Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nandini falls on Manik and everyone talks about that they kissed and the Fab 5 is amazed to see this. Cabir comes running and sees what is going. Aliya gets angry and then leaves. Cabir sits down and looks from another angel. Nandini stands up and runs to clean her mouth as she is disgusted. Manik also steps up and then leaves as well. Navya comes to Nandini and tells her stories about the first kiss and Nandini says to Navya that did she came here to make her feel better or worse. Nandini says that she is not going to do it anymore and that she is going to tell it Manik.
Aliya is totally furious at Manik and says that if you wanted to teach her a lesson you should have kicked her out of this college but instead you kissed her and forgot about us. She says that it should have taught her that messing with the Fab 5 was the biggest mistake of her life. Meanwhile Nandini comes in the room and says to Manik that she can’t do this anymore and that she will reapay him although it may take some time but that she can’t do all of this. She says that she is done. Ailya abuses her that you don’t make the decisions we do and that she screams at her to get and not to come near Manik.
Manik says that where do you think are going as she is his spot and that he is not done with her not yet. Aliya tells Manik to stop but he says to her to step aside so Aliya leaves. Manik says to Nandini that you tried to mess with Dhruv and do you know who Dhruv is my brother and if you thought that by doing an attack on Dhruv you could get to me. Nandini says to Manik that she did not do any of it. Manik says that you saw Dhruv in weak spot last night that’s why you decided to bully him. Manik says that are you tired and after a few tries Nandini is forced to say yes and he says than I have a game for you so relax. Cabir says that he has a great idea which is going to bring all her energy back.
They make a soup with everything on the table and force Nandini to drink it. Muktii says that there is one thing more, she adds the sweat from the shirt of another guy while Manik spits in the bowl. Manik just pushes her face in the drink when Dhruv says that she didn’t do anything so she should not suffer. Manik says to him that buddy I know she did it so stay out of it. Manik then tells Nandini to drink it.
Just as she is about to do so Dhruv hit Nandini with her guitar while he wears it and then falls himself. This make Nandini drop the bowl and Manik’s attention is diverted to Dhruv. Nandini runs from the place and Cabir says that where can you run. Navya says that today their whole day is going to be spent her as she and Nandini stand near the basin. Navya says that now she understand that Dhruv is good as he helped her. Nandini says that how is that, Navya says that his movement caused her to drop the bowl. Navya says that she and Harshad had made another plan and this time they have found their victory in their defeat and now they know what to do.
Harshad goes to Aliya and says to Aliya that he knows that she is not Okay. Aliya says to him to not to talk about Manik as she knows that he is good at heart and that she loves him a lot. Harshad says that this is not love but a habit and that she has not seen his real face. Harshad says that he knows only one thing that is fighting. Harshad says that she didn’t ask him that how did he find her. She says how, Harshad says that since Childhood whenever she is upset she always comes in such places and that he always finds her. Aliya says that he always finds her but that she has Manik now. Navya tells Nandini about different thing of the plan but one thing is for sure that she is now going to teach manik a lesson in his own way.
Muktii is trying to call Aliya and says that for the first time someone is missing from their rehersal and its because of that Nandini. Cabir says that the girl is a fighter while Manik says that it was just an accident and that Aliya should let it go. Muktii says that when they landed it was on the lips straight on. Manik goes and sits on the table when Dhruv goes to him and says that let me tune it as you not able to do right now. Dhruv says that it’s amazing how you carried such a success in such a small time with that girl.
The phone rings and Cabir quickly grabs it and says that it just random calls as he usually gets them. Muktii says that is a girl stalking you because if she than she’ll go bash her. Cabir says that fighting is not the answer to everything. Manik asks Dhruv if he droped that bowl on purpose or was it accident. Dhruv says that you already know. Manik says that he has to go to meet spot.
On his way flowers drop from the sky and he amazed to see all of this. Nandini comes walking down and stands in front of Manik while Navya tells the tale to Aliya. Aliya is furious to see them standing them together while Navya makes her more angry.

Precap: Nadini says that when the rose petals fell on him it was like bombs fell on him and his face was worth watching. Manik comes to Nadini house and Nandini hears that something is wrong with Rishap and Manik sees that what is happening.

Update Credit to: Sona

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