O Gujariya 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

O Gujariya 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

ADA tells she too forget that they have to go Vaibhavi”s house..Ada tells she have to go nursing..Mr jaiswal tells that Natasha lied him that she have to go museum..He tells he will find out from college..Ada tells not to take tension as they will be at home..Mr jaiswal calls to tell message Vaibhavi adress…Mr jaiswal calls the drives to come fast…
On other side kabir tells Natasha to wear her clothes..kabir tells she is not in her senses..kabir tells when she will be in sense that time they will come close that will be a memorable day for them…Natasha smiles…Ada calls Samar and tells that Mr jaiswal known about Natasha lies to him…Samar gives Vaibhavi”s number to Ada…Ada cuts the phone…Samar..gets worried and goes outside the class…Proff gets shocked as Kabir leave the class…Vaibhavi and Shaurya are standing Samar comes running.. On another side MR jaiswal tells driver to start the car fast..Samae tells everything to Vaibhavi…Vaibhavi gets Angry tells why Natasha used her name…Ada calls samar…Samar gives the phone to Vaibhavi…Ada tells Vaibhavi as they are not friends but still tells to help Natasha..only one time.as Natasha was also helpful to her…and cuts the phone..VSamar tells to do something..As Natasha”s father get angry it will be a very bad thing..Vaibhavi..Samar and Shaurya runs…Baliram sees and tell whole college is back of “her Vaibhavi”…Vaubhavi sits on auto and tells to drive fast…Signal goes red..MR jaiswal and Vaibhavi are side by side…Mr jaiswal shouts at driver to take left side…Auto driver tell that Auto is punctured…Vaibhavi gives the money and goes…Mr jaiswal asks the people where is the adress and goes…Vaibhabi runs in between the traffic..Stones comes between and Vaibhavi falls. ..Vaibhavi cries for help…Mr jaiswal goes to Vaibhavi”s house and rings the door bell…Vaibhavi opens the door…gets shocked..
Kabir is sittting Natasha tells that he is soo cute…kabir asks Vaibhavi narrated a story in her debate about a girl who was abused by her uncle asks that she was the girl…Natasha is quiet…Kabir tells he heard the fight of Vaibhavi and Ada..Natasha cries..Kabir tells to relax..and asks she can share…Natasha tells her own uncle(Ma ma) tells she was soo small..when she said her mother. .Mother told that it was her fault..Natasha tells she was left alone at that time…tell no one supported him…Kabir tells she is a independent and free minded girls suggests her to be bold everytime..Kabir tells he is with Natasha with everytime…Both hug each other…
Mr jaiswal comes at Vaibhavi”s house…asks how she is here.at home..Vaibhavi tells she came here to take food …Mr jaiswal tells he only recommended Vaibhavi to.Mr Rao and will cancel if she tell lies…Vaibhavi tells not to worry as Natasha is at museum and she came to tke food…Vaibhavo offer water but Mr jaiswal refuses…Shaurya calls Vaibhavi…Vaibhavi acts as if her mom..tells not to worry she will take the food nd go and keeps the phone…Shaurya tells Samar that Vaibhavi reached home and Mr jaiswal is at home….Mr jaiswal tells he trust Vaibhavi thats why not sending his car to Museum..tell that he want Natasha before 6″O pm clock and goes..Vaibhavi calls Shaurya..
Natasha is sleepin in kabir”s arm…Kabir recieves Samar”s message ..and tries to awake Natasha but she is still sleeping…Samar tells Shaurya what will happen now..Shaurya tells bad will happen now…Vaibhavi comes and tells Shaurya that Mr jaiswal threatened her…Kabir calls and tells Samar he is on highway…Mr jaiswal tells mrs jaiswal that all are lying ..Mrs jaiswal tells that is because of freedom.. Samar calls and tells Kabir to come fast…Shaurya…samar and Vaibhavi are worried…kabir arrives at college Natasha asks why they came to college..Vaibhavi comes and take out Natasha tells that they have to go home..Natasha says no as she is drunk..Vaibhavi …Tell that Natasha is unable to stand properly…Mr jaiswal tell that he know Vaibhavi was lying to him and he will never her…Vaibhavi tells she is trapped because of one lie…

precap:Mr Rao tells MR jaiswal that VAibhavi is not soo innocent as she looks

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