Pavitra Rishta 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 18th June 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Shalini telling Onir she is not an uninvited guest and Archu invited her and she says everyone will find out that we’re married soon so why not just reveal it here today, after all everyone is here already. Archu is shocked hearing all of this from afar. Shalini tells Onir that she can’t take it anymore and that she’s his wife and she won’t be able to hide her identityfrom the world much longer. Archu is watching quietly. Shalini turns to where Archu is and then Onir turns and they’re shocked that Archu overheard all of this. Archu says Onir, is whatever she saying true? Onir looks down and walks away. Archu grabs him by the arms and questions him again. Shalini interferes and tries to talk and Archu shuts her down by telling her she’s talking to her son-in-law and not to her. By this time, they’re screaming and everyone in the party has gotten their popcorn out. Shalini says you’re speaking to my husband to Archu. Manav turns their way, Savita, Soham, the whole gang is now listening. Shalini says to Archu that your daughter Purvi also knows about Onir and my relationship so why not question her? Archu looks toward Purvi. Purvi thinks to herself, the thing she was trying to hide has come out.

Archu grabs Onir by the arm again and asks him why did he do this to Purvi. How could he do it? She says it’s such a big betrayal! WHY? Onir is just looking down. Archu says that you knew about Purvi’s truth so why did you hide your truth from her? How could you hide the fact that that you’re already married? You’ve broken not just Purvi’s trust but everyone in the family. Archu is crying. Everyone looks tensed. Archu says she never expected this from Onir and that he was just pretending to be a good person! Archu says from your face we can all tell how truthful you are. Archu yells and tells Onir to tell the truth. Onir snaps and screams YES SHALINI AND I ARE ALREADY MARRIED. And just like the ladies & gentlemen, BAM, slap from Archu to Onir…SHalini says if you don’t believe us, we can show you pictures and videos of the wedding. Manav walks over to Archu and Onir and tells Onir what did we think you were and what you came out to be. Soham RUNS and grabs Onir by the coller and tells him YOU BETRAY MY SISTER? Manav and Archu grab Soham. Soham says we thought you were a good person!

Archu yells at Onir to leave from the party! Shalini grabs Onir’s hand and says LETS GO, who wants to stay here anyway! And they leave. Archu is upset as is Soham. Rest are looking shocked. The scene switches and Archu is standing outside somewhere having flashbacks of the party and crying. Manav comes there and says Archu what are you doing out there? Come inside. Archu says shes very upset about Purvi and that so much has happenend to her and she’s kept all of her pain and sorrow inside of her. She says that when Purvi was a child she would share evrything with her. She used to tell her even the littlest things even if it didn’t matter. Archu says that now all of this has happenend and not once did Purvi tell her about all of this. Archu says she thinks Purvi has gone far away from her. Manav says Purvi loves you a lot and thats why inspite of all her problems she came to the party for your sake and no one can take her place in your life. Archu agrees and says its my mistake because I said a lot of awful stuff to Purvi in the hospital and even hit her. Archu says she was very upset at the revelation of Pari being Arvi’s child. She was very angry. Archu says she doesn’t know what to do because Purvi is her child, she can’t just leave her child out like that. She says both her daughters are unhappy today. They both can’t move forward. Ovi can’t move forward with Arjun and Purvi can’t move forward with Onir. She says they’re both alone today. Manav says Archu it’s not too late. Just then Soham walks by and stops to listen to their conversation. Manav says to Archu that we can bring one home, we can bring Purvi home. Soham smiles to this. Archu can’t believe it. Manav says he knows what Purvi did to Ovi was wrong but after Onir’s truth, Purvi herself is in a state of shock. He says she needs us. He tells Archu to bring Purvi home since she’s our daughter. Soham is very happy to hear this.

Arjun is shown driving in his car. He’s having flashbacks of the party scene. Kinshuk and Shalini are shown at Onir’s house talking while Onir is sitting down there. Kinshuk can’t believe all of this happenend at the party. Then suddenly Arjun walks in the door and grabs Onir from his seat. Kinshuk tries to grab Arjun and Arjun YELLS STAY OUT OF THIS! He tells Shalini the same. OLD ARJUN IS BACK! He goes back to Onir and and maintains his grip around his coller and asks him why did he do this to Purvi. What had she done wrong to him? Arjun says purvi trusted him, the whole family trusted him. Onir looks the other way as does Shalini and Kinshuk. Arjun lets go of the coller and now is asking again why this betrayal with Purvi and the entire family Onir? Onir tells Arjun to relax. Arjun blows up and says HE CANT RELAX! Onir tells Arjun that before Purvi came into this life, he was married to Shalini. Arjun says SO? Onir continues that because of whatever reason, Shalini left him and then he met Purvi. Onir says that he liked Purvi so he married her but now his past meaning Shalini has come back. Arjun interrupts and says wait a moment, and he points to Shalini and says in disgust that this is your past? Arjun says so for this past, you ruined Purvi’s present? he says you ruined her life. Arjun says that all of this was just a charade. Onir says that he doesn’t think he nor Shalini need to give any further explanation. He tells Arjun to leave. Arjun is PISSED and BAM ladies and gentleman Arjun slaps Onir so hard that our Bengali Babu starts to bleed from the mouth. Arjun tells Onir that you ruined Purvi’s life and I hope you are never happy in your life. Onir tries to speak but Arjun screams SHUT UP! Arjun leaves.

