Papa By Chance 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan wants shelter

Papa By Chance 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aashvi stopping Gungun from seeing the news. Yuvaan is thrown out by guards. Kids look on and ask him why is he ousted. Yuvaan gets angry. Harman laughs and says Yuvaan won’t sit quiet, I will keep a watch on him. Ullu shouts on someone. Yuvaan asks him not to shout. Harman comes to check. Aashvi says lets go, its not safe to stay here with kids. They leave. Harman asks his man to keep a watch.

Yuvaan calls his friends to ask for shelter. They all refuse. Aashvi says all your friends are not helpful, where to keep kids, they are on road, call your mom. Yuvaan says what, Harman is so mean, he shouldn’t know this. Someone spies. Aashvi says kids will get restless in some time. Dhoni sees a dog and goes after him. Yuvaan says I found a solution, come. He gets Dhoni and decides the place. Gungun says we want to go home, you remember the agreement. Yuvaan says yes, I remember, sit now. Yuvaan comes to some place and apologizes to his GF Shikha.

He closes eyes and talks to a guy. He opens eyes and asks who are you. Shikha comes and asks what are you doing here. Yuvaan says you have become hot. Shikha stops him and asks what do you want. Yuvaan says don’t mind, I gave you diamond set, I want it back, I need money. She says when you dumped me, I donated all your gifts to poor on Guru ji’s saying, I don’t want negative energy. He says don’t lie, you are miser. She beats him. Kids laugh. The girl is at showroom and boasts of her dad. She sees Samraj Chopra’s cabin and recalls her dad Baldev. Harman met Baldev and insulted him. He refuses to give any money to Baldev and throws him out. Baldev lies that he slipped and fell down.

Yuvaan says this idea to keep kids was yours. A man goes to Dhoni. Ullu and gungun beat him up. Aashvi says you want to kidnap kids. She also beats. Bantu says its me, I came to say that Harman’s men are following you. Harman says I don’t have to keep any secret. The girl sees Harman Batra’s name plate. She sees some old pics of Yuvaan and his family. She tears pic and dumps Yuvaan and his dad’s pic in bin. She says our dads are no more, but my fight with your family is still on. Yuvaan and kids see the house. The kids refuse to stay. Yuvaan also refuses. Aashvi asks him to accept this as its best option, Harman can never find you here.

The girl helps Yuvaan unknowingly and lifts the mattress.

Update Credit to: Amena

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