Fanaah 14th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 14th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avani says to that I feel so confused while Rose says that maybe it’s a Photoshop. She then says that maybe Vivan Sir is a psycho stalker and thanks the lord that Samir is not like that. Avani says that this can’t be true and Rose tells her to go and ask Vivan and leaves. Samir is talking to Rose again and she wants to want him to meet and gives him the idea of bringing Ranbir and his girlfriend. Samir thinks that it’s a good idea when Saher walking by hears him. Saher says that what is this Ranbir trying to do and must talk to him.
Avani is having dreams about Vivan and her past and wakes up. She then says that why do I keep dreaming about him and see myself in those clothes. She then says that I can’t live like this and must find the answers, She decides to talk to Dr.Vivan about this.
The next day Sarthak and Yamini are working at the hospital nursing the patients when Sarthak says to Yamini that how do you do all of this stuff and like classes, work and then late shifts as well. Yamini says that she likes to work that’s why and he asks her of who is going to hire them when they are done. Yamini answers saying that the trusties will and he asks if Vivan Sir told him about that. Yamini tells him that Vivan Sir has good relations with Mr.Malik.
Sarthak walks away and says that Vivan Sir would be doing the job that was given to me. Yamini realizes that this truce was just an excuse to get information from her. She leaves the room and calls Vivan and says that Sarthak is acting really weird and tells him about what happened. Vivan says that keep an eye on him and just play along as I think that he is not himself lately.
Yamini comes in and asks Sarthak if he has anymore questions, Sarthak says that what do you mean by that. Yamini says that maybe you were asking me these many questions because you wanted to have coffee with me. Sarthak agrees with her and they leave for the café. IN the café Yamini asks him why he is so curious about Vivan Sir Connections. Sarthak says that I want to know only about his connections with trusties as being in their good books is not a bad thing.
He says that he has no bad intentions and then asks her about her family and friends. Yamini says that he can ask her any question beside this. Yamini then asks him if he can drop her home as she has to leave. At first he agrees to drop her but then says that I just remembered some work and apologizes to her as he can’t drop her. Yamini leaves and he says that I need to Mr.Malik’s cabin key somehow.
Avani comes in Vivan’s office and he says that how many times I will have to tell you to leave me. Avani shows him the photo and says that I want get all the answers today. She says that why do you have my photo and if that is not the problem why do you keep telling me to go when I come. Vivan says that what is this new drama and where did you bring it from. Avani asks him to look her in the eye and say it.
Vivan stands up and says that I didn’t put any of your photo in my drawer, Avani replies saying that I think that you are lying as I know that you have put my photo. She adds saying that there is something that you are hiding and are not telling me something which only I know. Vivan says that I think that you are playing cheap tricks to get a successful doctor in your hand. He says that I see right through you, he says that don’t try to make a fool of me. Avani says that I know that you are trying all of this to humiliate my but I will get my answers.She comes outside and says that I will find out about this photo, as I have to find about it but how. She says that I must go to Saleem uncle as he can help me.
Sarthak is sneaking around trying to get an access to Mr.Malik’s cabin. He manages to come in the cabin. Saleem uncle is working when Avani comes and shows him the photo and asks if it has been photos hoped. Saleem says that this photo is around 25 years old which leaves Avani confused as she was born in 1994. She asks Saleem if he can tell her where the photo was taken and he gives her the address. She says that I have to start from there and might find some answers.
Sarthak is going through the cabin looking for the injection when he finds a locked safe. He applies many codes and finally succeeds. He finds the serum inside and injects himself with it and says that I must remove from the way.
Vivan thinking to what Avani said and gets worried. Sarhtak comes to the reception and asks about Vivan and the receptionist tells him that he has just left. Avani comes to the Mansion and roams around looking at everything with amazement. She stands at the stairs and says that I have never come here before but all of it seems familiar. Vivan comes to the Mansion as well and remembers his time with Dhara. Sarthak also arrives and says that this is the right place to remove Vivan.
Vivan also goes upstairs and Sarthak decides to kill Vivan in an accident so that no one can find out. He lifts the pillars and places it in position and sets the trap. Avani comes to a room while Vivan is behing her. Sarthak is downstairs and something falls and Vivan hears it. He comes and knocks Sathak out in a single blow. Avani on the other walks up to the trap and falls, the pillar is about to fall on her when Vivan comes and throws it away. He picks her up and Avani kisses him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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