Scene switches to Sulo aai’s home. Archu is sitting there with the same sari from the party. Sulo brings over a drink for Archu and asks her if she spoke to Purvi yet. Archu says no. Archu says she doesn’t understand what to do. Sulo says try to understand that right now purvi needs you. Sulo says that when Purvi left this house, her life was dependent on Onir and now with Onir’s truth her world is shattered. She tells Archu to get Purvi because she really needs her. And she says that she knows this is hard..almost as hard as when she had to forgive Varsha. She says a mother has to forgive her child. Sulo says she’s sure when Archu sees Purvi, all her anger will go away. Archu then tries to call Purvi but her number is switched off. Archu is sad and thinks Purvi doesn’t want to talk. Sulo tells her to go speak to Purvi in person. Archu says ok she will get Purvi back into this house. Archu arrives at Onir’s house. Onir calls Archu aai with blood still on his mouth from Arjun’s slap. Archu says don’t call me aai and where is Purvi. Onir says Purvi isn’t with him and he thinks she was with them. Archu says Purvi isn’t with us. Archu is upset and says you don’t know where Purvi is. She threatens Onir then and says if anything happen to her daughter she won’t spare him. She turns to leave and then turns back and says one more thing inspite of Purvi’s mistakes and no matter how she is, she is her daughter and her aai will always stand tall with her. She leaves.

Archu is in the car calling Manav on the phone. She tells him that she went to Onir’s house but Purvi isn’t there. Manav repeats this back to her and behind him the whole D family is sitting and get shocked to hear this. Just then, Soham walks into the home also. Archu tells Manav on the phone that Onir says Purvi didn’t leave with him after the party. She’s worried about where purvi is. Manav tells Archu not to worry and to come home and they will look for Purvi. They hang up and Manav turns around to face D family and tells them that Purvi is missing, she didn’t leave with Onir from the party. He instructs Sachin to go look for Purvi at Sulo aai’s home. Manav says he’s worried and he hopes she didn’t do anything drastic. Savita agrees and says she’s worried for Purvi and God knows where she must be in what condition especially with Pari. Then she says in frustration to Sachin to go already to sulo aai’s house! Manav instructs Teju to find all of Purvi’s friends and see if she’s at any of their homes. Then Soham walks up to Manav as if he’ll get instructions too and be part of the search. Manav just ignores him and walks away. Soham gets frustrated.

Soham arrives at Gauri’s home. Gauri looks disgusted to see him at the door and asks him why he’s there. Soham says he isn’t here for her and walks right in looking for Purvi. He stops and sees Pari and asks gauri where’s purvi. Gauri says Purvi isn’t here because right at the party, Purvi gave Pari to Gauri and said she had an important work to attend to and left.Gauri is upset and says is everything ok? Soham tells Gauri to let him know if Purvi comes home. He leaves and Gauri’s mom asks who was that boy. Gauri explains that was Purvi’s brother.

Archu is sitting in the car talking to Arjun on the phone. She’s telling Arjun she doens’t know where Purvi is. Arjun is very upset and Archu says she thought maybe she’s with him. Arjun says she isn’t with him. Arjun says he’ll look for her and not to worry,

Sulo is having an asthma attack because she’s shocked Purvi is missing. Sachin and Varsha are attending to her. Sachin says it’s his fault he told Sulo. Sulo says its her fault because she let Purvi leave from this house and that’s why shes missing today. Varsha and Sachin are trying to calm her down.

At D house, Manav is trying to calm down Archu. Sachin walks in and says Purvi isn’t at Sulo’s either. Archu says she wishes she stayed with Purvi at the party. She said she lost Purvi. Manav says if we don’t find her we’ll call the police. Soham walks in and says there’s no need to file a police report. Sachin says why Soham? You’re scared of the police? Soham says no he isn’t and it’ll be better if they think of their sister right now. Soham says there’s not need to contact police because he went to Gauri’s home and Pari was there. He tells Archu that Gauri said Purvi went out to do an important work. Archu gets scared that Purvi is gonna do something wrong. Soham says it’s ok he told Gauri to let him know about Purvi ASAP. Soham says Purvi will definelty come back for Pari from wherever she is. He assures Archu that Purvi will def come back for Pari if not for anybody else and thats why theres no need to go to the police. Archu appears a little calmer and SOham looks at Manav whose starring back at him in anger.

Precap: It’s raining heavily and Purvi is in a car and she sees papers on the dashboard of the car. She picks them up to look at them and is shocked to see Arovi divorce papers. She looks outside and sees Arjun standing underneath an umbrella…

Update Credit to: sk11

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