Dev (Colors) 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update

Dev (Colors) 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rickshaw driver Ram is in roads, he is searching for his new prey. ,,
Narvekar gets call from his officer, he says that only one man Mohan knew about Mahek’s kidnapping, he is Kinjal’s old client. Narvekar is stunned. Narvekar calls Mohan, Mohan says I was waiting for your call.

Dev comes to motel room and sees Dwani missing. Officer calls him and says we have found 5 killers, Dev says killer must have something unique, officer says all five are scared.

Ram stops his rickshaw on road for Dwani and asks if she wants cab? She asks where is Kohinoor hotel? he asks her to sit, he knows it. Dwani is reluctant and sits. Ram’s mother calls him and asks if he is doing something wrong? he says no, I have a ride, I will drop and call you Maa, he ends call. He says to Dwani that my mother worries for my food thats why called. I have water in rickshaw, you can drink.

Dev comes to Kohinoor hotel manager and asks if he saw the girl who came with him? manager says your wife? he nods. Manager says she went to market half an hour ago, Dev is tensed.

Dwani says to driver Ram that where are you going? he says its shortcut to hotel, dont worry. Ram says if you want water, you can drink it, its seal packed, my mother says that giving water is a good deed, its hot today, drink water. Dwani takes water bottle and thanks him. Ram smirks and keeps driving to a secluded area. Dwani starts feeling dizzy, she asks him to stop the rickshaw, her head is spinning.. she faints. He drives away with her.

Dev is looking around for Dwani on road. He thinks that if I ask people like this then we will be noticed, I cant take risk. He looks around.

Officer sees Ram’s rickshaw going away, he says to his men that it has blue lights, stop it. They go behind him but he drives away. Officer calls control room and says I found a rickshaw in area and it seems suspect, please track.

Scene 2
Officers are searching for Ram’s rickshaw. ,,
Officer runs behind Ram and tries to grab him. Dev runs to Dwani and wakes her up, he asks if she is fine? he is relieved to see him. Officer says he ranaway, Dev asks to cordon-off the area.

Narvekar comes home. Kinjal is stunned and asks what are you doing here? you should be resting in hospital. Narvekar asks to stop her drama, you have broken my trust, that jerk told me everything. Flashback showed how Narvekar called Mohan and he told her that Kinjal is a sl*t. Narvekar says you went to Mohan to find out about Mahek and help Dev, you have killed my love, tell me. Kinjal says yes I did what I had to, I went to Mohan and yes I helped Dev sir because I thought it was right at the time and I wanted to save you too, you are so angry and burning in revenge that you have forgotten whats right and wrong, you are ending yourself in your anger, I wanted to say.. Narvekar says enough, I can see everything, first that Dev snatched my Meera from me and now he snatched you from me, I will punish that Dev for this and you? your punishment is that you are dead to me, from today, dont show your face to me, Kinjal is stunned.

Door bell rings, Mahek gets some courier, its for Apa. Officer checks it. Mahek asks who sent it? Apa says I dont remember ordering anything. Mahek checks the packet and says I will keep it safe, maybe you will remember it later. Apa says okay, I dont remember anything.
Mahek sees a message inside courier, its a letter, she sees all jumbled up words and sees word Ved.. she says its opposite is Dev.. she tries to read his letter. She finds his message which says that Narvekar kidnapped her and stay safe from him.. Mahek recalls how Dev told her that he will comeback, how officer said that Dev shot Narvekar and ranaway.. Mahek thinks that Dev saved me, he shot Narvekar for me, he still loves me so much.


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