Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Goddess Mahakali still in her Raudra form. Mahadev telling Bramhadev that this tithe it will be very difficult to stop Kali. This is will start something which will have long ranging consequences

Narad ji says to Bramha that now he understands why Mahadev was behaving differently since the start of the Andhak story. Shiv and Shakti have many times defeated evil powers together but why this time Mahadev was so worried about Parvati.

Bramhadev says that whenever Ma Kali became uncontrollable in the past Mahadev has somehow managed to calm her, either by lying on the ground in front of her or taking the form of a child. But this time none of this will work

Parvati is shown in Kali Raudra form. She is very angry and is making angry noises. There is fire all around her.

Mahadev takes the form of a child, Kali looks at the child but her anger does not recede. She still makes angry noises and moves on.

Mahadev then lies down on the floor. Kali remembers the time when she had stepped on his chest but the memory doesn’t calm her. She moves on and makes angry sounds

At some place on earth a sect of people are talking. One says that Ma Kali has become unstable. Now she will fulfill their wishes

Devraj Indra comes to Bramhalok and pleads for stopping Ma Kali. He says that Guru Brihaspati has said that there are some dormant powers who are planning to miss use the power of the uncontrollable Goddess for their ulterior motives. Ma Kali has to be stopped fast.

In Himavans Palace Narad ji comes and tells Mainavati about the situation and says that this time Ma Kali has become totally uncontrollable and all love has dried out of her. Mainavati says love drying from the heart of the Mother Goddess is not a good sign

Mainavati comes to Kailash and calms Kartikeys and discuss the issue.

Mahadev says Parvati will have to come back on her own this time .There is no alternative. Brahmha dev says that will be all destroying and there is one alternative. Mahadev’s Aghor Roop

Mahadev says if he takes that form then the power of the merging of Kaali and Aghor will be felt by the world and that some people in future will use the Aghor roop to miss use powers of Kaali.

Two men are shown tied up. One of them is crying for water. Another man comes with a lighted torch and says you seem to be eager to die. Don’t worry Ma Kaali will come and give your Bali. The man keeps crying for water

In Ayodhya Seeta insists on going with Ram . Ram says that life in the forest will be tough. Seeta says not as tough as life without you. Lakshman also comes and insists on going with Ram

Ma Kaali starts destroying the world. There is an earthquake. Every one is crying for mercy

Precap Mahadev says that he will have to take on the Aghor form withpout worrying about the consequences for the time being..

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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