Amita Ka Amit 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 18th April 2013 Written Update

Amita asks her father you are worried about my dreams right. He nods in a yes. She only said Kanha will make everything well. If he wants to give me more than what I have dreamt for then all my dreams will get fulfilled.
He says these are only talks not reality. She replies no it is for real. Ok if I come back and start living here with you all then would everything be fine? Would you, ba, bapuji, ma, Atul and Amit’s family be happy? I know that everything will be fine one day that is why I am trying to make things work. And you know Amit’s family has planned our Honeymoon and who knows maybe things change for better while we are there. We will get to spend quality time together. We will get to know each other better. Right?
Hemant gives in to her request. He says he wont pressurize her but one thing she will have to promise that whenever you fell something is going wrong you will tell your papa immediately. They promise each other with their index fingers.
Amita asks him to promise her that he wont share all this with anyone not even Varsha. He promises her that he wont. Amita says papa now its upto me and Amit. If more people get to know about it then I don’t know what will happen. Both smile and share a hug.
Hemant thinks whatever you’re saying is ok but my heart isn’t ready to believe it.

Dadi and everyone is joking with Amit and enjoying their light moments except Preeti. When Aarti asks if something is wrong then Preeti dismisses it.

Hemant and Amita come out. Hemant looks at Preeti and then Amita. Amit gets up and says papa you wanted to talk to me. Hemant says ji, I can understand that you have your own likes / dislikes but I have one request. Amita and everyone waits anxiously. Amita signals him their promise gesture. He continues I have brought all the sweet boxes for you, you must take them all with you.
All smile including Amita.
Amit says if he takes them all and eats them then he too would need a sugar testing machine. Hemant smiles and looks at Amita. Amit says he must take their leave now.
He gets up and holds Ammu’s shoulders from behind and very sweetly tells her to come along. Hemant isn’t happy looking at this. She nods and goes to hug everyone.
She comes to Hemant. They both do their promise once again. Ammu hugs her dad they share a cute hug.

Tina is having tea outside the main door when she spots Amit and Amita coming in. She says hi to both of them. Amit has a not interested look while Amita recalls Hemant’s words that Amit’s Tina kaki has told him everything. She too isn’t much happy to see her.
She sees them sulking and asks if something is wrong. Amit says no he is overfed by the food and love which Amita’s family showered on him so he is tired. She pointedly says you spoke with your father-in-law too I think.
This time Ammu replies yes they talked a lot and both were happy with each other. Right? Amit nods in a yes. Tina says this shows how true their love is when a hubby starts loving his in-laws. You have to go on your honeymoon too. It would be cold there so they must not forget to pack their warm clothes. Amit and Amita exchange tensed looks.

It’s night time and Amit and Amita in their room. She thanks him for whatever he has done for her family. Amit is checking some office files. He replies your family is very good so why would he not.
Ammu becomes happy but thanks him again for showing that they are a real couple who are very much in love. Thanks for doing it.
Amit says there is no need to thank him. You too can do something for me. She asks what?
He says honeymoon. We need to do a lot for our families’ sake but this is the limit. They cannot go to honeymoon for them. I have my office work I cannot waste time on this. Do something but we cannot go on honeymoon. I know you can think of something.
Ammu recalls what she had said to Hemant in the morning. Amit sees her lost. He asks is it tough for her to do? She says yes it is tough but it will all be fine. She will try. He thanks her.

Next day morning, Ammu is sitting in front of the mirror combing her hairs and thinking hard. Amit enters with the pillows He wishes her good morning and asks if she thought of some excuse.
She asks for what. He says honeymoon. He couldn’t sleep the whole night. Ammu says she dint think of anything.
He shouts what? You said that you will think of something. Now there are only 2 days left….it is your responsibility to think of an excuse.

Just then Ammu’s phone rings. He asks her to pick the phone while he will go and take bath.
It’s Amita’s mom. She shares with her that Atul’s marriage has gotten fixed and there isn’t much time left. She will have to come to help them as she can’t handle all the preps alone.
Ammu is overjoyed and says ofcourse she will. Varsha hands over the phone to Hemant. He asks her how she is. Ammu happily replies but they met yesterday only then.
He asks her about their honeymoon. Ammu hurriedly disconnects the call and goes to share the news with Amit.

He is ecstatic and says I knew you will think of something. It is a matter of double celebration. One, Atul and Kajal’s wedding and two, we got the perfect excuse of not going on the honeymoon.
Ammu becomes sad and says yes she dint think of it. He replies not an issue and happily goes to take shower.


Fallu says what? You will cancel your honeymoon because of Atul’s wedding? Ammu says actually ma wont be able to do all the preparations on her own.
Fallu explains that she isn’t against her going to her house to help. But now she has to look after this home too. After wedding things change you have your own responsibilities now. You know Amit’s mama ji married after me but I went only one day prior to the wedding. You think I dint want to go and help them? I’m not saying you too have to do the same but your responsibilities here are much greater than your parent’s house. Ammu reiterates that her mother would be alone.
Amit too supports Ammu. If Amita wont go then who will go? Atul has to take care of the shop as well. Fallu says she understands but you two also need to spend some quality time together.
Amit dismisses it saying some other time. Right Amita, who nods in yes. Fallu is tensed. Both start moving towards their room. Tina is worried to see her plan fail. She recalls her own words to Rohan. When Amit would be in Kashmir they can easily work on the deal which got cancelled because of him.

She calls them back. Amit tries to protest and asks her not to take any trouble for them.
She insists so they have no choice but to listen to her. She says she can make adjustments in the package and instead of keeping it for 3 weeks they can make it for 2 weeks. This ways Ammu will get 2 weeks to spend with her family and help them.
Fallu agrees with her idea. Amit has no choice but to agree. Fallu tells Amit to go and get ready for office she will get his breakfast ready. He nods and both head to their room. Tina smirks seeing her plan work.


Amit enters his room disappointed. He says why dint he think of this. My plan was a flop. They don’t have much time left so they must think of something asap.
Both get to thinking. She is playing with the pen. He asks her to stop making noise as he cant focus. She goes on to tell him that she cannot concentrate without music and excitedly shares how much she scored in her 10th and 12th.
He gets impatient. He tells her he is different. She goes quiet and both start thinking again.

Ammu lights up saying idea. She says they should leave for the airport but then come back and tell everyone that the flight got cancelled due to bad weather.
He looks at her intently then asks her she really wants to go on their honeymoon.
Mesmerised she says yes. When he asks again huh? She says no she doesn’t want to. Why? He says because it is a bad idea as the weather telecast comes on tv all the time.
She sits back saying at least she is trying. He asks her not to and starts thinking again.

This time he gets the idea. He says he will tell everyone that she has phobia of travelling in flights. She says there is a problem that not only planes but trains and buses too go there. And if he says so then he will forever have to travel with her in buses / trains only.
He is like oh ok. You think only you can think rocket science. Ammu smiles at him.
Amit catches her smiling but she straightens her face. Thereafter both smile at each other. Amit says lets think of something else and smiles at her. He moves away and AMmu smiles broadly at him.

Precap: Amita enters all sad. Amit taunts her you are making preps to go on the honeymoon. You seem more interested to go. Amita says what he wants that she should tell them. She will and starts dialling from her phone. Amit snatches her phone asking her not to act kiddish. She says yes I am. Amit shouts back saying at least he isn’t making plans with family members to go on the Kashmir trip. She says you think I want to? Amit loudly shouts that I don’t know anything. I only know that I am not interested to go with you to Kashmir or anywhere else.

Update Credit to: pooja

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