Queens Hain Hum 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Queens Hain Hum 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Inebriated Shreya continues creating havoc at a club. Jahnvi tries to calm her down. Shreya says she wants to confess, she may die virgin and Adhi betrayed her. Jahnvi asks if she and Adhi did not date before marriage. Shreya says Adhi was so soft spoken and kind hearted and he proposed directly, she thought she cannot get a better guy than him who is famous, rich, etc.. She falls unconscious.

Adhi tells Sanaya that he is worried what Shreya must be thinking of her. Sanaya says he should not think much. Adhi says Madhurima should not have told truth to Shreya so early. Sanaya says her highness does not do anything in a hurry, she must have thought very well. She asks Adhi if he is in love with Shreya. He says no. She says his face tells all and he should control his emotions as his marriage was just an agreement. He wanted someone who loves luxuries and can hide his secret. He nods yes. Jahnvi messages him that Shreya is with her and he need not worry. He reads it and relaxes. Sanaya sees his expressions and says he is in Shreya’s love. Shreya wakes up again. Jahnvi takes her to dance floor. Breakup song…play.

Akku’s assistant says Chaitanya has become arrogant after fame. Akku says it is his ego and she is at mistake. He saysshe is an iron lady and should not get emotionally weak. She says in love everyone is weak and fail. She continues pouring her emotions out. Assistant drags her to dance floor. They both dance and don’t notice Jahnvi and Shreya.

Assistant then drops Akku home. Inebriated Akku asks if she is so bad. He says no. She says then why did Chaitanya broke up with her. He drops her on bed. She subconsciously says I love you. He gets intimate with her and is about to kiss when she says I love you Chinu and realizes it her assistant and backs off. Assistant leaves. She starts crying.

TT serves tea to her MIL and Dev and says today is baby’s 3rd day and she is eager to meet him. Dev says he will come home tomorrow. MIL reminds they have to take baby to gurdwara on 6th day. Courier boy delivers gifts bought for baby. MIL excitedly looks at them and asks if they selected baby’s name or not, they will select first initial in gurudwara. Dev says there is no need for that. TT says they have selected MIL’s first initial and papaji’s name for his blessings. Dev says baby’s name is Shivaay Anand Singh Tandon. MIL gets very happy and blesses them.

In the morning, Jahnvi wakes up hearing mobile ring and replies she will reach office and speak. She wakes up Shreya and says it is 9 a.m. already, she needs to go to office. Shreya wakes up and feels hangover. Jahnvi says she drank whole night. Shreya says she does not remember anything. Their discussion continues. Shreya asks if she can stay here for 2-3 days. Jahnvi says no, she cannot hide behind alcohol and drugs, she should be strong and face problem. She should go home and speak to her husband and MIL and decide what to do next.

Precap: Madhurima tells Shreya if she is thinking of divorce, she should drop it as she can do anything to protect her family’s dignity. Jahnvi drops food on female colleagues and carefully wipes it staring at her chest. Kevin notices her lesbian instinct. Adhi tells Shreya she can divorce him if she wants.

Update Credit to: MA

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