Devon ke Dev Mahadev 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

At kailash Ganesh asks Mahadev, if Mansa is -ve energy then somewhere +ve energy must have been evolved. Mahadev says it has, Usha is born as per her last birth’s promise. She’ll help in changing Mansa’s thoughts, will get boon of being Akhand Saubhagyavati.
A baby girl is born on Earth. Her parents are waiting for a saint to come for her naming ceremony. Mahadev & Ganesh in disguise comes there. He names her, Behula. When asked by her father about her life, Mahadev says, she has achieved good Karmas due to her past birth deeds. Has got Aadi shakti’s blessings. Ganesh says assume even Mahadev’s blessings are with her. Both leave saying they will be back again.
Mansa with Diti & Vasuki are on their way to Kailash. She sees people worshipping Ganesh’s idol at a temple. Diti tells her he is Mahdev’s son is worshipped first, represents Shubhata, is Vighna vinashak too. Then they reach a Kartikeya temple. Vasuki explains, he is Mahadev’s eldest son, Is worshipped for protection. He is very Deva’s senapati too. Mansa sees 2 kids arguing. One says he is elder so should get more Prasad. Other one says he being younger should get more. Their father explains to them, both are equal for him, will treate both same. Mansa now wants to reach Kailash ASAP.
At Kailash, Parvati tells Mahadev, Mansa s thinking is not right. She may get angry at her. Mahadev tells her to be calm. He’ll explain her importance of devotion, knowledge.
He takes form of an old sadhu, is sitting under a tree. Some people are sitting in front of him. Mansa, Diti, Vasuki reach there. Seeing the sadhu, Mansa says things have not changed. Vasuki tells her all sadhus are not same. Mansa insists on proving her right. She goes near the sadhu, asks him to open his eyes. Sadhu answers, he need not open his eyes to hear her question. When he opens his eyes Diti & Vasuki realize who he is. Mansa asks him, can he tell her what is the question in her mind now? Sadhu answers, right now there is no question in her mind, she just wants to prove him as a fraud to others. Mansa catches a Butterfly in her palm, closes it. Asks about Butterfly being dead or alive? Sadhu answers, none. If he’ll answer as alive, she’ll kill the insect & if he answers as dead, she’ll prove it’s alive. As she intends on proving him wrong. Mansa releases the Buttefly.
They reach at the smashan near Kailash. Diti leaves saying her duty was to make her reach till this pt. Now she has to go ahead on her own. Mansa thanks her. Moves ahead, meets Paravti, tells her she is here to meet Mahadev, she wants some answers from him. Parvati tells her with pure heart anyone can call Mahadev. She does aavahan of Mahadev, he appears.

Precap: Mansa asks why did he leave her after her birth?

Update Credit to: mnx12

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