Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th April 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Kartikeya coming back and having an emotional re-union with Mahadev and Ganesha.Ganesha asks Mahadev if Kartikeya will stay with them?.Mahadev says no-he has to prepare for an important event,when the time comes he himself will tell Kartikeya the purpose of this preperation and gives him the responsibility to become Senapati for the Devtas and asks him to prepare.

Before leaving Kartikeya asks if he can meet Parvati.Mahadev says yes.

Kartikeya bows down before Parvati,hands joined in prayer tears in his eyes(btw Rushi is brilliant here).Parvati opens her eyes,and sees Kartikeya.Kartikeya wipes his tears,as Parvati recognizes him as the one who tried to test him.Kartikeya feels helpless as to how Parvati always looked after him in need but he cant help her.

He explains i am a student of Guru Ji,i was going home to meet my mother,it was a long way,so i dropped by to see you as you remind me of my mother.Parvati blesses him and hopes that he gets his mother soon.

Meanwhile in the battle field the Devtas and Asurs are face to face,Vritrasur is throwing dirty looks at Indra.Shukrachrya hands over Jalandhar a Shank to announce the war.Jalandhar stands waiting for Vrinda.Indra taunts him saying that maybe he is scared.Just then Vrinda arrives and Shukrachrya realizes why Jalandhar waited.Jalandhar does Shank-Naad and announces the war.Indra Dev looks terrified..

Parvati introduces Kartikeya to Adi-Yogi and asks him if he will help him get his mother.Mahadev says he will do every possible effort.Then Adi Yogi tells Parvati that now he will show her a aasan that will help her in the purification of her body,and help her advance in Yog.

At Dadhichis Aashram Dadhichis wife is worried,as she sees him watering the plants happily.He asks her to look after them when he isnt there.His wife asks him never to say such a thing,and expresses her worries after she saw a bad dream.Dadhichi inquires what it is,she doesnt tell,he requests him to take her to Mahadev.

Both of them meet Mahadev.Mahadev thanks them for helping him out,being there with him-for Sati,for Parvati,for all that they have done.Dadhichis wife says its thier good fortune that they were able to come to his service,its the duty of a Bhakta to do Seva of his/her Aaradhya.

Mahadev says no-even a Devta has to do Seva of his Bhakt,beacuse without a Bhakta and his Bhakti,his Bhakti increases the Aishwarya of a God.Without thier Bhakti an idol will just be a stone.

Dadhichis wife expresses her worries to Mahadev.Mahadev asks her does she believe in him?.She says yes-their belief begins and ends with Mahadev.He asks her .He asks does she belive that everything in the world begins with him,ends with him,and when the world is destroyed only he will remain?.

She looks back confused-he tells her.Things that may seem catastrophic in the present may actually be for a better good of the world,something that we realize much later.Great Sacrifices given today,give way for the betterment of the world.The choices a man makes is what differentiates him from being ordinary and extraordinary.
And tells her-your Husband Rishi Dadhichi will be known as my Parambhakta,a great man,who will be known for generations to come.

Dadhichis wife says she knew he would take away all her fears,and tells him as long as he is there nothing wrong will happen. Mahadev is saddened as he looks at Dadhichi


Indradev runs to Mahadev in panic. Mahadev tells him to stop faking his worry for others.
Indra says that no weapon is able to kill Vritrasur and he has already killed half of thier army.
Dadhichi says that only one thing will be able to kill him-a Vajra,and decides to give up his body.
Voiceover says-watch Mahadevs greatest Bhkatas greatest Sacrifice
(this precap is one of DKDMs most heartbreaking precaps ever)

Update Credit to: shruti.nil

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