Bigg Boss 8 14th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 14th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 83
Weekend Ka Vaar
Upen says to Karishma that if today I leave, I would say its my mistake to come here, here you can stay if you are evil, Upen says why they don’t show that Praneet, Puneet and Dimpy sleep too, Karishma says when Pritham wanted support we gave him, his group left him and he came to us and now he is saying all this, Upen says why Salman always pick at me, on other hand he says I am going good, if I am that bad then why I am in this house, Karishma says I don’t want to be in this house, Upen says let them win, Upen says Gautam do everything for camera, audience is watching, Karishma says take trophy, we don’t want.
Salman and Arbaaz Khan comes on stage, they dance on song chutni bani, Salman welcomes all in bigg boss, Salman says PRANEET DIANDRA UPEN SONALI and PRITHAM are in DANGER, he says one will go, he says ARbaaz is here, sometime back we got our sister sit in palanquin(doli) and now he is doing movie doli, Arbaaz says its my movie without you, all laughs, Salman ask where is Sonam Kapoor, Arbaaz calls where is dolly(Sonam), Salman says she must have gone in house. lets see.
Sonam Kapoor comes in house on palanquin, she has veil on her face, Dimpy reads that all male have to do push ups and the one who do it till end will be able to take veil off her and will make her meet others, all boys do the push up and sing yeh Parda hata do, Ali and others leave the task while Praneet and Gautam continue doing push ups, Praneet leaves too so Gautam wins, he takes the veil off and all applauds for Sonam, Sonam makes him wear turban, she meets everyone, she says I have come to promote my file Dolly ki doli, she says there is one task, there is wheel placed in garden and it have faces of all inmates, Sonam says I will spin it and whose face will come at pointer will come here and answer questions, she spins the wheel and first wheels stops at Diandra’s pic, Sonam ask Diandra what you wanna change about Gautam? Diandra says he should lessen his childish acts, sometime it irritate others., Sonam sys this is male specie problem, sonam ask next thing, Diandra says he go in repeat mood, I think he is good at heart, Gautam says I will work on these things, Sonam spins next, Sonam ask sonali what you change about Upen, Sonali says I have bear his snappy nature, he get angry and I want him to talk to me, Upen says she is my friend, Sonam says so hug her, Upen gets up and hugs Sonali, Sonam spins the wheel and its Puneet’s turn, Sonam ask Puneet he wanna change about Pritham, uneet says to Pritham that use your mind, don’t run on other mind and choose right people., Pritham says if you have grudge against me then finish it, Puneet and Pritham hug, Puneet ask to be not duffer’s friend, Sonam says next task is, I will call inmate here and there are different props here, that inmate will have to tell which prop suit which inmate, first Dimpy’s turn, Sonam ask which prop suits Karishma, she shows cactus suiting her nature, Dimpy says I think you are prick in my way, Karishma says thank you, Sonam ask Ali to come, she ask to show prop for Praneet, Ali choose brinjal as prop for Pritham., Ali says Praneet rolls like brinjal in plate, he say something at one point and say other thing at other point, PRaneet say Ali it is you, Sonam ask Puneet to come, she ask to choose prop for Puneet, Puneet shows neck band and says she is pain in the neck, Karishma says this is for you, Sonam ask Karishma to come, she ask to describe Puneet with prop, Karishma shows chili and sys he apply chili in whole house, she shows second prop and it danger board, she says this is for Puneet too, be away from him, he is danger, Puneet says superb, Sonam ask to show house around, inmates shows her house, Sonam ask Ali to go in store room and bring things, Puneet and Upen starts fighting, Puneet says you hide behind women, Upen says you abuse girls that too behind their back, sonam comes there and says I want to take selfie, all come, she takes selfie with all, Sonam greets everyone and says I hope the best women wins, al boys say boy will win, Sonam leaves the house, Gautam ask Upen what happened to you, Upen says I am not bad man, Puneet says Upen you don’t have sense of humor, Pritham says to Karishma that I have cleared my point to Punet that leave old grudges, Karishma says but he is alleging me, Pritham says so what you expect that I will fight with him. Puneet says to Upen that I am not saying you are wrong person but you do mistake, here we fight on small things but we will be changed person when we go out of house. Pritham says to Karishma that I will talk to Puneet, Karishma says did we use you when you came to us, Pritham says you have group too, he is taking things personally. Puneet says to Upen that I respect you, I wish my son to become like you, we are doing masti here, just relax, but we don’t mean it, Pritham says he is not alleging you, h said that I don’t use my mind and runs on your mind, I have to clear it.

