all these. Bhabho adds that seeing sandy the other DIl’s will also change & tells that she is ready to become the evil for the sake of this family but she can’t tolerate / give any room to spoil the culture of her predecessors.

Sandy comes to GG room confused. She gives suraj glass of milk. Suraj asks her to drink as she needs to read more books. Suraj tells that he has to act like her parents & adds that there is a hidden truth in that.
Suraj tells that he will be full of pride when she becomes IPS one day & he can hold hid head high. Everyone will call him sandy rathi IPS’s hubby. Sandy gets confused & remembers the words of bhabo telling that today he is known by the name of halwai & after IPS he will be called as IPS hubby & everyone will change in RM following sandy.

The next day morning. Bhabo does pooja in suraj’s shop & everyone prays. Meena tells that she was praying for suraj’s shop reopen. Bhabo tells that it is her prayer which helped them & asks whether she prepared the prasadh.

Meena blabbers. Emily comes in & tells that she prepared. Bhabo is surprised. Meena blabbers that she explained her thevrani emily about everyhting & adds that she will teach everything to her. Bhabo gives a stare & she shuts up. Everyone gets the prasadh. Babasa asks for tea (ginger). Suraj tells that he will finish the work with chotu & sandy. Everyone leaves except suraj sandy & chotu. MEena tries to lie to bhabo in order to visit the shooting. She tells bhabo that she has prayed to god that Thye will make prasadh once suraj’s shop reopens & adds that if she does n’t do something bad may happen. Bhabo stares at her.

Precap: Someone delivers a huge bundle of news paper. Meena wonders & bhabo asks her to inform that delivery person not to deliver newspapers of others. Suraj comes in & tells that he has brought all these for sandy’s sake. Sandy gets shocked & so does bhabo & others..

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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