Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with devi prithvi says, dont get angry, you will lose your courage. Rohitang says, i was in my courage but i didnt get anything and now i will fight with cruel mahadev. What have my brother done of him but he has killed my brother. He knows that my brother is really important for me and he can forgive my brother for me but he didnt do it and now i will fulfil my brother’s dream, but now i want your blessing. Devi prithvi doesnt say anything and rohitang moves from there. Devi prithvi comes near to mahadev and says, please mahadev stop him, i dont want to see that he will oppose you and fight with you. I only want that he will follow your principles but andhak made him cruel and make worst his heart. i dont know why will andhak do it. Mata encourage to devi prithvi and says, everything will be alright. Devi prithvi ask, why will you have given rohitang to andhak. Mahadev says, your answer is in your question. Devi prithvi says, please guide me mahadev. Mahadev says, we should fulfil our duties and i am suggesting you to also do your duties. Devi prithvi says, i am mother of Rohitang and i will again tell the truth.
Here rohitang goes to meet dev kampan. he tries to search him and says, i want to take revenge for my brother death, please teach me. Dev kampan says, no rohitang, you have to give exam for becoming my student. Rohitang says, what kind of exam. Dev kampan says, you have to show us that you will remain constant in all situation. Rohitang says, ok, i am ready. Rohitang passes the exam and dev kampan gets happy and arise in front of rohitang. Dev kampan says, now you have given your last exam, identify my real identity. Rohitang says, i came here to learn from you. Rohitang again passes his exam, his sword goes in leg of dev kampan. Dev kampan gets happy. Dev kampan says, i will teach you. Dev kampan says, before i teach you, i have to test your strength, go and put this stone in opposite direction. Rohitang thinks about his brother and break the stone. Dev kampan says, it is impossible for you. Then rohitang thinks about his brother’s wording. Then rohitang put the stone in opposite direction. Rohitang does the meditation.
Dev kampan bring rohitang to give lesson of maha maya and says, you have to become devotee for getting this knowledge. Rohitang gets knowledge of maha maya and says, i have blessing of mata prithvi thats why i have learn all lessons. dev kampan says, you have to do meditation and says all mantra and you have to wait on every mantra. dev kampan says, if you will do regularly then you will get heat alike sun and you will burst. Rohitang says, i will not rest and please give me blessing so that i will achieve my goal.
Rohitang does the meditation and his nearby places gets heated up. Dev kampan tries to understand him but he doesnt hear him. Dev kampan says, if you will not hear me then your death is assureed. Stones surrounds rohitang and dev kampan calls rohitang.

Precap:- Mahadev says, both devta and rohitang doesnt know that they should follow their duties for world and here dev kampan says, now its time to return back of rohitang and rohitang comes.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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