Sonam comes on stage and dances with Salman and Arbaaz on song dabang, Salman ask about her movie, Sonam says I am stealing bride in movie, Salman says she ignited fire in house, Salman says her family is in industry for three generations so we will ask some questions about industry, he ask Sanjay leela bhansali first directorial venture was? Sonam says Kahmoshi, Salman says correct, Sonam says I am big fan of Salman so I know you worked in it, Salman ask what was name of Anil Kapoor in Mr.india, Sonam says I don’t remember, I used to watch Salman’s movie, Salman asj what was amresh puri’s name, she says Mogambo, Salman says you don’t remember your father’s name, Salman says his name was Arun Verma, sonam says that’s why I don’t remember, Sonam ask to not ask these questions, Salman ask which movie had dialogue Jakkhas, Sonam says I don’t remember, Salman ask if you were hindi film hero, with which heroine you would go on date, Sonam says Katrina Kaif, she is hot, I like her legs, Salman looks on, Salman says you are right about that, Sonam ask to sing them to sing, Arbaaz and Salman sing dolly ki doli, Arbaaz then sings Munni badnaam hui, Salman and Sonam dance, Sonam says you both brothers are so talented, Salman says thank you for giving certificate, Salman greets them , Arbaaz and Sonam leaves.

Salman says lets see whats happening in house.
Ali says to Karishma that my head is aching, give me tablet, Karishma says I am not in mood to do anything, Upen ask what happened, Karishma sys why Puneet taunt in everything, Upen says he said that we was doing sense of humor, Karishma says he said to Ali garbage truck and then say it is sense of humor, Ali says I don’t react, Upen says he said that I hid behind girls, I said that you abuse girls on their back, he acts like gossip women, he is wrong, Karishma says he said to Pritham that Karishma and Upen are suing you, Karishma says we were supporting Pritham, I cant play this dirty game, becaue of negativity I loose myself.

