Dil Dosti Dance 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 18th April 2013 Written Update

Swayam’s dad comes in with Taani.Taani keeps on calling Rey but he is busy practicing.She prays that Rey does not be in Rehearsal’s.The gang sees Swayam’s dad and comes to wish him saying hello.He is surprised see the gang in the attire they are in and ask you guys in college in this attire.They tell they are coming after dance rehearsals.He searches for Swayam when they say Swayam is in Wash room.He asks for Rey.They say he is down.He asks them to take him there.Taani sees then are asks hurriedly where are they going.They reply to meet Rey.She shouts No.They gang asks why.Taani says Rey is busy.Vicky says no he is alone in the rehearsal hall.Sharon sees the worry on Taani’s face and understands there is some issue with it.She too says may be Rey is busy.Vicky says when he is alone.Swayam’s dad says that lets go and meet him to find out is he busy or free.They more down.Sharon says she will catch them soon but Mr.Rishi stops her asking you can come too.All Taani’s friends together will be fun.They move down the stairs when they ask Rishi how is he in college.He just hear.

Swayam checks his mobile and finds 10 missed calls from Taani.He sees he message tauji in college and is all worried and runs out to stop Rey’s rehearsal.He sees his dad.He calls Taani she moves back and picks up the call.She asks where is he.he asks her to turn and she sees him.She asks him to manage it.he says Ok.Rishi asks where are they going.Vicky sas to the rehearsal hall.Rey comes his rehearsals and sees Taani’s message.He remembers her promise and moves starts to move out when gang enters with Rishi.He was shocked seeing Rey.He asks if Rey too is a dancer.Rey is confused what to say.Sharon comes to the rescue and says he came here to check the sound system.She checks it and says its far better.Rey is not only the AGS but has good technical knowledge too.The gang is confused at what is happening.Simmi tells them to go with the flow as its complicated.The gang agrees. Rishi asks why is he dressed so.Rey and Sharon see each other’s face and then Rey says he was in Gym.Sharon adds saying and she called him to check the system.The gang feels they have gone all crazy.Taani gets a bit relief.Swayam’s sees this from the other floor.Swayam calls Sharon and asks her to inform Rey that Students for Inter College Scholastic program are waiting Sharon gets confused.She then informs Rey about it and he too gets confused.He then understands and moves out.He says to Rishi as students are waiting he need to move.Swayam called Vicky then and asked him to move out with the boys.He signaled boys to move and they moved.Following which the girls moved too leaving Taani and her tauji..Tauji was impressed with the rehearsal hall.He says so we must move.Taani says Ok.Tauji asks her whats Ok I’m leaving.Lets go out and see Rey.He moves in the direction.

Swayam and girls are in a class room hiding up.Vicky,barath and Amar are behind a pillar.Rey calls Swayam and says he was saved.Swayam says he knows his dad he would not go so soon and asks him to do as he instructs.Sharon asks her what the plan is.He asks her to see.Taani shows him the notice board and the gang in classroom sees Rishi and hides up.Taani shows him the class.he is about to enter the class room and Taani says nothing is inside and he moves.Swayam and Sharon share a look look hawa hawa and Swayam’s chants concentrate.Sharon asks him whats his plan he asks her to wait and watch.Taani and her tauji turn and see Rey there.Swayam’s call makes him walk forward.

Precap:Rey moves.A gang of boys come and call Rey.The gang as Rey about why is he lying.Why is he hiding his identity.Taani asks Rey why does he share their personal moments with the team.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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