Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th December 2013 Written Update

Manika tells Loknath that, the king isn’t gonna understand his say.. Loknath quotes that when the change never knew in what darkness it lies.. then how can it accept light.. It needs courage to accept the bitter truth.. Truth is fire- that burns fear, untruth, wrong.. but the ambitious ones mistake lies as the truth of their lives..Mannika asks if the king ever be able to come out of the ignorance?

Back at Arunasur.. his trusted servant tells him that its only Sury dev who is skeptical about him..what worries him is of he influences the other 4 devtas too..Aruna sur says that he knows it.. he loves challenges and it pleasures him to see that look on those defeated faces..

The king here tells Manika not to teach him lessons and fulfill his

duty for his king.. Mannika tells that he never intend to do so, he only goes by the say of Loknath that one entitled to save the other beings for a better world. The king tells that Loknath has wasted his day and now he better not waste his night.. Manikka tells him that he knows the reason behind the collection of herds in such large numbers.. its not just for yagya or war, his real motive is to cause scarcity of horses in the neighboring states… he has done unjust towards so many horses for his own greed n status.. He says that he cannot fight him but can oppose this.

Indr goes to Harshika- Kamdhenu’s daughter..he inquires abt her mom..but Harshika leaves the place without even listening to his say!

Then Mahadev appears at the grounds where those numerous horses are kept..and help them escape.. The king on seeing his horses run away..he too runs after them…Shiva says to Parvati devi about such great sight which stands as an example of how animals are kinder than humans.. how even after seeing Arimardhan alone, those horses never attacked him!

Parvati ma seconds to that and adds that even now Arimardhan is unable to realize.. tha the horse’s revolt is not to hurt him..he feels the revolts as an insult to his esteem.. Maahdev adds his point…that the king is sacred, cause his assumption of thinking that he is the master of the horses has gone wrong- his bitter truth is public..n he still can’t accept the fact.

Next day Mannika is brought in shackles and is given death sentence by the king, for tainting the nation’s honour provoking the horses against him.
Then the minister begs to the king to forgive Mannika.. but Mannika says that if he is gonna die for such a great purpose of saving the animals.. he’d feel that his life n death have been blessed n accomplished. And in each birth if he has to die this way..he’d be blessed..thats his last wish.
The king then signals his servants to chop off Mannika’s head.. Manikka prays to his guru and submits himself. The minister is in tears.

Then Mahadev appears along with Parvati devi.. Shiva says to ANimardhan.. that till life exists they’d meet..he gets reminded of Loknath’s words. Then Parvati devi utters with dare he punishes an innocent animals crusader.. for such a crime, its he who needs get punished.!
He and his rajy has to see nature’s wrath as he has insulted that very nature by hurting animals for his greed n status..

At that moment wild winds arise..due the nature’s fury the place turns into a barren land and everything wrong happens..the king begs for forgiveness..Shiva asks Parvati devi to calm down and not to give Animardha’s punishment to his subject. Everything calms down..
Mannika falls on his feet.. he asks for forgiveness to Mahadev for not realizing him as Shiva.. Mahadev tells that the one who realizes the self , dn’t need to understand anything else..
Now the king utters that he is grateful to them for forgiving him…

Devraj is persistent in knowing Kamdhenu’s whereabouts thus he asks her thrid daughter too..but she too says the same thing.. she also informs him that she has seen punchdevtas coming this way along with a man.

Surya dev feels something fishy aas Arunasur takes them to their special quarters..(which looked like some telephone booths) he asks why temples?
Other devtas feel elated on hearing the man say that what best place could be there for devtas than a temple.. now Surya dev’s doubt is getting stronger… other man says that their king kows that they have to go back to swarg lok, but if they can try out these rooms before going their king would feel satisfied of the hard work they have put in to make those temples for them.

Surya dev warns Pavandev not to come into their words…Arunasur hears Surya dev’s words..and repeats the same hard work wala scheme. even after Surya dev’s constant warn they enter the temples..Arunasur somehow manages to make them enter into those temples… but except Surya dev all of them fall into his tarp.

BAck here Manikka asks what Mahadev wants him to do.. Shiva asks Manikka to spread the message of animal care n protection as far as he can.. Change as many hearts as he can with his words.. to protect and honour animals.its his goal and path henceforth.
Manika says that purpose of his life is Mahadev’s devotion.. he’d travel the world and saw the seeds of his devotion..
But the one who has true devotion for Mahadev and Mata Parvati..would never hurt any animal.

Indr dev observes all the devtas at Anrunasur’s place and he is surprised to see all this.
Mahadev observes all this.


EVen after SUry dev’s attempt to warn the potential threat.. the devtas enter the temples and are trapped.. Arunasur punches Surya dev
On asked by Parvati devi what is up wid arunasur.. he narartess how Arunasur wishes to accomplished his wish on getting bak his mother’s life..
He mummifies his mom’s body n intends to make her alive using the punchbooth elements.
Mahadev gears up for this task

Update Credit to: sankalp

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