Pavitra Rishta 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 17th September 2013 Written Update

Soham is running out of the house. Archu and Manav are trying to stop him. Everyone wonders what happened to Soham. Sachin comes in front of Soham and stops him. Soham asks him to move out of his way. Archu and Manav come there. Sachu says, I won’t. Why are you so angry for? and what aai baba want to talk to you? Manav turns Soham to him and asks him again why he did all this and what he is planning to do? Sachin asks Manav what he did? Manav says, he is still in touch with Balan. Manav asks Soham why Balan came here? Archu now asks Soham what he wants. She asks him why are you doing this? Why are you meeting him? and why you made your sherwani just like Sachin? Sachin says, I will tell you.. I am getting a clearer picture now. He wants to become like me by dressing like me.

It’s not from now.. it’s been always like that. He is jealous of me and will always be. Soham shouts and says, yes.. this is the truth.. I want to take your place.. but not because of money.. but because I love Gauri. I love her since the time when you didn’t even know her name. And tomorrow I will get married to her, not you. Archu asks Soham, what are you saying? Savita screams now and asks soham to shut. She says, don’t forget.. whatever you’re today is because of this family. How can you even think like this for your bhabhi. Soham says, what this family did for me? I asked for one thing to aai.. and she didn’t give me that. Archu says, because I can’t.. why don’t you understand.. its just one sided love.. she doesn’t love you. Soham says, no one sees anything good about me. Everyone says Gauri is not for me because I am not educated like Sachin dada. Archu shouts, it’s not like that.. why are you thinking like that? Why would I differentiate you and Sachin. Soham says, you do.. if you weren’t, then today Gauri would be marrying me today. Everyone is in a shock. Soham asks Varsha, what’s my fault? I am not educated but that doesn’t mean i don’t have a heart and I can’t fall in love. Why can’t I marry her? Archu says, I said you can’t that means you can’t. I beg you.. we worry for you that is why.. Soham says, I will also see how much you all worry about me. Let everything go like this.. but tomorrow instead of Sachin, I will marry to Gauri.

Manav now starts shouting at Soham. He beats him. Archu stops him. Manav says, I can’t see anyone misbehaving with you. Soham sees a heavy object near him. He picks it up and hits it on Sachu’s head. Blood starts pouring from Sachu’s head and he falls unconscious. Seeing all this, Gauri too loses her consciousness. Everyone is shocked.

Manav starts beating Soham again saying, you’re not a human being, you’re an animal. How you dare to hit my son like this. You’ve crossed all your limits now. He grabs his collar and says, We made mistake by brining someone like you to our house. Soham takes Manav’s hands off and calls him with his name, ey manav deshmukh. Archu gets up and slaps Soham. Manav says, it won’t have any effect on him. Manav continues shouting at him and Soham raises his hand to hit him. Archu slaps him and says, you’re forgetting that he’s your father. You will raise your hand at him? Varsha is also shocked. Archu asks, what has happened to you? You have become so selfish that you can’t see anything else. You have gone crazy. You were a goon, you are a goon, and you will always remain a goon. You will n ever change. This is not my son.. this is Vishnu Lala. That Balan’s son. Mistake is mine. I kept hiding your mistakes because I thought you will change one day. But no.. you can never change. She keeps slapping him. She says, you will remain like how you were.. I made mistake. She apologizes to Manav for brining Soham to their house. Meanwhile, Gauri regains consciousness. Archu says, if I didn’t bring you to this house, then everything would be different today. My family wouldn’t have got destroyed today. Manav is right that you’re an animal.. no matter how much you love an animal.. he always remains an animal. Listen to me carefully, someone who can’t respect a woman.. who can’t respect his brother.. who can’t respect his father.. that person has no important in my life. You have died for me from today.. and I am dead for you. You are not worth of becoming my son. From now whenever you see me, you will always see hate for you in my eyes. nothing else because I hate you. You’re not my son.. remember this.. if a mother can give birth to a child, then she can kill him as well. I am separating you from my family. Don’t show your face again. Go away from here. She pushes him. Soham leaves from there. Varsha is crying.. so is Archu. Archu apologizes to Manav and says, everything happened because of me. Manav is not saying anything. Blood is flowing from Manav’s head too. Archu tells Savita to call the doctor.
Purvi, Arjun, Dk are taking Sachu to a hospital. Dk and Arjun tell Purvi, don’t let him sleep.

Soham is walking on a road in anger, recalling Archu’s words. He comes to the bar and starts drinking. He is still remembering Archu’s words.

Balan wonders what would have happened with Soham. His guy tells him that he has fooled his parents so many times.. he must have fooled them again. Balan is overly excited as tomorrow Soham will get married to Gauri and then Soham will join him. He will also get money from that politician. Soham comes there fully drunk. Balan asks him, what are you doing here? Tomorrow is your wedding. Soham says, I killed him..Balan says, what do you mean? Soham says, she calls me a goon.. I killed him. He was going to take my Gauri away from me.. so I broke his head. Balan says, what did you do? Couldn’t you wait for one day? Soham goes to sleep. Balan wonders what he will say to politician now.

Arjun, DK, Purvi bring Sachin to the hospital. Onir helps them there. Whole family comes there now. Manav seems fine. A nurse comes out and says, he has lost a lot of blood.. his condition is critical.

Savita is crying. Ovi is trying to calm her down. Ovi calls Teju. Teju tells her that Sachu’s condition is critical. Ovi tells her to keep informing her from time to time. Ovi tells everyone that Sachu is in operation room and doctors are doing his treatment. Atul asks if Sachin will be fine by tomorrow as it’s his sister and Sachu’s marriage tomorrow. Ovi tells him he will be fine and will marry to your sister as well.

Episode ends.

Precap: Manav is still angry at Soham and says he won’t spare him. Archu goes to him. Manav says, I had told you that this guy is not good for our house.

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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