Devanshi 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Geeta asking where is the ghost. Mohan says it was here. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She says I got diya for you, this will protect you from ghosts, till this is lighting, nothing will happen to you. He turns. She blows off diya and says this diya has blown off, you are saying right, there is a spirit here. She scares him saying some ghosts have motives, I will light this diya, you stay here, someone has to be here, else spirit can come after me. He says you be with me here. She says I will light diya and come, nothing will happen. He says you can’t leave me, listen. She goes. He sees Sarju again and gets scared. Vardaan and Devanshi put light on Sarju’s face. Mohan faints.

He opens eyes and finds himself in room. He asks Geeta how did I come here. Geeta says thank Maiyya, you are fine, I found you unconscious outside, I took servants’ help to get you here, I think you saw a ghost, what happened, whose spirit was it. Mohan thinks of Sarju. Servant comes and says Kusum is calling you. Mohan says I will come. He goes.

Kusum asks Mohan what is the matter, I got to know about such medicine that will make Devanshi unwell, then we will take her to hospital and take her blood, go and get that medicine. He says I will get it in morning. She says I can’t wait, go and get it. He says listen, I can’t go out in night. She asks are you 8 year old kid. He says its dark night, don’t know whose spirits are roaming outside. She asks what, are you drunk, I will die, go. He says I can’t go. She asks why, what did you see. He says Sarju, I met Sarju’s spirit, twice, he came in front of me. She asks Sarju’s spirit? She laughs and says where ghost like me stays, which spirit will come. He says I have really seen him, forgive me, I can’t go out at night. He goes. She thinks what to do now.

Its morning, Vardaan says like we planned, Mohan got scared. Geeta says yes, but there was no use, I have to get his truth out. Vardaan says we have Sarjun’s lookalike. Devanshi gets dizzy. Geeta says Jignesh’s truth can come out. They see Devanshi fainting. Vardaan holds her.

Kusum tells Nutan that Rajjo’s mehendi rasam will be tonight. Nutan asks how will we do arrangements so soon. Kusum says its my command, I can’t ignore rasams, go. Servant comes and says Devanshi fainted. Nutan says Devanshi will create some problem always. She asks Kusum to rest and goes to see Devanshi. Kusum says I know why is this happening to Devanshi.

She gets the medicine bottle and says Mohan refused to get medicine, but many people can give life on my command, I get what I want, I fed this medicine to Devanshi by mixing it in milk, now Devanshi has to go hospital, I want her blood to save my life. She angrily crushes the bottle and drops her blood.

Doctor checks Devanshi. Geeta asks what happened to her. Doctor asks what did she eat in morning. Geeta says she just had milk. Mohan thinks Kusum did this, she got medicine by someone and gave Devanshi, she wants her blood. Kusum comes and asks what happened to this girl, see her face, admit her in hospital, I can’t take risk with her life. Doctor says no need to take her to hospital. Kusum thinks did he get mad to refuse. She asks are you sure. He says yes, I gave her medicine, I will come to see her in evening. She signs Mohan.

Mohan goes and stops doctor. He asks why did you stop taking Devanshi to hospital, we have to take her blood for Kusum. Mohan says no, we can’t take her blood, and Kusum can’t wait, Devanshi’s blood has poison, whatever she ate in last few days, it needs to get cleared, even Kusum’s life can have danger. Kusum hears this and gets angry. Mohan says Devanshi is really Mata’s ansh, before spirit troubles me, I should leave forever. Geeta hears him and thinks did he get scared of Sarju’s ghost, we can’t know secret then.

Malik shows the special ring for Rajjo. Kusum says its beautiful. Malik asks Rajjo to wear it. Rajjo says I don’t like diamonds. He asks what, you are girl and don’t like diamonds, why are you joking, girls leave husband for diamonds. Rajjo says we see human value, not of money. Kusum says sometimes we have to forget likes and dislikes for other’s happiness, he made ring with love, wear it in mehendi, take it.

Vardaan asks Devanshi to get fine soon, I told Jignesh to scare Mohan again. Geeta comes and says Mohan is preparing to run away. He asks why. She says maybe he got much scared, if he runs, we can’t know the truth, we have to do something to stop him. Mohan comes there and packs his bag. Geeta asks are you going somewhere. Mohan says yes. Geeta says its Rajjo’s mehendi today, you should be here, if anyone asks, what will I say. He says I will come on time, don’t worry. He goes.

Geeta says we can’t get justice for Sarju and Devanshi’s parents, we have to stop them. Vardaan asks her to call Jignesh first. Mohan leaves from home. Jignesh calls him as Sarju. He says game will end with your death. Mohan worries and drops phone. He picks phone and says I will leave this village. He drives off in his jeep. Geeta, Vardaan and Devanshi get shocked. Geeta says maybe Jignesh called him as ghost. Devanshi says we should stop Mohan. Geeta says yes, but how to stop him.

Geeta says Mohan’s truth will be out today. Sarju asks Mohan to accept and repent for his crimes. Mohan agrees.

Update Credit to: Amena

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