Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with nandi and devotee conversation. Nandi tells the poojan initiation and all devotee quarrel with each other on poojan. Saptrishi stops them and says, you cannot do poojan. All devotee bring poojan materials for poojan. Mahadev reaches there. Nandi says, hey Prabhu, now tell everyone, how will we do poojan? Narayan says, now we have to go to kailash. Mahadev says, everybody can do poojan by anytype. I will tell later, whose pooja, i liked most. Nandi instructed to all community that take place your and do setup of your poojan. Narayan asys, please give me instruction. Mahadev says, you are saying that i am your God but i like you as my God.
Mahadev says, my poojan completed with your help. Mahadev says to mata parvati, when we will understand our views without saying. mata parvati says, if we can express our views without exchanging. mahadev says, i am really thankful to get you and i didnt say you anything but you are everything for me. Mahadev says, you have let me know about married life and make me father. If i will not become father then how will i become grandfather. Kailash becomes a proper with you. Mata says, you want to become borrower, you are always complete. I have done so many times wrong. Mata then tell her previous incident. mata says, you didnt seperated me with you. Mahadev says, i dont want to get punished. Mata says, no swami, i know i have given so many wounds then i can also say sorry to you.
All the community worships Mahadev. mahadev arise in front of them. Everybody does poojan with their own style. After poojan, all the community says that they have done great and again starts fighting. Mahadev again arise in front of them. Kartikaye says, father, every community does worship you with their own style. Now you tell whom do you like most. mahadev says, every style is most like by me. But i like my devotee who is worshipping me till now. Everybody asked about that devotee. It is narayan who gives milk and fruits to needy person. Narayan says, please forgive me mahadev, i was going to give it to you but i saw them then i have given to them. Mahadev says, i liked it most. Help others i liked most. Narayan, you have setup the most lovable style of my worship. In this world, so many people dies by hunger. If any person in this world is hunger then think that i am hunger and if he will get food then think that i will get food. If world will calm then think i am calm. THink that only water is necessary for my poojan, so many people and animals dies in deficiency of water. In this case, you will flow water on me then it teases me. Patar is most lovable and opium is also lovable but only them cannot make me calm.
if you will worship me then think about me. Just think in your heart then i will hear. Ask from yourself, what is poojan. Poojan make you unite with me. If you feel proud on poojan then how this poojan becomes great. Does poojan dependant on sources or else on feeling of devotee.
If person think that he doesnt have proper source to do then it is not poojan. Poojan can only happen whenever devotee thinks about his God associate with him. DOnt mediate anyone between us. You should always lovable to anyone. If people cannot identify his power unless he cannot find me. Narayan says, mahadev, can i start your poojan but i am urging that please be in your panchmukhi face. Mahadev comes in panchmukhi’s face. Narayan starts worshipping. Nandi sees mahadev into multiple faces then nandi worships mahadev. Mahadev says, my true devotee will definitely get me. If you will save others religion then it is greatest religion thats why every kind of animal takes place in kailash. Everybody follow their duties in kailash.
You will see so many changes in this world. Help each other and transfer feelings will fasten with time. If respect others feeling then happiness will spread in world.
THen only i will get happy.
Mahadev starts playing his damru. Everybody worships and dancing on mahadev’s damru. Mahadev says, paramanand is situation where there is no heaven, no hell, no happiness, no sad. find me. Every end is me and i am starting.

The End

Update Credit to: Tushar

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! DKDM will remain with me always. I have throughly enjoyed every aspect of this series. I have NOT seen any thing so beautifully done,My compliments to the whole DKDM team. Most outstanding other than Mahadev, I would like to mention de devotion of Nandi, out outstanding!! to see him get down on all fours at the feet of his Prabhu, absolutely fantastic!!
    This series has uplifted my sprits when i was down, and has brought real joy in my life. Thank you all soooooooooo much, my heart full greetings to You all.
    Kind Regards

  2. Heavenly bodied show .It has changed lives of severals. It is not only an end of the series but an end of a historical mytho show. Never missed single shot of the show. And now its feeling that the Most important part of life has gone off air. Lots of love to mohit raina and creative team. Hope to see all soon togeher .HATS OFF….. You all have changed the means od television . FANTASTIC SHOW.

  3. Totally loved this show. Wonderful acting by all the cast 😀 I have to come to know a lot of mythological stories because of this show. Very beautiful done and I want to congratulate the whole DKDM team for creating this wonderful, awe inspiring show!

    Marvelous Job!

    Thank-you for all these three years!

  4. this show was really fantastic from the beginning till end.
    show has done a marvelous job in 3 years.i’ll miss the show.

  5. I never wanted it to end. I love dis sho2,, brought me close to my culture

  6. i never 4get dis serial.,it was toooo gud story of lord shiva n parvati..,thank u to all the team members of DKDM .they all did vry wel acting..,its a best story

  7. there is an request ,plz upload all the episoade of dkdm on net & from where (any website) v can dowload all episoad . 😀 😀 😀 i wil reaaaaLLLy miss 🙁 🙁 🙁 this time 8:00pm on life ok monday to friday.

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