Jee Le Zara 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 17th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Aaji telling Nani that Bappa’s visarjan was fine. Saanchi informs them that Sunil talked with his parents regarding Prachi. she says we need to take their relation to the next level. Dhruv comes there and asks them to hide him somewhere. He says Dilshaad is taking him to hospital and he don’t want to go. Dilshaad insists him to come to the hospital. Saanchi says no need to do anything and says she will make tulsi tea for him and everything will be fine. Aaji praises Saanchi’s tea. Dhruv says he didn’t need tea but eventually agrees. He says, everyone got so concerned with his sneezing twice. Aaji and Nani says you became our family member now, Dhruv says it means I got a promotion from neighbour to a family member. Dilshaad says you are a magician and has won our hearts. Saanchi brings the tea, Dilshaad says she will make him drink but Dhruv says he will drink by himself. Nani and Aaji asks Saanchi, what they were talking about? Saanchi says they will talk later. Dhruv insists them to tell what they are hiding? Nani and Aaji tells him about Sunil proposal for Prachi. Aaji says we are feeling bad as nothing has fixed for Saanchi, if she get a good alliance then both Prachi and Saanchi can get married on the same mandap.

Nani asks Saanchi to tell them to come later and not now. Dhruv says he will drink tea later, but Aaji and Nani says you should drink it now else your cold will get worsen if you ignore it now. Dhruv makes them understand that they shall not ignore about Sunil proposal now and Saanchi is right. Aaji agrees. Dhruv says Saanchiji is so good, she will get a good guy. Aaji asks Saanchi to call Sunil parents. Dhruv says he will drink the tea/kada. Dhruv drinks it hesitantly. Prachi says she talked with Saanchi but.. Sunil says you tai loves you a lot but you need to pressurize her, she will accept this.

Saanchi says it is good that their family is increasing. Dilshaad says she is also a part of their family. Nani agrees. Prachi comes and Saanchi informs her that Aaji and Nani agreed to call Sunil parents. Prachi says she will invite them. Aaji asks him to invite them on monday. Prachi says Sunil’s father wants to talk to the elders about the alliance, Nani and Aaji says we are there naa. Prachi says he wants to talk to male elder. Aaji says didn’t you tell him that we don’t have any male family member here, Nani says if they don’t want to come then let them not come. Saanchi says didn’t you speak with Sunil. Dhruv suggests Saanchi should talk with Sunil. Saanchi says she will speak with Sunil and if needed she will talk to his parents. Then she will come to the final decision. She says whether they wants to eat any sweets, Nani asks her to get something. Dhruv says what is in a sweet dish? Saanchi replies its icecream but you can’t have as you had cold. She laughs.

Saanchi meets Sunil and says Prachi told them that his father wants to meet only a male member, she says they have only guy and that’s Advait as a male member. Sunil says he heard about Pradeep dada and says it is a matter of 1 day only. Saanchi says their relation is not good with him. Sunil insists her to talk to Pradeep. Saanchi says she don’t want to start any relation with a lie and says she don’t want to lie. She asks him to talk to his father instead. Sunil says ok, he will try.

Prachi thanks Sunil that he has agreed his father. Advait comes and tells he wants to meet Jiju. Prachi tells him about Sunil plans. She says Saanchi’s didn’t dream of any husband. Advait says she didn’t get any time to think about her as she has responsibility towards them. Dilshaad and Dhruv talks about Saanchi. Dhruv thinks Saanchi can be a good life partner. Saanchi tells Mugdha that Sunil parents are coming and she don’t know how to manage the marwadi dishes. Dhruv comes and says he will help her with Marwardi dishes. Saanchi says she will serve them punjabi and marathi dishes. Dhruv says it is a good idea. He calls his mom and asks her to send some marwadi dishes. She tells Saanchi that his mom will email him in the night. He says his mom is the best cook and they are marwadi’s. Saanchi thanks him. Dhruv says he have work as he have to take Nani and Aaji, on a shopping and he have to help Advait in his studies. Mugdha smiles. Saanchi asks her to concentrate on work.

Prachi tells Saanchi that you are fulfilling Papa’s every dreams. She says, I and Sunil saw some dreams,before taking any decision think about it. Saanchi is speechless and stunned

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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