Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh attacks brahma dev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh blessing the Brahmin and his wife and says he is impressed by their Pooja. There ganesh’s form gets affected by bhom’s anger. Here ganesh says I bless you both will abundance of everything in life, the Brahmin and his wife look in their house and are happy, ganesh says but these are just external things, remember they just create greed so always stay with love and never get attached to luxury in life. Ganesh blesses them.
There ganesh’s form is angry and he becomes huge and says demon remember any gods disciple is greater form him than himself, if you touch any disciple then I shall not leave you alive, I will kill ypu as your punishment. Ganesh becomes huge as durbuddhi says no! ganesh removes his axe and he throws it at durbuddhi, it hits him in the stomach as he falls down in anger. Durbuddhi says pratham pujya ganesh ji, I shall die here but our fight is not over, my son will come and he will fight you and kill you. ganesh gest angry more as he gets affected by bhom’s anger, he goes and kills durbuddhi brutally. Ganesh becomes huge in his anger and screams, mahadev wakes up from his meditation. Lord Vishnu and brahmadev and all gods are shocked. devi saraswati says to brahma dev, prabhu you please go and calm ganesh down. Brahma dev goes.
There ganesh’s original form gets up and says so much anger? Why is my second form so angry? Why am I not able to control my anger?
There bhom meditates and says now I will make ganesh do such a thing that no one will call him the noblest son of mahadev.
There brahma dev says ganesh, calm down son. Ganesh original form comes and looks at his warrior form. He says what happened to ganesh? Why has anger taken over me?
Ganesh’s angry form looks at brahma dev and says how dare you stop me? I will not leave you. ganesh uses his trunk and starts pulling brahma dev using air. Brahma dev is shocked and he says please leave me ganesh, what are you doing?
All gods appear and indra dev says this vikraal form of ganesh ji is dangerous and if brahma dev is pulled into ganesh ji’s stomach then the universe can be destroyed. Mahadev and lord Vishnu appear. Ganesh says I will not leave you, you went against my decision. Brahma dev says leave me son ganesh! Brahma dev thinks if I am sucked into this trunk then I will be trapped into the darkness forever. Mahadev gets angry and is about to stop ganesh when ganesh’s original form himself comes and says stop it ganesh. All gods say ganesh ji’s 2 forms are here? what happened?
Ganesh says why has anger taken over me like this that I am hurting brahma dev too? Ganesh uses his shell and he blows it, the sound of the shell calms down ganesh’s anger and he leaves brahma dev. The other form of ganesh asks for forgiveness and comes back to his normal size and says please forgive me brahma dev, I don’t know why I was so angry. Mahadev and lord Vishnu come. Ganesh says I had taken 2 forms because my disciples were praying to me but demon durbuddhi was trying to kill them, so I summoned my warrior form to kill him but suddenly anger took over my warrior form. Mahadev says you still have a task left ganesh, to find why you were overtaken by anger suddenly? Ganesh says yes father. Everyone go. ganesh asks his warrior form, why were you so angry? You could have hurt brahma dev. Suddenly the warrior form is affected by anger again and says who are you to ask me? Don’t you remember what you did with Chandra dev? Ganesh says that is what we have to find first, to find what is making us so angry suddenly? Ganesh then sees the red sky and says this red sky is affecting us, some unknown red power is making us angry.

Precap: ganesh confronts bhom and says you are destroying the world by your anger and it is affecting me, stop this now. bhom says no! How dare you disturb me in my meditation.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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