Rang Rasiya 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
at dining table, Maithili is serving, she ask sunehri to sit with dilsher, samrat ask what are you doing, Maithili says if mala sit with him then.. paro brings mala there, all are tensed, danveer says to Maithili that mohini didn’t come, Maithili says no, paro serves mala, dilsher looks at rudra’s chair, mal and dilsher both ask about rudra, paro says I will come, she takes food and goes to rudra. sunehri says to mala that samrat brought gifts for all as samrat got profit in his business, he will bring for you next time, samrat agree.
paro comes to rudra, she says lets have food, she says after becoming DIL of this house that most difficult work is to make you eat like a child, rudra doesn’t eat, paro says okay I will not eat too, rudra says you always do stubbornness, paro says why only you cane stubborn, rudra says do you think it is joke, paro says no I know its not joke that’s why I am doing this, rudra says go from here but I know you will not leave so I will go, he is about to leave but manglasutra falls, paro takes it and says is it for me? rudra ask for what else, he takes from her and puts in pocket, she says why didn’t you give it, rudra says I would have gave you but then I saw you with women who broke every thread with me 15 years back, maybe for you too its only a thread and you will also break it, paro looks at him, she says why you stopped rudra, if your volcano will come on me then let it be, I will bear it if its give you peace, she leaves, rudra is frustrated.

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Scene 2
paro to dining table, Maithili ask rudra, mohini comes there, sumer comes too, danveer recalls how he confronted sumer that he tried to kill dilsher and rudra and how he slapped and threw him out of house, mohini holds summer’s hand and makes him sit on dining table, danveer ask what are you doing mohini, mohini says to sumer that I made your favorite pulse, just open your mouth and close your ears, sumer says you will make me eat with you hands, mohini says so should I use foot, rudra comes there, she is about to make him eat but danveer says how he came in house, I threw him, danveer ask how you brought him here, kick him out, mohini says like people cleverly brings running horses again in house(taunting mala), I brought my son too.. mohini says the women sitting infront of you is your tai(paternal aunt) and masi(maternal aunt). after dinner ask her how to run from house then get back again in house, you may need it, danveer says whats this mohini, mohini says whatever I say I am wrong and when other do anything you don’t dtop them, danveer says but.. mohini says enough only I will say and all will listen, when rudra came here with paro, what he said that she is his faince but it was a lie, what you all did nothing, you forgave him, when my son did a mistake in anger you threw him like insect, you didn’t even gave him second chance. she says to sumer that your tausa has very big heart, he will forgive you, look he forgave that runaway girl, if you ask him forgiveness he will forgive and will run placing you on his back, oh I forget he cant run because of leg, go and ask him forgiveness. rudra gets frustrated and is leaving, paro ask where are you going, he says I didn’t bring this women(mala) and I don’t wanna see this drama, I am going to bsd, he leaves. mohini says to mala that why are you crying, don’t cry I am feeling bad, mala says why this much bitterness jija, why this much anger, I thought when I will meet you after years then.. mohini says you should have asked this question many years back that why I have bitterness because you destroyed your jija’s life, danveer says what are you doing, kids are here, mohini says no one is pregnant, and I can see they all are grown up, but I respect my husband so those who are less then 40 years can go out from here, samrat, Maithili, sumer and sunehri leaves but paro is contemplating to go or not. mohini says to paro that what cream you wear on face that we have no idea about your age, I mean I said that less then 40 years can go inside but you didn’t go, dilsher says paro you go from here, I don’t want you to flow in this storm, she leaves. mohini says to mala that stop this tears drama, you are not my sister, dilsher says what you want to say, say it clearly. mohini says this storm was in me for 28years, you can wait for 28 seconds, she says mala do you remember how 28 years you destroyed my respect. mohini says to dilsher that you remember how you slapped me when you came to select me for marriage and married mala. dilsher is stunned to silence and says 28 years, dilsher says it is thing of 28 years back why are taking out his topic, I didn’t put pressure on anyone, I asked everyone about marriage and you agreed. mohini says you pinned me with your foot, how could I say no that time, my respect was stake, how could I say that my sister will not marry you who thinks himself as king but mala could have said no to you but why would she because there was no respect and price of me in her eyes infront of this great haveli, mala tries to say but mohini says its my turn and things are ended here. but my sister wanted to scratch my wounds and she begged danveer to marry me she was doing charity on me, danveer says no she just asked me and we decided to marry after meeting only, mohini says by melting moon it doesn’t become sun, I am burning in this fire for 28years that my own sister played such a big game with me.

PRECAP- aman says to rudra that Laila… rudra ask what Laila, Laila comes there, rudra is angry and says I am not blind, I can see what are you doing, you are taking support of mala to enter in my life, don’t you think about it, he leaves.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Mokka podathenga. Thaanga mudiyala…..

  2. I read sumwhere dat it was mohini who separated rudra’s parents at dat tym n now ds truth vl b revealed… i salute d creatives…. dey r makin sure dat ppl glue to d serial. Evn if 1 epi is missed a lot is missed by d viewers

    1. are you beyond writing proper english if not take some lessons. dat, tym ,ds dey what rubbish are you uttering – no need to use text language when its not necessary be yourself dont ape others

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