Sasural Simar Ka 14th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 14th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 14th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli is in corridor when she feels someone behind her. She turns back she finds its Shaureya. jahnvi comes in too. Shaureya says how are you Roli bhabhi jhanvi was so worried about you. Jhanvi says yes are you okay ? She says yes I am fine.
Shalu sasy to APri why is she so worried ? Pari says I don’t know what do to publicize the shop. He says I have an idea change the name to daddu ji sweets. Achna comes in and says I have a better idea. You should do some giveaways. Shalu says what an idea of drowning the shop. Pari says she has given such a good idea and you are making fun of her. Pari says how about giving half kilogram sweets with 1 kilogram.

Scene 2
Soniya’s secretary comes to Sid and says that she wants you back she can’t accept your

resignation. Soniya calls him and says you have to be back to work. Sid says I don’t wanna work at a place where decisions are made on your mood swings instead of logical facts. I don’t wanna work there.

Scene 3
Soniya enters the conference room where she has to present her new product. She starts her speech that this new project is also made on the basis of quantity. She stops. She says i am not feeling good. i think we have to delay the presentation. Everyone says that we have arranged time after so many difficulties. Suddenly Siddhant comes in and says I will complete this presentation. He comes in with Roli. Soniya is happy. Roli is about to go. Soniya stops her and says stay here. She says what will I do in this professional meeting I am waiting outside. Roli is looking in at Sid giving the presentation. Soniya looks contented too. Suddenly a hand is about to to touch her but she gets in the conference room.

Scene 4
Achna says thank God Aarav has slept. pari comes in and says I am so happy. our idea has worked. Achna says that I knew that you will be successful. She gets a call from the shop and says I guess the sale is doubled. She sis dazed after the call. Achna asks what happened ? She says that people are returning our sweets saying that the taste is not good. She calls her cook and says that we didn’t pay you for this sort of sweets. She says I want profit in my business. He says i don’t work like this. i am leaving this job. Achna says these sort of problems keeping coming in and out. Don’t worry.

Scene 5
Soniya thanks Sid for coming. Sid says that i am here just because of Roli. Soniya says thanks Roli. Roli says there is no need of thanks you did something for us too. Soniya says your husband is the best. I want your husband to be with me for some days too. Soniya says i mean that there is the same presentation out of the country. Sid has to go there with me. We have to leave tonight. Roli says yes he will go. Sid says no i can’t go tonight. Roi says yes you will. Said says okay.

Scene 6
pari tells the family that her cook has left the shop. Karuna says that we have a cook in the family. Who cooks better than uma. Pari says yes uma bhab hi you will help me please. Mausi ji says Uma will help you just on a condition that you will change the name of shop to Daddu ji halwai. Achna says this is called blackmailing. pari says no i am okay with it. I will change the name. Mausi ji says promise ? She says yes. pari and Achna leave.
Simar says but this is wrong changing the name of shop by taking advantage of her problems. Mausi says i did this all for the benefit of the family. the shop will earn once its name is change to daddu ji halwai. Pari will be happy and my jiji will be happy by the change of name.

Scene 7
Roli and Sid are having a good time. Sid says you forced me I was not in mood to go. She says won’t you go if I ask you not to ? He says won’t you miss me ? She says no i won’t. He says yes why will you i won’t miss you either. i will be spending good time there. I won’t even calls. Roli says I alright she is in tears. Sid hugs her and says you are my life. i will obviously miss you so mush. She says so will I. She says lets go now you’ll be late. They go down with the luggage. Prem says I am sorry Sid I would have gone if i didn’t some work. Shalu says and Aarav is crying so much. Roli says but i will go. Sid says Its late night. She says there is the driver I will go and Shalu bahiya and jiju don’t worry. pari gives him the list and says this is a list of cosmetics and uma bhabhi’s recipe books. Sujata hugs him and says take care of yourself. He says your son has grown up. Mausi ji says you will always be akid for your family. Mata ji says you should leave Siddhant now. Simar says wait a minute she gives a bowl of yogurt to Mata ji. She give a spoon to him. they leave and suddenly shaureya starts screaming holding his head. Rajhinder is about to call the doctor. he says no don’t call the doctor i have a little problem of migraine. i will be fine. i just need rest. Rajhinder takes him to the room. Jhanvi says you should take some rest. Jhanvi gives him a sleeping pill so he can sleep well. He sleeps.

Scene 8
Roli sees off Sid and Soniya. Soniya says we should leave now i guess. Roli is in tears a little. He says i will miss you. Roli hugs him and says i will miss you too. Soniya says that’s so sweet. i feel touched looking at you both. She says take care of my husband. She says and I was taking him so he can take care of me.
They leave and Roli is on her way back to home. Suddenly the cars stops the driver says there is some problem with the engine. let me look at this. Roli asks why is it taking so much time. He says hire a taxi I will b back to home after this gets fixed. Suddenly a taxi comes and Roli sits in it. She remembers Sid saying that he will miss him. She starts coughing the driver gives her the water. She drinks it. Her head hurts. She thinks about calling Simar but she falls unconscious on the seat. After some time when she gets up she finds herself alone in the taxi. She wonders where is the driver. She finds herself all alone in a forest. She starts crying. She gets out the taxi. She wonders how did i came here in this jungle. She starts screaming for help. She looks for driver here and there. She shouts is there anyone here. She remembers that the driver gave her water and she started feeling low after that. She gets her phone and thinks of calling Simar but there is no network coverage. She looks at the time its just 1 hour that has passed. She thinks that she has to get to the main road.
there in the house Mausi ji asks why is Roli not back ? Simar says she will be back. Mausi ji says have the dinner she says no I will have the dinner with her once she is back. Mausi ji says she won’t be back till his plane takes off.
Roli is so scared in the jungle. She feels like someone is following her. There is a man behind a tree. She is crying she says i don’t even know if I am moving in the right direction or not. Suddenly she hears a voice. She asks who is this ? Come in front of me. She takes a stick with. She starts moving towards the voice and finds it was a wild cat. She is really scared.
There Simar is trying to call her over and over again. She thinks that they must be around the cantonment area there is usually no coverage there. She thinks she should go o make mil for anjali.
Roli is worried that she can’t go anywhere. She get network on her phone. She calls Simar hurriedly. Simar attends the call roli is crying then Simar can’t hear her and the phone is out of network once agian. Roli turns back and finds a man with lighter there. She is bewildered.

Precap- Roli enters the house. everyone is so busy with Shaureya. Simar sees her and asks her where was she ? Roli is crying.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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