Kya Hua Tera Vaada 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 18th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Mona’s residence
Anushka tries to pacify anika outside, who’s beyond vsalvation. She says that she’s hiddens omething from her, and now’s the time that she shoudl tell everything. She tells anika about her entire story, of her, mona and pradeep 20 years back. She tells that bulbul and anika have the same father, and she was pradeep’s mistress. Anika is shocked to hear this. Anushka says that she wasnt his mistress, but loved him dearly, but mona came in between, when she was pregnant with pradeep’s child. Anika accuses her of lying. But anushka blames mona for this, and that mona is again trying to ruin them. anika cant believe that she has hafl siblings, and another mom too. Anushka apologises but tries to make her realise how difficult it was for her to have brought her up, as a single mother. anushka tells her about the sacrifices that she made for her. anika says that she doesnt trust her anymore. Anushka says that she doesnt have anything else to say. Anika begins to leave, but then anushka says that they are trying to snatch everything from her, just liek they did for anushka. She says that anika would one day realise this, and would come back to anushka. anika snatches away her hand and leaves.

Vihaan says that even after jatin’s talks, she doesnt want to talk to her. He tries to convince her that he only loves her. She is unable to face him, and looks out the window. She turns around to ask him to forget her, citing the example of how a woman had destroyed her mother’s and her family’s life some years back, and she doesnt want to deal with the same complications again. Bulbul says that she cant handle first and second love again, as she has seen her mother go through a lot. Vihaan tries to convince bulbul of his love, that he only feels for her, and doesnt love anyone else and begs her to trust him and give him a chance. Bulbul asks him to let her go. While all this is going on, anika sees them through the window and is upset and boggled too. But she understands that the girl vihaan loves is bulbul. She goes away remembering her conversation with bulbul. Bulbul too remembers the same and snatches her hand from him, saying that if he’s ever loved or respected her, he should turn away and never look back, and never meet her. She says that her mother has go9ne through a lot, and she doesnt want to do the same with her life. saying so, she turns away. Vihaan asks if this is her final descision. Bulbul, with great difficulty manages to say yes. Vihaan is heart broken, disbelieveing what he just heard. as he walks out the door, looking at her turned away one last time, bulbul looks back and bursts into tears.

Vihaan comes out and finds jatin and mona waiting. Mona offers to go inside and talk to bulbul.

Vihaan says that bulbul’s right
Mona says that this descision isnt right, as she shoulod just think about vihaan’s feelings and not anika’s aswhat anika has to face today has nothing to do with her

Jatin asks vihaan not to lose hope so fast, as love is full of stumbles. Vihaan asks what can he do. Jatin gives her a secret, saying that those are fools who just think from their hearts in love, in fact to protect their heart, they need

Anushka is distraught with what just happened. Anika comes back and hugs her, and tells her what she just saw. Anushka is shocked. Anika says that bulbul cheated on her, and snatched vihaan from her, being nice to her. She breaks into anushka’s arms, saying that vihaan’s just hers. Anushka tells her that she had told her so about these people, and asks her not to cry as these people want her to. she promises anika that she would bring vihaan anyhow back to her

While at the dining table, jatina nd bulbul are seated, and mona is working in the kitchen, mona deliberately to catch bulbul’s attention, says that vihaan wont marry anika, as he doesnt love her, even though he has agred to. it has the desired effect on bulbul, who is upset at this. Mona tries to brush her doubts aside. Bulbul asks about anika and is told that she has gone home with anushka. Bulbul goes to her room, not wanting to tlk anymore. Mona and jatin are hopeful that what they thought would work.

Scene 2:
Location: Anushka’s residence
Rano tells alok about anushka and her guilt and fear about the fire accident. Alok is surprised to think that she can stoop so low. He decides to get to the bottom of it.

Scene 3:
Location: Mona’s residence
All the family is discussing vihaan’s marriage, seeing which bulbul is a little tensed. Bulbul asks if the marraige is today. Mona tells her that the girl and his family are coming to see him today. Mona tries to engage her in the arrangements, which she reluctantly does. Bulbul asks howcome everything got arranged so fast. Mona says that he said yes, and every girl would want to marry him, as he’s so well educated and well to do, and also respects elders. Mona tells that she didnt get very happy hearing about vihaan’s marriage, but then she thought that this is for the best, as that would distance jatin from her, and they could both move on, as she always wanted. Bulbul excuses herself to go to work. The screen freezes on mona’s hopeful face.

Precap: Bulbul tries on a saree for vihaan, and says that she doesnt like it at all. Just to tease her, vihaan asks the shop keeper to pack it, as if it looks so good on her, then it would look extra beautiful on th girl, who deserves it, and is the rightful owner, referring to his would be wife. bulbul is irritated, and vihaan is happy to see his plan woking.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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