Salman says welcome airport devil, Salman says devil should watch to learn something how to exercise. Video plays, ali is trying to learn meditation from Dimpy, he cant touch his feet with hands, Dimpy helps him. then Upen and Praneet make Ali lift the weights, Ali with difficulty do it, Praneet says do more and you will have muscles and triceps, then Ali try to push ups. later Upen makes a drink mixing handwash in it, he gives to Ali and says its protein shake, Ali says its smelling, Upen says no its fine, Ali drinks it. Later in night, Upen makes him do exercise, Ali is all tired and farts. video ends.
Devil leaves the stage. Salman says lets call inmates, call is connected to inmates. Salman ask what is happening Ali, ali is confused, Salman ask Ali to speak up, Ali says what mistake did I do, Salman says there was one more person with you, Ali is tensed, Salman says it was nothing, Salman says there are 5 nominees, either one will go or two, Salman says there one task, he ask Ali to bring things from store room, Ali brings boards, Salman says I will ask questions and if you agree then show green board else show red board, Salman ask first question, Gautam is coward, all laughs, inmates shows green board, Gautam himself shows green board, Dimpy shows red board, Salman laughs on Gautam, Salman ask Gautam is just speaking parrot, some shows green board, Salman ask Karishma, Karishma says Gautam always say that he did mistake and he will work on it but then he do same mistake again. Salman ask Ali think that he is winner of this season. all shows green board, Salman ask is Ali in love? most of them show red board including Ali, Pritham shows green board, he says I am seeing love in his eyes for dimpy, Salman says does Dimpy know it, Pritham says I don’t know that but I can see love in his eyes, Ali says yes he is that predicting priest who take 3ruppes to read future, all laughs, Salman ask what about your Gf, Ali saus she is understanding, Salman says hope she get good boy too, Ali says she know martial art, I got beaten up two times, Salman ask to tell how you got beaten up, Salman says I got slap too, Ali says I was in Dubai, my battery got killed so Ipri went to her room to charge, she kicked me, I asked to slap me why kick, all laughs. Salman ask is Ali fraud? all shows green board, Salman laughs, Ali ask what is this, Salman ask Karishma is insecure with other girls? Upen, Diandra, Pritham, Ali, Praneet shows red board while all other shows green board, Salman ask Sonali what you say, Sonali says I think she is insecure with Dimpy, when Dimpy became captain, Karishma didn’t like it, KArishma giggles at it, Salman ask is Dimpy manipulative? Gautam Ali and Puneet shows red while other shows green, Salman ask Upen meaning of manipulative in hindi, Upen says its called Dimpy in hindi, all laughs, Salman ask Upen does pranks but feels insulting when other plays pranks. all shows green board, Salman ask sonali is more concerned about make up then cooking. all shows green board including Sonali, Salman says Sonali you are wonderful, sonali says yes I am, Salman says Pritham got out of Puneet’s influence and now in someone else’s influence? all shows red board except Gautam, Puneet and Dimpy, Dimpy says I think he is in Karishma’s influence, Salman says how sweet of Karishma, Salman ask Pritham hesitate in telling his decisions. all shows red except Diandra, KArishma, Gautam, Salman ask Kaishma, she says he hesitate sometime, Salman what hesitation? how can he speak on Tv, he teases Pritham, Karishma says he hesitate in telling reasons behind his actions, Salman ask Pritham why you are confused these days, what happened to you these days, do you feel like walking on clouds, Diandra he hesitate in telling things clearly, Salman says till today Praneet didn’t get a real friend in this house, all shows red, Pritham first shows red then green, Pritham says I am confused, Salman says this happens, don’t worry, Pritham ask to not do this, all laughs, Karishma says I don’t think its funny, all laughs, Karishma is in tears, Salman ask will Praneet never be captain? all shows red board, Pritham says I am really confused now, all laughs, Karishma starts crying, all become silent, Upen ask her to not cry, Pritham says its just fun, he joked about Ali and Dimpy too, Karishma says I don’t like these kinds of jokes, Ali ask Pritham to say that she is like your sister, Pritham says why should I clear it like this, Salman says there is no need to cry in this, this is comedy, we are in show, this is your job and my job, go to hell, keep crying, he leaves the stage, all are shocked, Karishma says my mood was not good so I couldn’t take it n fun today, call ends. Diandra and Upen consoles her. Pritham comes in garden and says to Praneet that Salman created such a situation that I actually got confused, Praneet says he cane nervous everyone, Pritham says of course, he is a star. Salman comes back on stage and says okay everyone, let me finish my job and get the hell out of here, Upen tries to talk but Salman ask him to shut up and you will not say a word, Salman says when you do jokes then its fine, when Puneet calls Karishma duffer, I take his class even with fact that he is senior but I don’t weird impression to go outside, we were joking, I joked about Ali and Dimpy too, but when it comes to Diandra and Gautam, I am on Diandra’s side, I said to Gautam that he is stupid, for what this tears is, Karishma says it was not on your joke, it was heavy day, I was exhausted and I couldn’t take the joke, my mood was not fine, Salman says let do one work, we should shift this show on your mood, you tell us when you have fun mood, we will do show then, KArishma says its not about you, trust me its about me, Salman says this is my job, don’t blame me, Karishma says I cried for myself, Salman says what for, I listened your comment that its not funny, Karishma says all were laughing, I don’t like when I am being teased for the thing which is not there, it was not for you at all, Salman says take teasing in humor, we know there is nothing, when there a thing between Gautam and diandra, did we say anything, don’t we have sisters, we don’t understand this? we are on Televission, Karishma says I said to inamtes that its not funny, Salman says its funny, they will laugh. Salman ask Ali to call Praneet and Pritham, Ali calls them from garden, Salman says to them that tell me when you will sit here, I will come at that time only. Salman says SONALI and PRITHAM are SAFE. Salman says I just want to straightly go to nominations now, I just don’t want to play this game, Karishma says it was heavy day for me, don’t take it wrong, Salman says it was not heavy day for me, Karishma says it was emotionally heavy day for me, so just tears rolled down. Salman says DIANDRA IS EVICTED, Diandra packs her things, Gautam hugs her, Diandra says I wanna take my mug as memory, all say why not, Diandra hugs Sonali, Puneet, Dimpy, Ali says I wont hug you, you are not goinghe hugs her, diandra hugs Karishma, she says I will miss you, she hugs Upen, Gautam hugs Diandra, she leaves the house.

