Dev (Colors) 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Narvekar trying to catch Dev

Dev (Colors) 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek is searching for courier shop. She comes to manager and says it was sent from you, I am trying to find my husband, he has been missing, can you help me please? Manager shows her CCTV footage of last day. Mahek sees Dev entering the shop. She thinks that it was Dev and thinks to find him before Dwani tells him anything about the clip.

Ram looks at roti and slaps his wife Meena, he says I want hot food. His mother Ayi says she made it now, Meena says I will make it again. Ayi sees a blood stain on his uniform and asks what did he do? Ram recalls how he killed a girl after raping. Ayi says I told you to stop all this wrong activities, you will be caught. Ram says I didnt do anything. Ayi says then why there are blood stains on your shirt? A man comes to their street and asks if they saw his daughter Kajal? Ayi sees from window that man Rao is searching for his daughter and crying, she has been missing since morning. Ayi asks Ram if he did something? Rao is searching for Kajal and coming here. Ram gets tensed. Police arrives there too. One man says Rao’s daughter Kajal is missing. In house, Ayi asks Ram to run, comeback when everything is calm, Ram hugs her and says save me, I am scared. Meena gives him food, Ayi says runaway and dont come till this is silent. Ram runs from back door. Dev comes in house and asks where is Ram? Ayi says he left for some work, what do you want? Dev says you dont know?

Rao says to inspector that I saw Ram eyeing my daughter yesterday and today he did this with my daughter, he cries and says I will kill Ram if I find him. Inspector asks him to calm down. Ayi and Meena are there too. Inspector shows Ram’s photo to Dev and says police is searching for him, Dev says he must be on a run, inspector asks to appoint an officer outside his house. Dev leaves from there. Narvekar comes there and introduces himself to inspector. Inspector says someone (Dev) told his name as Narvekar. Narvekar says he is lying, he is running away from police and we have to arrest him.

Scene 2
Dev comes to Dwani and says you have to go home. He sees Narvekar’s jeep coming there, he takes Dwani, sits on bike and runs away. Narvekar comes in their room, he sees an earring and says Dwani is with him, Dev you wont be saved, he says to inspector that we have to find him.

Dev hides his face and sees policemen getting message to find Dev and have open shoot option when they find him.

Rao is in car with some men and says we have to find that animal Rao, and punish him.

Inspector tells about Ram to Narvekar. Officer says some people found him and are beating him and making video.

Police arrive at site and see some people beating Ram to death, they runaway seeing police. Inspector sees Ram killed after beating, he says it had to happen.

Dwani is another room. Dev says I brought food for you, he says you cant go to Mumbai, Narvekar is here and he can find us, I am just worried about Mahek’s safety. Dwani says dont even think of contacting her. A landlord of room comes there and asks if they need anything? Dev says no and asks if he can borrow her phone? she gives it. Dev sees Ram’s beating video on phone and calls inspector Karmakar, he says I know real Narvekar is with you and you all want to arrest me but I am innocent and will surrender when time comes, I saw Ram’s body. Karmekar says we did search his body, all murders were done by him and he died because of poison, not because of beating, he had rat poison, Dev asks if he can give him his report? Narvekar hides and hears everything. Dev ends call and says Ram didnt take poison, he leaves from there.
In police station, Narvekar checks Karmaker’s phone, he calls officer and asks him to trace this number. Narvekar gets commissioner’s call and asks him to meet him.

Dev comes to Ayi and asks why did you give poison to your son? Ayi says what? Dev says you poisoned him, you used to call him a lot but you didnt call him when he left from there, it means you knew he was dead, Ayi cries. Dev says when I came to your house that day, I saw rat poison in kitchen and you gave food to him that day, tell me why you did it? Ayi says he didnt deserve to live, I spoiled him in childhood, his father passed away so I worked hard to get him educated but I didnt know I was raising a devil, he was walking on right path but I ignored that he might change one day but he didnt, what a mother can? he used to beat Meena and curse me, I knew he did something with Kajal, I found blood stains on his shirt, I decided that I will end his animalistic nature, I didnt only kill my son but also a hopeless mother. Dev says law could have punished him. Ayi says I am a mother and I have right to punish my son, I know I did wrong and you can punish me, Meena says arrest me too, I took her side to kill him. Ayi says no, I did everything, she didnt do anything. Dev thinks and says I heard what I wanted to, I wont tell anything to police, just throw rat poison away. Ayi and Meena are stunned, they cry and thank him.

Dwami is wearing saree and says I know you are married Dev but you dont know what Mahek did with you, she doesnt deserve a person like you, I should this video to him, he deserves to be away from her. Dwani looks Mahek’s video and says to herself that Dev doesnt know what Mahek has done with his mom. Dev comes there so she hides her phone. Dev asks what are you hiding? dont try to hide things again from me. Dwani’s phone slips from her hands. Dev looks on.

PRECAP- Dwani leans in and is about to kiss Dev but Dev says its wrong, Dwani says how its wrong? dont we have something between us? Dev says we care about each other.
Dwani asks Dev what he thought about Mahek? Dev says Mahek is dead for me.
Mahek sits in bath tub and says I am sorry baby, your mom lost, I couldnt save my family.
Commissioner says to Narvekar that according to you, Dev kidnapped his wife but we dont suspect him and why would he do that? Narvekar says this is a trap against me. Commissioner says Narvekar we suspend you from duty. He is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I hope dhawani don’t die in revenge of mehak or narvekar… Poor kinjal, she is trying ro stop amod from wrong way doing but recieved pain in return…
    I hope amod realise his way of mistake, as i like dev and amod tom jerry fight more than their hate for each other

  2. Wht the hell!!!but it’s not the mistake of dhwani.she achieved what she wanted!!!I’m hoping for revenge track of mehak.and I wish dev will know the reason behind that video

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