Diandra comes on stage, she says to Salman that its weird feeling, Salman ask were you excepting your eviction, she says I wasn’t excepting my eviction but today I packed my things properly, Salman says I told you to not be Upen’s friend, the one who go close to him get eliminated, Diandra says its true, she laughs, diandra says I should give advice to Upen to be friend of Gautam and Puneet then, Salman says lets show your journey, video plays, her first timing coming on stage, then her clips plays, then Gautam is shown saying that her smile is irritating, then Pritham says that she can fall in anyone’s arm that is fine, then Gautam is shown saying to Upen that she is 10years older than him, I don’t have interest in her, Ali is shown saying that she used to abuse Gautam and now for game she is making couple, then how Gautam said that she is just friend, and how he said to Puneet that he cant trust her, then their moments are shown.
Call is connected to house, Diandra says I don’t want to say anything, Salman says how well Gautam handled things, some people came and warned him so he moved away from you, Daindra says that’s why he is given tag coward, diandra says I think female in house are real men and I would not call males of house a women, that would be insult for women too, Salman says 100% correct, Salman says men have gossiped more in this house, Salman ask do you wanna say anything to anyone? Diandra says Gautam you deserve my silence, Salman says big bomb, whose name you will take, he or she will get advantage in task, Diandra says I wanna give it to Karishma, Karishma gets emotional, Diandra says don’t cry, kick the ass, Karishma and Upen says we will miss you, Diandra says to Pritham that it was not excepted from you but it expected from you only, you commented on me but I ignored it, Diandra says to Ali that I was with you when nobody was with you but I didn’t expect this from you, she says its all about game for you, I was alone enough to play this game, I didn’t Gautam or anyone to be in game, I have done many things alone in life, this show is not that much important for me that I use love angle, I am happy that I am out, play this game but be honest, play with heart, its easy to say but difficult to do, Gautam says I wanna say.. diandra says I don’t wanna listen, Gautam says oky, diandra says you say it on camera, you do everything for camera, Salman says let him speak, Gautam says you abused me many a times too, but think about friendship, I have nothing in my heart, some things are shown, you don’t have react on that, we are friends, Diandra says just be happy, Salman says when people said to her that Gautam abused her so she said that she have abused him too but she is talking about after when you became friends again, Diandra says after our friendship, what you said about me is shown, Diandra says you destroy yourself, grow up, Gautam says I respect, Diandra says I wish all the happiness in world for you, call ends. diandra hugs Salman and they leave.

PRECAP- nominations will happen in couple, means one pair will go in confession room and will tell one name to be nominated this week mutually. Puneet and Karishma are together, Puneet says I am south pole and she is north pole how to decide mutually, later Gautam and Upen fight, Upen says you are safe even after what you did with diandra, Gautam ask him to not go there, he says I know how much big actor you are, Upen ask so how much big are you, whats your value, Upen says I don’t want to nominate with him, bigg boss punish me, he leaves the confession room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. salman,puneet,gautam aur dimpy sabko show se bahar karo bahut paka chuke humlogo ko.

    I want ke karishma yeh show jeet jaye bus tab sabki bolti band ho jayegi

    1. You want that Bimbo to win oh God

  2. I support Salman. That bitch diandra just played a safe game

  3. Shipra, i agree wit ur points. And ppl above who r saying “change ur mentality”; “they didnt kiss”- (WHAT?! R u kidding me? Both of them themselves hv accepted that “it was just a kiss”); “diandra took him to washroom”- (R u nuts? Is he a kid? Hez saying this itself makes him a BIG COWARD); Pls go get a life! Ofcourse dats d reason grls get abused emotionally and psychologically becoz grls themselves BLINDLY FOLLOW JERKS AND BLAME OTHER GIRLS! Some of d comments prove it. Gautam gulati is worse than d worst, deserves no sympathy! Immensely Unlucky wl b d grl who wl come in his life!

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